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Dedicated to our beloved editor.

Dearest Rose MyErotica,

I wanted to take a few moments to thank you for everything that you do. All the late nights of perfecting our imperfections. The hard work you’ve put in to giving us all a voice, enabling us to engage in each other’s fantasies with no judgement or shame. It’s truly something special that you’ve built and it very much deserves praise.

I know your stories always explore sexual adventures, and believe me, I’ve always had a soft spot for them. I’ve been there many times, one-handed-reading to your fabulous work and enthralled by your endearing mystery. But this letter goes much deeper than that.

I realized today just how long we’ve been acquainted. How many millions of words I’ve shared with you and read in return. How much of yourself you’ve given, and how much of me you’ve received. It’s a different kinship than I have with anyone else. You’ve created a wide open space for my imagination to travel with no boundaries. Thanks to you, I’ve grown substantially as a writer and as a human being. I feel braver and bolder. More open to life.

I’m so honored to be a part of your world. No matter how small it may seem, no matter if in secret. I consider you a monumental part of my life. You have given me a voice when I’m surrounded by deafening silence. Air to breathe when I feel suffocated. Strength when I feel weakened by the world and its cruelty. Kindness and patience in every sense.

I feel you aren’t acknowledged enough. So today, I want to pamper you with praise. I hope these words bring you comfort and warmth. Just know, you are very much loved, cherished, and appreciated.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Editor’s note: Reading this makes me feel a little bashful, but mostly so incredibly touched — and not in the sense that I usually use the word! Kat, you overwhelm me with your sweetness. Valentine’s Day is all about sharing the love, and your words mean so much to me.

It’s a constant source of pleasure that MyErotica has become a space for everyone to express their sexuality so freely, and I get a real kick out of publishing the stories of so many talented writers. Love to you all!

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