Putting My Dreams on Record

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Valentine’s Special

The Universe is aligning

Image by Rudd San, used with the permission of the artist

To follow the way it has been spoken and written
about or to find our own definitions, I know we can
decide and it’s never too late, but, I want to
spell it out
so that you know,
there’s nothing
less and nothing more to what I want for us~

Years of yearning for each other to be consumed,
loved, not just to reach the destination
but to feel each inch on our skin,
each goosebump
sucked to the level that the soul shivers
through your fingertips,
nails vibrating — wanting
to reach spaces within me to scratch,
to move beyond hickeys and free keys

The wait is immeasurable,
years is just an understatement,
falling robes uncovering what we have been hiding
from each other even when naked — the passion
that drips from our spines every time we bite our lips
in our dreams, humping each other backed on
vintage walls and broken glasses,

~a dream world
where love is beyond erections, orgasms and clocks
that limit the abundance a loving heart can contain

I want to rip out every inhibition out of your skin,
kiss and convert it into a butterfly I can bid adieu,

fondling your soft breasts like honey dripping from
nets of longing and desire just to free ourselves from this
insatiable feeling of not having enough and in our
own specific ways, it kinds of turns us off, doesn’t it?

when we have to look at references or feel incompatible
just because how they show it on screens? or probably
in real stories that are probably faked by friends and family?

Widen up baby, it’s time for a roller coaster, the one from
ground right up to the skies where we can feel comfortable
in our own skin, staring at each other’s small blush in between
other naked angels looking at their partners and feeling aroused,

a world where SEX is not a subject of discussion but
a conversation to cherish, some corner of empathy where
we don’t talk about sizes or sand clocks
the greener side
that’s wet enough to grow another world of its own
where the language of making love would be appreciated
rather than being a talk of shame or secrecy

I want to make love to every pore
of your body through which you
breathe so that our souls can
entwine enough to know how
we feel — we love — we yearn

for until we fall in love with
our nakedness, our hair, our ugliness,
our intentions, our actions, our procrastination,
our habits, our additions, our dark side,

we won’t be able to fuck each other the way
we have always wanted to!

What started as writing for DiAmaya Dawn’s Valentine prompt in Lit UP ended up freeing itself from a specific poetry form. So yeah, publishing it here in Rose MyErotica’s publication as it seems fit! ❤

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