Single Mom Soccer Committee

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“I cannot believe the rest of this so-called committee didn’t show.” Jackie rubbed her eyes.

“I know, but I think we’ve done enough work, the rest of those bitches can help us next week. I motion we have a glass of wine.” As I stacked the paperwork together, I giggled. Our kids were at their dads’ houses for the weekend, so we’d started our volunteer work for their soccer team; except none of the other women on the committee showed for the meeting.

“Hell yes, I second and approve that motion. Fundraising committee, my ass. Have the others done anything? And we are the only single moms with kids on the soccer team, we have to work and raise our kids and do all the fundraising. Next week we should dump this on Sally and Susan.”

“I thought it was Sandra and Susie.” I giggled again as I went to the cupboard, standing on tiptoe to open the door over the fridge and reach the wine bottle I’d saved for tonight.

Jackie waved her hand. “I lose track of all the bleach blonde, manicures, and minivans. Do their husbands flirt with you?”

“Yes! Like I’m a single mom, I must be desperate to get laid.” I poured two generous glasses of wine and then spun toward the living room. “We deserve to relax after the bullshit we put up with so our kids can play sports.”

Once we’d stretched out on the sofa, we tapped our glasses together before taking a healthy drink. “I must admit as far as husbands go, I’d totally have an affair with Owen Henley.” Jackie raised her hand.

“After my last boyfriend, I’ve sworn off guys. No thanks, I think I’ll give women a try.”

Her eyes lit up over the rim of her glass. “Really?”

“Yes, really. Just because I was married, doesn’t mean I’m straight.”

Jackie smiled and moved closer. “Have you ever been with a woman?”

“Kissed a couple during silly party games like truth or dare, spin the bottle. You know?” Her eyes were way too bright. “Have you?”

“My ex and I were swingers, and I’m definitely not straight. The other wives in our swinger club sought after my skills, if you know what I mean.” Her tongue poked out of her mouth, waving at me.

This called for more wine, so I grabbed the bottle and topped off my glass. I’d joked when I said I swore off men, but Jackie had me curious. She was a beautiful brunette who stood out in the sea of bleach filling the soccer stands.

“You were really swingers? How did your ex convince you to swing?” I needed more details.

She nodded. “Mm hmm. And it wasn’t him who brought up the idea, it was me. We started off just soft, oral sharing only, but after a couple years, we pushed our boundaries and fucked other people. Swinging didn’t ruin our marriage, eventually we only had sex in common.” She reached to me and played with a strand of hair on my shoulder.

I blinked with surprise. “Shit, I never would have guessed.”

“I still attend the parties. While my ex is married and monogamous, I’m still out there swinging from the chandeliers.” She pumped her arm in the air, making me laugh. “What do you think, Dana? Too wild?”

I shook my head, biting my bottom lip. She wasn’t too wild, I was too timid. Too timid to kiss her like her eyes asked me to, too timid to consider myself in her league.

She set both our wine glasses aside, then she took my hand, her fingers stroking the back of mine. “If you were in my club, I’d head straight for you and pull you right into bed, kissing you before we hit the mattress. Your partner, if you had one, wouldn’t know what was happening, when I had you undressed.”

My nipples tightened under my sweater, and my tongue darted out to wet my lips. “What if I have no partner? Or no club, just two women on a sofa drinking wine?” My voice rasped from my throat. I wanted to touch her, kiss her.

“Fancy that, here we are two women on a sofa, drinking wine.” She drifted closer, her hand grabbing my chin as she came near.

I got eager and closed the space, our lips crashing together. “Sorry,” I mumbled, as I tried to fix it.

She laughed from her throat, one of those sounds that was sexy without trying. She fixed our lips, so they were four soft bumps moving in tandem pleasure. Her tongue swept my mouth, and mine felt clumsy with lack of practice. I blamed her softness for throwing me off, everything was so gentle, sweet almost. My head spun as her hand covered my breast, squeezing through the fabric.

“Show me your bedroom,” she whispered against my mouth.

I stood, and she grabbed my hand, asking me to lead her into my private space. My heart beat in my throat as we walked through the house, into my room. I pulled off my sweater in the bedroom, and when I turned she had hers off too. All I had to do was touch her the way I’d enjoyed being touched, the body parts were familiar.

Jackie grinned; as she kissed me again, her body twisting to remove her bra, she took my hands and covered her breasts. I rubbed her nipples with my palms, but I wanted to taste her soft skin. With a deep breath I bent my head and kissed the swell of her breast. When I looked up, she gave me an encouraging nod, giving me the courage to suck her nipple into my mouth. She gasped, her hands digging into my hair as my tongue flicked her hard center.

Her reaction made me bold. I kissed down her torso until I arrived at the waist of her pants. I made her giggle when I wiggled my tongue in her belly button as I opened her pants and yanked them down. My goal was to taste more of her luscious skin.

She had on a pair of neon pink panties that had a small damp spot, and I pressed my mouth there, exhaling on her. “Are you sure you haven’t done this before?”

“Nope, I’m a quick study. And I’m suddenly thirsty for you.”

She kicked her pants off and moved to the bed, making me follow her. I crawled over her where she lay in the middle of my bed, my lips kissing hers. “You’re overdressed,” she whispered.

I ignored her, suckling her nipples again, teasing them with my teeth, until she squirmed against me. My hand came between her legs, my palm pressed to her mound, and she ground against me. Her damp heat drew my lips down her body. “You can give me direction if I’m doing this wrong.”

“I don’t think that’s possible,” she panted, as I disappeared between her thighs, a virgin explorer in a forbidden cave. My fingers combed through her trimmed hair, and the curls tickled my fingers as I parted her, sliding an experimental finger along her slit. I used my tongue to part her, lapping her arousal, then her clit, coaxing it from hiding.

Jackie’s hands were in my hair, her moans filling the room as I alternated sucking and licking. “Harder, Dana.” Her hips lifted to my mouth. I applied more pressure with my lips and tongue. “Fuck me with your fingers. Two. Hurry.”

I lifted my head, so I had a visual to guide me inside her, then I kissed her pussy again, flicking my tongue against her clit as I moved my fingers along her slick inner walls.

Her moans went from the deep appreciation to a feverish high almost squeal, and then she shook, her legs pressing against my head as she rode out the orgasm on my fingers.

“Get your fucking pants off and put your pussy on my face, while you keep doing that,” she growled.

“Yes ma’am,” I laughed against her, before jumping up to follow her orders. And when I lowered to her mouth, her tongue lapped against me, making me melt. Shit, I was supposed to keep licking her while her soft mouth kissed me intimately? Damn, I didn’t know if I could move while her tongue wiggled inside me.

As my arousal tightened, I continued licking her and she matched her movements to mine. Lick, lick, long suck. It was difficult not to ride her face and smother her so I could get off. But before long we were moaning, grinding against each other, shaking as our orgasms rocked us from the inside.

We parted and I flopped beside her, gulping as I tried to catch my breath. “I don’t know about you,” I said. “But I’m glad the others didn’t show.”

She grinned as she licked her glistening lips. “I motion we end all future meetings this way.”

“I second that motion, as long as it’s the two of us, I do not want to put my mouth on Susan or Sally.”

“Anna Henley though,” Jackie said.

“Maybe we could invite the Henleys to our party?” I coughed; she’d mentioned Owen Henley in the living room.

She licked her lips with an exaggerated motion. “I’m down. I’d like to see his beard covered in juice from all three of us.”

I giggled with a moan, but then I grew serious and leaned in for a kiss. “Since neither of us has the kids tonight, you okay with me passing another motion?”

“What’s that?”

“Round two.”

She kissed me and rolled me to my back. “Motion approved.”

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