Sparks From the Past

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I remember the first time I masturbated in front of him. It was over webcam; this was pre-FaceTime. I was nervous, fumbling — at least in my mind — but he told me it was “so fucking hot.”

I mainly rubbed my clit, but I remember him asking me to spread my lips and use two fingers instead of one for penetration. It seemed so crass at the time but it was also endearing, the way he worked up the nerve to shyly ask for what he wanted. And it made me feel more secure too, that he cared so much about my feelings and the way I would interpret his request. We were both so timid, constantly extending verbal feelers to determine what fell within our combined sexual comfort zone. We spent countless hours remotely learning each other's needs and wants before he relocated and we moved in together. But that was many years ago.

The honeymoon period was over, but we hadn’t lost our passion. Life had just gotten so busy. Work deadlines, family obligations, friends in need; day after day rushing by and night after night of collapsing sleepily into bed. Those were good nights, filled with love and affection, but they were anything but sexy. We both wanted each other, but our sexual connection was dimming ever so slightly and I hated that.

A week ago, as I drifted off to sleep, horny as hell but too tired to act on it, images from those erotic webcam days filled my head. At first, it was sexy and then I started to feel a little annoyed that we were wasting our lives together. We had been lucky enough to find each other, lucky enough to navigate a long-distance relationship, and now we were taking it all for granted. I used to cum with him over crappy video and audio from a thousand miles away and then lie back and feel sick with the pangs of longing for his physical touch. I decided that night, that it was time to reprioritize ‘our sexy’.

Over the next week, I kept replaying those intimate webcam sessions over and over again in my mind, each time getting more excited. The memories were acting like some sort of extended foreplay and inspiring me to ignite a new chapter in our sexual journey. Remembering what turned me on and what he had asked for in the past, I began to devise a plan. Nothing too elaborate, just something to pull his mind away from the distractions and back to the place where our needs as a couple came first.

I bought candles, a few throw pillows, a white fur rug, and a new, extra cozy blanket. The white fur rug was a splurge for sure, but I could justify it for long-term use and I’d wanted a white fur rug for a while so, bonus. I also ordered a few new sex toys, something we had begun to experiment with remotely, prior to living together, but hadn’t played around with for a long time.

We have a little-used office/library with a couch at the back of the house, so I got home early and set the stage. I laid the fur rug in front of the couch, propped pillows up on the floor, and placed the blanket loosely strewn across the couch itself. I put candles around the room and moved the floor lamp to softly illuminate the rug with the dimmer on low. I checked quickly that my phone was synced to the Wi-Fi speakers and then took a clean white sheet and folded it down to about the size of a placemat. I laid the folded sheet next to the rug, and neatly placed the new toys on top as a very suggestive display. Now all I needed was an audience.

When he got home, I had two glasses of wine and a small cheese plate waiting. We sipped wine and decompressed from the day as usual, but I kept steering the conversation back to all things sexy. “Remember the night we drank this wine in Napa? God, I came so hard that night.”

When he finished his glass, I poured him another and asked him to relax for a few minutes, drink his wine and think about the days when we used to webcam. He gave me an inquisitive smile as I continued. “When you finish your wine, come into the office. Look but don’t touch. Keep your distance. That’s a rule. Sit in the chair across from the couch. Feel free to touch yourself, but I’ll be focused on me. I’m not going to look at you until I’m done. Then you can come and join me if you like.”

He smiled from ear to ear, took a sip of wine, smiled again, and managed a simple, “Okay,” before I turned and walked back toward the study.

I wanted time to warm up before he came in and the wine would give me just enough courage. I went straight to the study and changed into a sexy lace panties and bra set, positioning myself on the white fur rug and situating the pillows for comfort. With the blanket loosely covering one leg I took a deep breath and let my mind clear and the fantasies begin. My eyes closed, and before I realized that I was even moving, my hand was making slow circular motions on my clit, then moving to either side to wake my lips, pulling them slightly, stopping only to lick my fingers from time to time.

The door opened slowly. He hadn’t guzzled the wine but he hadn’t sipped it either. As promised, I didn’t look up, didn’t meet his gaze. I stayed focused, lifting my knees and pulling my panties down and over my ankles and then leaning forward and removing my bra. I lay back again and parted my legs wide, moving both hands down to my lips and spreading myself as if to invite someone in. I closed my eyes again and remembered how he used to ask me to spread my lips years ago. I imaged the look on his face as he sat in the chair only feet away today. I spat on two fingers and slowly worked them into me as I squeezed one nipple with the other hand. I was dripping.

Flipping over to my elbows and knees I played with my pussy a bit more, ass pointing directly at his chair. Then I reached for the lube, squeezed some onto my fingers, and reached around to play with my ass. This was for him more than me, to be honest, but I can’t say I didn’t enjoy it. Small circles slowly pushing into me, spreading the lube, pushing my ass back into my hand and relaxing into the penetration. I reached over to the toy display, selecting a glam petite jeweled butt plug and slowly sliding it into my ass. I reached both arms forward, stretching and arching my back, swaying my backside slowly back and forth as the jewel glistened in the soft light. I wanted to look back at him, stare into his eyes, but I resisted still.

I rolled over again and sat back on the pillows, picked a fun rainbow-colored dildo from the toy display and began to spank my clit gently with the tip. I thought about what he must be doing and thinking in the chair so close to me as he watched. Was he touching himself?

The rainbow dildo slid into me as I rubbed my clit with the other hand and thought of how badly I wanted his actual cock when we lived so far apart. The toy was a bit bigger than him, not actually on purpose but because it's so hard to figure out how big these things really are online. It definitely seemed bigger in person than on my phone when I ordered it. No matter.

I had to move slowly and relax into it, let it warm to my body, taking a little more with each breath. Finally, I felt the balls hit the base of my ass. I moved softly, short deep strokes, letting it fill me while I rubbed my clit with the other hand. Suddenly I was there. I stopped rubbing myself and lengthened the stroke and pounded my pussy with one leg raised and the other pushing into the rug. My orgasm came from deep inside but my clit was still alive.

I slid the dildo out and reached for the deep blissful thud of my cordless vibrator. I turned it on high and put it to my clit while I began to squeeze and tug on my left nipple. I was immediately on the edge again. Pulsating. Each series of vibrating waves bringing me to the brink. I toyed with myself just a bit. Pushing the vibrator softly and then firmly against me, and then pulling it off again for a few moments. It just felt too good. I wished I could stay on that edge for longer but I had to cum that moment. I leaned into it. Let the waves wrap around me. I let out a grown and then a deep moan and finally a guttural scream. And release… I dropped the vibrator, still buzzing against the rug, slumped back and let my eyes open and rise to meet his.

His eyes were wide. His clothes gone. His cock in hand, engorged, throbbing. He came towards me staring intensely. I smiled. Bit my lip for effect, rose up and turned back to all fours, knees on the carpet, toes curled up, hands down, palms stretched out, back arched. I looked back. He lowered down to his knees behind me and I reached back to softly touch his leg, then his hip, and then a few strokes of his cock before I began rubbing it softly against my soaking ass and lips.

I pushed back into him, sinking him deep inside. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7… “Oh fuck!” He grabbed my hips and thrust into me another dozen times before he moaned and blurted, “I’m cumming.” I felt him release into me. He slowly moved back and forth a few more times and then leaned down and hugged me from behind and kissed my neck. “You’re amazing,” he said.

I turned to lie on my back as he slid out of me. I felt the cum running out and down my leg, too tired to worry about that new rug now. I laughed, “Better than our webcam days?”

He cuddled into me, still throbbing against my leg, raised his head up on one elbow, and smiled. “So much better.”

I reached down and turned off the vibrator, still buzzing against the floor. “More wine and cheese before round two?”

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