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La Belle Dame Sans Merci — Frank Dicksee

Now tell me such a tale sir
while I am tightly bound
of captive maidens held sir
where evil knights abound.

How they’re taken to be used sir
in dark castles of renown
and of tortured girls so sweet sir
who are forced so to kneel down.

Then tell me of the dungeons sir
within the fortress drear
with chains upon the walls sir
where I might be held in fear.

Then show me what it means sir
to be held in such a lair
where nothing else is real sir
but myself as a damsel fair.

Then make me live the thought sir
that I might so lie within
and tortured all day long sir
for each imagined sin.

Then secretly find pleasure sir
in all that’s done to me
while my knightly captor sir
has me on my knees.

Then force me to confess sir
of all my worldly sins
while you my cruel lord sir
are making me more commit.

Then tie me even tighter sir
with every knot aware
rough climax I now need sir
to think myself as there.

Then let me taste your whip sir
to force me to submit
of the marks you leave sir
you’re caring not a whit.

Then take me as you will sir
and drive me really wild
make sure I’m deeply kissed sir
till I feel it burn inside.

Then hold me in your keep sir
and bend me to your will
and use my body more sir
for my needs are never still.

Then stand me on the brink sir
and show me just the edge
of where I shall be pushed sir
with just the slightest nudge.

Then tie me up and leave sir
to dream and squirm at will
of the ways I might be used sir
in your castle on the hill.

I write of what I know from life as I have lived it. Kinky yes, but where courtesy and good manners have always been inextricably linked to sadism. I’ve written other erotica, (poetry and erotic fiction) which is available on Amazon on Kindle or paperback.

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