Make Love, One Last Time

45 sec read

From the day when we met till now, I remember the
smell of your skin, she says
Make love to me before you leave, don’t make me
yearn, beg, plead, I deserve you, he moans
Your lips placed on my breasts, your hands playing
with my thighs,
My palms on your chest hair and desires crossing
the sky,
I love it when you bite me, she bites him back
and smiles,
It hurts me in all the ways it should, he spanks
her ass all this while,
You make my nipples hard, you make me drip,
You make me want to be your only fucking bitch,
So before you leave again come to me,
Let me pin you to every wall of our home,
Thrust into you to your very core,
Kiss your soul till it begs you to stay,
You know, as always, I’d say,
Make Love, One Last Time…
Every time you unlock the door,
Every time you hook up your bra,
Every time you slide up your undies,
Every time you wink at me,
Every time you tell me you’ll be back,
Every time you smell like my favorite coffee,
Every time you brush your skin over mine,
I feel addicted, to you and your presence,

Baby, Make Love, One Last Time…
I’d say!

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