Lucky Guy

There sits my wife admiring herself Looking all sexy and fine: She’s getting ready for a date tonight — Some lucky out-of-towner — do you need to ask...
Damien Dsoul
1 min read

Sexual Abyss

I want to read your skin like Braille I run my fingers over your hidden meanings tactile secrets on the map of your skin, bumps raised our Braille system...
22 sec read


You made me choose a single wordyet now I cannot make that sound or end the torments drawn from youso I lie here securely bound....
Francesca Anderssen
31 sec read

Victoria’s Secret

Her name was Victoria and she had a secret It came in the form of questions To which I, at that moment, unceremoniously bore the answer:...
Damien Dsoul
41 sec read


Inspired by my own One-Line Prompt While knee deep in busy parenting chaos, her mariposa called for her, come hither…. She pushed the call aside, thinking...
Fierce Force
24 sec read

Elation & Trepidation

Our lips briefly find favor And then flee in fright. My heart jumps a beat, Resurrecting long forgotten pangs of delight. Far from a watchful eye overhead, We...
Lola Down
36 sec read


Where are the cords you used to useUpon one who was so willing?Do you tie another nowAnd is she just as thrilling?… I miss...
Francesca Anderssen
35 sec read

You’re My Fever

https://medium.com/media/813f805e46d3aa93f29706f0dc7add53/href You’re my liquid ecstasyMy sexual nectar My femme fataleMy insatiable pleasureYou’re my fever And when I think of the many nightsyou cried yourself to...
Anthony Cloe Huie
26 sec read

Our Passion

How do I define desire from eyes I cannot see? As they are locked in ecstasy. Built up frustration oozing from limbs wound tight...
Machele Gryl
25 sec read

I Remember

A poetry tale of love Hesitation, oh! The kind that shook us both,secretive stares, want andhow it melted our pores I still remember the first timeour...
Ashwini Dodani
43 sec read