Phone Conversation Between Two Lonely Wives

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Phone Conversation Between Two Lonely Wives

Quarantine leads to the sharing of erotic secrets

I stood on my balcony staring across at the apartment building in front of me, waiting for my phone to ring. The time was 11:34 p.m., and I was expecting the call in the next minute. Always it has been so, since a fortnight into my self-imposed quarantine. No job, no place to visit, I was stuck behind the four walls of my home. Every day it drove me nuts.

My caller’s name was Sarah, and she occupied the top floor apartment across from me. Like me, she was married but had four kids (I had just one), and likewise, she was bored and lonely. Lonely in ways her husband couldn’t comprehend, the same as mine. Some companionship you find in the most unlikely circumstances. Who would have thought mine would be like this?

A light came on and I made out Sarah’s silhouette staring at me from behind the glass windows of her living room. Her husband and kids were asleep, same as mine. A blustery breeze blew my hair against my face.

The city was eerily quiet.

The streets were empty with everyone stuck indoors in their homes.

You would think the dead had taken over the world.

My phone rang at exactly 11:35 p.m. I made out her dark figure holding her cell phone to her ear. So far our conversation had been my best-kept secret since Sarah and I first stumbled upon each other in an online women’s adult forum. The forum was strictly for women wanting to socialize with other lonely, horny women worldwide.

“Hi Sarah,” I answered her call.

“Hi Tess. You can’t sleep?”

“Why would I? I knew you’d call.”

“Isn’t it ironic: you and I are so near to each other and yet we’re so far apart.”

“Yes, very ironic,” I swept my hair from my face, “I never thought about it until now.”

“Yesterday I wanted to share my secret with Kevin. I think he senses something is wrong. He probably assumes I’m being moody because of the whole quarantine situation going on.”

“Did you tell him?”

A sigh, then: “No. I couldn’t do it. It’s hard for us because we can’t make love with the kids always about.”

“Jerry and I had ourselves a quickie yesterday,” I said. “We did it in the early morning, before our son woke up.”

“How was it?”

“In a word, lacklustre,” I admitted, then went even further: “The whole time, I kept wishing it was you.”

“That’s the same thing I was thinking when I wanted to tell Kevin everything. I wanted to lay it out for him, tell him what a shitty lover he is, and that I’d love to have someone for myself. A female someone.”

“That’s liable to piss any man off,” I cautioned.

“I know, I know. Sometimes I wish I didn’t care what people would think.”

“I hate the thought of hiding.”

“Do you really?” she said anxiously.

“All the time.”

A quiet but heavy moment passed between us; then she spoke.

“Is it wrong to admit that I think I’m in love with you?”

“If it’s wrong, then what else can be right?” I asked. My voice was turning sultry, as was hers. “I’ve had strong feelings toward you ever since we first began talking.”

“I’d love to kiss your tits in my bed.”

I chuckled. “I want to rip your panties off and eat your pussy so bad.”

“Aww, would you? You should know I squirt a lot.”

“I don’t give a damn. I’ll drink your squirt and lick your sweat.”

“Oh, you’re making me hot hearing you say that.”

“But I’m serious. I long for your calls as much as I long for you.”

“It’s the same with me too. Do you think maybe when this virus thing is gone, and this quarantine ends, that maybe we can meet somewhere, have a cup of coffee — ”

“Smoke a cigarette or two — ”

“ — we can find ourselves a hotel room — ”

“Yes,” I answered without hesitation, “I’d love that so much.”

“Let’s just keep staying in touch.”

“Yes. And pray neither of us ends up getting sick.”

“By all means, stay safe. Goodnight, Tess.”

“Goodnight, Sarah.”

Our conversation ended. I watched Sarah’s silhouette step away from the living room window, as I returned into my apartment to continue my active lifetime role as a dutiful wife and mother. Always at this moment I felt tears brimming in my eyes as I wished to God that I was something else, and was with someone special.

Here’s hoping you all stay safe indoors and keep healthy as we ride out this wave of quarantine. As always, thanks for sticking around.

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