Desire’s Song

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Shyly bold, in the open doorway, I stand before you,
feel your eyes create the paths your fingers will follow
feel your mind reach to touch my breasts,
part my shadowed thighs
I arch in the ache to be in rapture taken
I turn, bend,
lean forward, presenting
parted lips
the gleam of moisture.
Need and urgency, a golden cord between us
and heat in waves rebounding, echoing between us.
Oh, I want to show you all I am
to be all for you
all yours
as you are for me
to have and hold
to mold and shape
to grasp and guide within

Leading, following, pursued,
does it matter which or who
both desperate to be caught
aching to be taken.

Up the marble stairs
stopping to kiss on the landing
in the hall a scatter of clothing
carelessly, urgently, discarded
last steps raced to tumble on the bed.

Oh, spread my thighs
your kisses burn
but especially there
and there
and oh, yes
your lips and tongue, your teeth
the sucking pull arches my back, thrusts my hips,
I offer you my breasts
seize your face and beg for more
your mouth consuming, your hands gripping.

So wet between my legs
so aching to be filled
and yet never wanting this to end
until I must have you,
us united, joined

I looked up and saw you
saw desire’s sparks brighten your eyes
beckon me to follow
and me rising, yearning kindled
rising for you.

You glance back and smile
I see the memory and fantasy
the flicker forward thought and know
your tongue, your lips, your hands
the whispered urgency
the gasps and greedy cries of now and here and more.

Oh, then, to push you back, lie you down
open swollen lips to lick and suck and tease
my finger plays come hither deep within
now two
press up my lover, so my tongue may caress your lips,
and find the swollen bud
petal by petal now unfurl the tightly folded passion
bathe me now, make us slick and wet and sliding
hinting at the pleasure that will be yours when I rise above you
my cock hard and bold between your legs
Is it now, I ask without a word?
and with a kiss you answer
Yes, our bodies cry in one long, deep stroke.

Oh, again and again darling
hard and deep
brutal intensity
devouring your neck, your breasts
coming together as wild as a beaten drum
slammed like the cymbal’s resounding crash
unrestrained, unreserved
Only now, and now, and now.

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