Getting Wet

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photo: MetArt

While waiting

The sound of the water filling the tub triggers my relaxation. I haven’t even put a toe in yet. But I’m already relishing the sensation I know will be engulfing my body in just a few moments after the salts and oils are effused.

When I climb over the side and sink into the steaming bath, I immediately feel the negativity draining out of my skin, and I lay my head back to relax. I deserve this magnificent hour of relaxation.

I know I want to scrub my legs and rub my feet, but first, I have something more pressing to attend to. So I close my eyes and take a few slow deep breaths. I allow my hand to start roving over my wet skin, touching it like its the first time I’d ever felt its hills and valleys.

I stop at the place I know he would and squeeze the pillow in my fist, kneading and pressing it into my chest before pulling on the nipple, making it feel hard and vulnerable at the same time. I brush my fingertips over its rigid crest before adding my right hand and continuing my exploration.

I play with my breasts for a while, the way he would, and maybe even rougher since I know when it’s too much. But eventually, one hand begins to drift south.

I trail my fingers over my stomach, imagining his kisses. I swirl them around in the bubbles, lightly brushing my most sensitive areas and feeling the tension starting to build.

I hear his voice drifting over me, telling me what he loves about my skin and its response to his touch.

His lips are everywhere, and when my finger touches my swollen clitoris, his tongue is there, too. We play together, I show him exactly what I want, and he always obliges. First, it’s soft, gentle flicks of the tongue and then more aggressive licks and swirls.

I experiment with moving my hips and keeping my hand still, allowing the undulations of the water to add to the sensations.

Finally, I’m begging him to suck harder as my muscles tense, and I’m about to release it all.

My hips make waves in the water as they struggle to keep up with the fast rhythm of my hand, and the sound of my heavy breathing echoes in the tiled room.

He’s thrusting into me faster and faster as I rub my clitoris vigorously, splashing the suds up onto my chest. The sensations of the water, my hands, and the imagery I’ve created push me over the edge, and my body convulses in the bath. I draw in steamy breaths of lavender air and smile slightly, relaxing my body again into the water.

I’ll have a slippery surprise for him when he gets home.

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