I imagine you by candle light

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Delphin Enjolras — La Lecture

I imagine you by candle light.
when etched in shadows you wait for me.
I caress you with my eyes,
lingering on the curves of your breasts, your belly,
the sweet mound between your legs.
I think of how you moan as my fingertip lightly slides up your womanhood and how your hips rise.
You are wet and my finger glistens,
I taste you and return letting your hips pull me in deeper,
my finger parting your lips,
lingering where you swell,
where your desire rises,
letting your movements shape the motion of my finger.
My eyes hold yours, our breath, like dancers, leads and follows

so slowly
we let this build
touch by touch
kiss by kiss
rising to the moment

I long to feel your hand
to have you take me in your mouth
to see your red, red lips around me
hear you murmur and sigh as I move
see your tongue trace vein and ridge

But we wait and slowly build
making this last
this sweet torture
this agony of ecstasy
greedy we both are
so starved for one another
so desperately hungry
and yet we feed in nibbles and sips
letting passion build and grow
until, like the candle, we ourselves become consumed.

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