Let Me Hold Your Hard On

Pledge yourself to my sermon My photo: detail of Silver Street Studios mural I’m your altar kneel before me pledge your devotion fall into damnation let me be your deity...
21 sec read

don’t let go of my hand

don’t let go of my handhold it fasthold it rightuse my fingers for your delight,let them find youhere and nowtake them where you hold...
Francesca Anderssen
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La Belle Dame Sans Merci — Frank Dicksee Now tell me such a tale sirwhile I am tightly boundof captive maidens held sirwhere evil knights abound. How they’re...
Francesca Anderssen
1 min read

Melting Energies

A sensual verse CCO Don’t starve your beloved of your energies,senses which are meant to quenchtheir desirestheir needs and lustall they want is you to...
Ashwini Dodani
36 sec read

Whisper Game

Come here you delicious thing, My mouth yearns to grip your lips, My tongue aches to taste you. Come closer beautiful, My hands want to caress...
1 min read

So many ways our lips might meet

So many ways our lips might meet where each will find the other freshexploring selves with growing heatand taste of needy flesh My tongue finds...
Francesca Anderssen
21 sec read

Kiss The Right Places

Would you? Do you know which are the chords to strike? Would you mind banging the right ones? I have been pining for your touch...
Ashwini Dodani
41 sec read

By Candlelight on a Stormy Night

Talk to me of love And philosophy – Tell me what you know; Know me carnally – Fill me with wisdom, Kiss me full of sin; Caress me from...
Lola Down
14 sec read

Lady of the Night

Giovanni Boldini (1842–1931) — Mademoiselle de Nemidoff Wandering in wonder. All sense of self abandoned.All restraints cast off.Feeling only your heart against mine, as if there were...
Bernadette Joy
59 sec read

One Line Poetry Leading To Many…

CCO Curves of musical notes on the stand inspiring meto trace them on her skindevouring each goose bump rising fromthe peak of her desire...
Ashwini Dodani
42 sec read