Half Asleep But Horny

She lazily turned on her side. It was a hot summer night in the south of France, the lights were off and...
21st Century Loving
3 min read

The Partition

“How could you do that?” the woman asked, settling her silver silk gown into the backseat after her. “Was I not supposed to...
Asa Erotica
2 min read

Your Righteous Skin

I want your eyes to be open, my cloud to beFree and gone over the horizonSo I can kiss your righteous skin....
Francis David
22 sec read

Getting Wet

While waiting The sound of the water filling the tub triggers my relaxation. I haven’t even put a toe in yet. But...
Melody Moons
1 min read

Sparks From the Past

I remember the first time I masturbated in front of him. It was over webcam; this was pre-FaceTime. I was nervous, fumbling — at...
Eli West
6 min read


She is lying on her belly, her face turned towards one side. I am on top of her, my body covering every...
21st Century Loving
3 min read


Photo: asim alnamat from Pexels Dedicated to our beloved editor. Dearest Rose MyErotica, I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for everything that...
1 min read

Putting My Dreams on Record

Valentine’s Special The Universe is aligning Image by Rudd San, used with the permission of the artist To follow the way it has been spoken and...
Ashwini Dodani
1 min read

Naughty Schoolgirl and Her Daddy

It was the week before Valentine’s Day. Lo and I had planned a mini-vacation weekend to ski country. I had booked us...
Lola Down
8 min read

Romancing the Self

Self Love is Self Care on V-Day and Beyond Ah, Valentine’s Day. It’s that magical time of year again — romance is blossoming in the...
Allison Leigh
2 min read