Melting Energies

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A sensual verse


Don’t starve your beloved of your energies,
senses which are meant to quench
their desires
their needs and lust
all they want is you to feel them
relate with their inner demons
play with them for a while
till they grow more babies of their own…

Don’t let the devil of love making
take over their minds and pants
for they aren’t reliable
and they can go to any extent
to achieve their measure of pleasure
by manipulating every action of yours
do not make this a competition, please?…

Melt into each other like the sun sets and moon rises
let your hormones go with the flow
let his curved moon rise to the peak
let your rivers flow and give into his desires
together, you both moan like screaming wolves
at midnight till the sun comes back
and burns and fills you with want for more…

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