When thoughts wander. When longing prowls. When raindrops on the window echo the pattering of your heart against mine. When the wind around the...
Bernadette Joy
44 sec read

I imagine you by candle light

Delphin Enjolras — La Lecture I imagine you by candle light. when etched in shadows you wait for me. I caress you with my eyes, lingering on...
Bernadette Joy
41 sec read


Tamara de Lempicka — Le Reve (Rafaela sur Fond Vert) 1927 Darling,what a sweetly wonderful way to start the day.Hard for you.I shift so my cock can...
Bernadette Joy
58 sec read

The Unseen Goddess In His Eyes

From the window of his eyes, she is different in every small and large scheme of things she is not just a normal girl...
Ashwini Dodani
1 min read

Make Love, One Last Time

From the day when we met till now, I remember thesmell of your skin, she saysMake love to me before you leave, don’t make...
Ashwini Dodani
45 sec read

That Thing You Do

He writes to metells me of his hunger and his need.Sends me whispers of his desireI read them, thighs pressed tight, unable to sit...
Bernadette Joy
1 min read

Desire’s Song

Shyly bold, in the open doorway, I stand before you, feel your eyes create the paths your fingers will followfeel your mind reach to...
Bernadette Joy
1 min read

Magic Desire

Inspired By Chalkboard’s One Line Prompt “Magic” Katherine Mills of the UK show Mind Games When it comes to her, he has zero willpower. She invites...
Fierce Force
31 sec read

Peach Pie

In August, I order peach pieFrench vanilla ice cream on the side. Whole wheat? Don’t be silly.Indulgence doesn’t come in half measures. Sit close and...
Bernadette Joy
48 sec read

Kiss me

In a dream you come to me.And in the way of dreamsit is me and notmyself perhaps in a stranger’s form.“Take me,” you say....
Bernadette Joy
59 sec read