Whisper Game

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Come here you delicious thing,

My mouth yearns to grip your lips,

My tongue aches to taste you.

Come closer beautiful,

My hands want to caress every inch of you,

My fingers crave to dance inside you.

Let it out baby,

Loudly voice those sexy sounds only you can make.

Take it all!

Take every sensation of my body that performs only for you,

I can slap hard and fuck just as deep as any man.

Put me to the test and I shall pass,

You may just pass out from the tingles down your spine,

As my tongue puts a spell on your pussy to make you mine.

So, come here delicious thing,

Let me finish what I started,

Until you are spent and weak,

Floating on lethargic clouds of lust,

Seeing stars and waving trails.

Yes, come here so I can make you cum in ways unknown to you.

Wave after wave of rushing pulses,

Hour after hour of madness and joy.

Be still my love.

Close your eyes and bite down on this,

Taste your own sex on the cloth and let the juices linger on your lips.

When you are ready to let go once more, I will suck it out of you,

I will squeeze my tongue as deep as your pussy will allow me to.

Yes, there it is!

There’s my beautiful girl.

Spread out a little more so I have room to play,

I want you dripping wet as your thighs clamp my face.

Cum for me again!

I want you to cum harder than you ever have before.

Imagine the first time you ever touched yourself with a stranger listening through a wall,

Act like you have been holding it in for hours after sexting all day,

Pretend you have been watching me play with myself and finally come in,

Like you just shaved yourself clean after a hot bath and I pin you against the wall,

Under perfect pressure as the towel drops to the floor.

Here we go,

I will start slow…

Concentrate on me slowly whirling the tip of my tongue on it, knowing you are about to burst.

Feel my fingers slide inside you and hook fiercely to cuff that spot,

Memorize the pressure of my lips sucking your flesh in slow circles,

Listen to the wetness of your own pussy as you drown in heat,

Let that ache build gradually as you stay perfectly still.

Then, let it all go.

1…2…3… Cum for me!

Good girl… Such a good girl…

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