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She is lying on her belly, her face turned towards one side. I am on top of her, my body covering every inch of her skin. My shaft deep inside her well of pleasure. I have my hands under her armpits, and my feet are entangled with hers. We are rocking this bed as the rain pours outside.

I can feel her body shaking as she reaches the next orgasm. I stop for an instant to enjoy the fantastic feeling of her vagina contracting on my shaft as her sexuality is expressing the levels we have reached together. I ask her if she wants me to stop.

I can come one more time

Is her answer. And so I get back to work, digging in deeper in search of a higher form of communion with my love. For there is nothing more pleasurable to me than to witness her extraordinary orgasmic reactions to our loving.

I had never seen a soul as free as hers. We are in a traditional hotel in the heart of this Asian metropolis. We were lucky to get into our tiny room before the thunderstorm struck. She runs fully naked to the door, remembering the sneakers she left outside.

God oh god, that gait of hers, so elegant. That beautiful nakedness, the most sensual collection of curves I’ve ever seen. Her playful breasts bouncing as her fantastic long legs move her across the room. And then she opens the door and bends down, presenting to me the flower of her sex in full bloom. As she closes the door and turns back I can only tell her:

You are so elegant, your body just a work of art, it is as if you were walking while on fire.

I don’t think I’ve ever been so attracted to anyone as I am with you. You turn on my animal instincts.

You have opened the cage, I can run wild and free chasing you again and again and again. So come here, Bunny.

As she comes back to bed she has flicked a switch inside of me. I have to own her right there, at just that moment. She looks at me expectantly as I ask her to lie in bed belly down. I use my left hand to set her hair to the side as she places her head on the pillow. I make sure she is not hitting the bedpost as happened yesterday.

She opens her legs just enough to enable me to penetrate her. I have to grab my manhood and aim for the right entrance, for everything is so wet down there that otherwise it could just slide through the wrong door. As I make contact she sights an approving, “Right there.”

I am pinning her down now. I move my hands under her armpits and embrace her fully. I ask her if I am not too heavy for her, but she answers that she wants to feel my weight on her. I try to move my center of gravity to my knees, but I must admit that I enjoy the full body contact. Her feet are looking for mine, and we join them together in a bow as if wrapping the treasure of our loving.

Our rocking starts. The bed posts start hitting the wall. I hope the neighbors have earplugs ready, for this will go on for a while. She is so wet for me, and her cunt feels bespoke made for my rod. I am digging for the deep meaning of it all, and it feels as if I am getting somehow closer to the source of truth. Our bodies just match like two puzzle pieces, made for each other no matter which position you throw us in.

I love hearing her heavy breathing, and the little ahhs and ohhs that she expels. She curses me with her “oh fucks”. My mouth starts looking for hers and our lips get connected for a sensual kiss. Suddenly she needs to grab some more air. I start bracing for impact, for I know that the first of her orgasms will reach us soon.

I love seeing the expression on her face as she is getting to the highest point. She opens her eyes as if she has just received a revelation of sorts. And her mouth turns into a shape that looks to me half pain and half pleasure. I stop our rocking and feel her contractions on my shaft.

But my baby is hungry for more tonight. She starts moving her hips, asking my rod for more. I have no option but to comply, and our loving dance resumes. We start kissing again as if there is no tomorrow. This way of making love is so primal, savage, just like the thunderstorm outside. This expression of love is a force of nature. In this moment nothing else matters, nothing else exists. It is just the melting of two bodies to become one. The sweat, the heat, the hotness, the maximum expression of our horniness for each other.

She wants to come yet again. And the way she is caressing my rod is calling for the release of my fluids. She wants me to fill her up. She tells me:

Come for me Teddy, I want to feel all of it inside of me

Thunder strikes outside at the same time as my manhood is shaking inside of her. Pouring rain as I am pouring myself into her. The sound of the wind as I am out of breath. Her vagina contracts as if trying to squeeze me dry. And suddenly, as unexpectedly as it came, the storm is gone.

I move to my side of the bed and she cuddles around me. Her leg on top of mine, her boobs caressing my chest. Her hand on my shoulder, and a good night kiss.

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