The Unseen Goddess In His Eyes

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From the window of his eyes, she is different
in every small and large scheme of things
she is not just a normal girl or a woman
she is a Goddess, the one with superpowers

When he looks at her sleeping, he watches
nature rejoice in beauty,
how the perfect cups with rising peaks
embrace his eyelashes to awaken
the most lustful desires he hides
in the deepest holes of his mind
just because he wants her to unwrap
the unopened boxes of lost opportunities
to make love and devour his body
Oh, the unsolicited midnight taking over
of his imagination and underpants,
and the obnoxious wait till she wakes up
and lends him all the pleasure
he deserves to receive

When he looks at her engrossed in her laptop
the stress lines ranging from her forehead
to her creamy thighs and the way she
undoes her messy smooth hair to unintentionally
invite him to kiss her dry lips after a
really long day
Oh, the sorcery of longing from ages
to consume each other’s fire which takes over
his bare chest which has now become
a barren land full of wavy hair untouched

When he looks at her being all ambitious about their
relationship, her palms sultry of thirst reaching
out to his feet to gift him a massage which was
long promised between a midnight lip kiss
around a dream they planned to live and which
now hangs on the string outside their window,
a balcony where they desired to thrust each
other and wake up neighbors and run away
to their room, the one which makes darkness
beautiful and reachable, the skin which brushes
each others’ pores and mildly delivering
the satisfaction they have yearned for

When she looks at him all freshly bathed, smelling of
sparkling invisible cologne taking over her senses,
she finally decides to call it a day and give in
to his unintentional moaning while he burns his
hands preparing coffee for the two of them,
a breakfast which leads them from the drawing
room to their bed, uncovering their hunger
from decades and births ago and amid all of this
they stop giving any attention to the portion
they had decided to keep a watch on

Today, they Binge Fuck each other!

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