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How I met Yuvraj, part one

I had looked inside Yuvraj’s apartment every time I locked my door and noticed his was ajar. His rumpled black hair, six foot tall frame, and casually sexy attitude always interested me, but I had never talked to him. I had no clue what he was like as a person.

Yuvraj was a new tenant, living in the apartment opposite to mine. Initially, this had been an apartment large enough to house a family of four, but the house-owner had partitioned it to make two units, probably to get double the rent from the same area. Anyway, housing was expensive in this new city, and living in such a place was the only solution for someone like me who wanted her privacy and was too poor to pay for a proper 1-BHK apartment.

The house and neighbourhood had always been “boring” to me , filled with middle-aged ladies and children I didn’t care much about. It all changed the day Yuvraj arrived — with his black pajama bottoms and black hoodie thrown casually over a tee. I had been lounging on my balcony in my shorts and tee, a cigarette between my fingers and my nose in a book, when the honk of his cab broke my concentration. There was something about him that caught my attention and made me sit up straight on my chair.

Us becoming friends was a coincidence. You could call it serendipity, if you wish. I was waiting for a shared cab to go to my office, and when it pulled up in front of me, someone else opened the opposite door and stepped inside. I looked up and saw that it was Yuvraj. I gave him a brief smile and looked away. As the cab started driving, he cleared his throat and asked, “Excuse me, you are Anamika, aren’t you?”

I looked at him and removed my sunglasses and perched them atop my head. “Yeah, and you are?”

“Yuvraj,” he said, offering his hand. “We are neighbours.” As if I didn’t know.

The traffic congestion on the road worked in our favour, and we ended up talking so much that when my stop arrived, he looked at me ruefully and asked, “Any chance we can continue this over coffee in the evening?”

I don’t know how coffee turned to dinner, then dinner evolved to drinks, and how I found myself sitting opposite him on a cosy couch, three whiskeys down, feeling warm and mellow. Yuvraj was turning out to be a fun companion and I was enjoying our date. I laughed at a joke he cracked, then reached out to have some fries from the plate on the table. He had reached out at the same moment and, inadvertently, my hand brushed against his.

A shock of electricity ran through my body. I inhaled sharply and looked at Yuvraj sitting opposite me, suddenly seeing him in a new light. He had a mop of silky, black hair that fell to his eyes in a wave. His lips were plump and pink; his eyes, a crisp brown. I bit my lip and ran my eyes down his body — his strong shoulders, those long fingers, his muscular thighs, and that hidden treasure in his pants.

I shook my head. What the fuck was I thinking?

I held my breath.

Yuvraj too had a slightly frenzied look on his face. His head was tilted. He looked at me greedily, like I was a piece of meat. Weirdly, instead of feeling offended, the idea turned me on. His gaze wavered down to my chest, intensifying as he feasted his eyes on the delicate curves of my breasts. Suddenly, he looked back up, as though horrified at what he had been doing. He turned to face me, eyes brimming with questions.

I gave him a small nod, knowing what he was feeling, because I felt it too — that hunger, that want — I felt it in every fibre of my body. I needed release and I needed it soon!

I didn’t know how this lust had come over me, and why I felt it so strongly. But there was no denying this — I wanted to fuck Yuvraj. Correction: I wanted to be fucked by Yuvraj. And I wanted it so bad.

With that, the rest of the night passed by in a blur, until I was in his bedroom, with my red dress, black stilettos, and underwear strewn across his floor — in a tangled mess with his black jeans, socks, and wine-red shirt. I was completely naked, riding him, while he lay pinned beneath me, his back supported against the wall with pillows.

An alien hunger had overtaken my senses. I bit my lower lip and gasped, digging my nails deep into his skin. I had been grinding, but now, I pushed myself deeper onto his thighs and rode him hard, my ass bobbing up and down — landing with a splotch on Yuvraj’s hard, hard dick. Encouraged, he grabbed my ass tighter and guided it to make me move faster.

Mmmmmm, this felt so good. I bit my lip again and looked at him, slutty submission in my eyes. The same madness had seemed to grip him too. Gone was the shy, hesitant neighbour of mine, and in his place lay a confident, uninhibited Yuvraj. His eyes glinted with lust as he gave my ass a resounding spank. “Aaaah,” I moaned, stunned at the pain and pleasure. With his thumb, he gestured me to get off him.

“No,” I told him, shaking my head, eyes not leaving his. “I want more.”

“Oh, you will have more, Anamika,” he said. Then, he turned me around and pushed me roughly to the bed. I fell on all fours, my dark hair streaming down my face to reach my shoulders. I turned to look at him, wanting him, needing him. There was this insatiable need between my legs and I couldn’t wait to feel his delicious dick fit snugly inside me.

He spat on his palm and rubbed the tip of his dick with it to lube it up nicely. Then, he placed both his hands, palm down, on my plump ass, and brought my body down to slide over his dick — all the way to the root.

I closed my eyes — he was entering me from behind! The thought sent sparks of excitement burning through my body. My pussy clenched around him like it had been waiting for his dick.

This felt so fucking good.

The tip of his dick touched a pleasure spot inside my vagina. His rim rubbed around some spots on my inner walls that made me gasp with pleasure. Fuck, this felt heavenly. I closed my eyes to take the pleasure in.

He tapped me lightly on my ass to urge me to move. I pressed my palms on the bed and started moving forward and back, his hands guiding my ass, moving it up and down his wet, hard dick. On and on I went, and louder and louder my moans grew. Suddenly, I felt an ache down there — I wanted it harder. Grunting, I pushed back, my ass bouncing against the smooth skin of his thighs. Taking the cue, he started thrusting his hips, pushing his dick deeper inside me, making all the pleasure spots on my sugar walls flare up with glee.

I looked up at the ceiling and moaned out loud, my boobs slapping against my chest.

I felt a stinging sensation on my right ass cheek, accompanied by a loud smack. I bit down on a yelp, turning to meet his eyes. In them, I saw a question. Oh I wanted it, for sure. I wanted it so bad.

I nodded.

Bending, he reached for my hair and wrapped the whole of it around his wrist, yanking it so hard, my head snapped up. I bit my lip, enjoying the pain. He held my hair with his left hand, spanking me again and again on my right ass cheek till it turned a bright, cherry red. “Harder,” I screamed, not knowing what I wanted harder — the hair-pulling or the fucking. I loved the sensation so much, I wanted more, more, more. I wanted him to never stop, to never let this high subside…

But Yuvraj pulled out and I turned over in surprise. He rolled on the bed beside me, panting, beads of sweat forming on his forehead. I traced a finger over his nose and lips and whispered, “Are you done?”

“Just taking a break,” he winked.

“Umm hmm?” I asked, tracing the finger down over his chest, along his belly, and landing, with a shiver of his spine, among his pubes. He exhaled loudly. I started playing around the root of his softening dick, slowly making my way up to the tip. I rubbed my thumb over the tip and felt the wetness that must have been my pussy fluids mixed with his precum. This thought filled me with a strange hunger: I wanted to taste myself on him. I got up, my hair flying behind me, and bent to take his semi-hard dick fully inside my mouth.

He gasped, eyes flying open with surprise. I winked and sucked him hard, pressing my cheeks in all the way. I was desperate for him to fuck me more, and I was prepared to do anything, go to any lengths for it. I gave him the sluttiest look I could muster and sucked him like my life depended on it. My hair was falling in my face, flying all around me as my head bobbed up and down. I felt his dick respond, growing hard inside my mouth. I rolled my tongue greedily all over it like it was a popsicle. I pressed the tip on the roof of my mouth, gagging down on it loud.

“You like it?” he panted.

“Ggggguuurrrhhhh,” I mumbled, working furiously on his manhood.

His hand went to my hair and pulled my head away from his dick. It was hard and ready in all its glory now — my spit shining bright all along the shaft. He pushed me back on the bed, and I fell, crumpled to a ball. My legs rose to the air in anticipation, exposing my gaping cunt hole for him to admire. He grabbed my ass and pulled me closer to him. In one fluid motion, he thrust his dick inside me and there it was again — that sweet, sweet pleasure of Yuvraj’s dick fitting so snugly in my pussy.

We were doing it missionary, and it felt so good.

My legs were dancing back and forth in the air, in rhythm to his thrusting hips. My boobs were shaking so much and my hair was fanned around my head in a mess over the pillow beneath.

“Yuvraj,” I moaned. “Fuck me, Yuvraj, fuck me hard.”

In response, he grabbed my throat, cutting off my supply of air. I gagged, then held his hand down harder on my throat, begging him to choke me.

“Harder,” I gasped, my eyes tearing up. His dick was pounding me furiously, each thrust pushing me further towards the edge. “Aaa aaa aaa aaahh, I am coming,” I whispered, as with one last thrust, he too exploded inside me. Spurts of colour appeared in front of my eyes, swimming in the near-darkness as wave after wave of pleasure hit my senses.

In a minute, my whole body felt relaxed.

He rolled off and lay down beside me. His eyes were closed, but I couldn’t take mine off him. What had gotten into us today? This was the first day we had talked and we had connected on a different level. We had tried out so many new things on the first day. Was this the result of having lived like a hermit for so long, I wondered.

He opened his eyes and gave me a smile. “What the holy fuck was that!”

“I don’t know. I loved every moment of it.”

“Oh, I did too. You’re quite a wildcat, aren’t you?” he teased.

I laughed and waved it away. The truth was — I hadn’t been a wildcat. It was Yuvraj who had roused something unfamiliar, yet wildly pleasurable inside me and I was crazy to experience that again. “Something just came over me,” I told him.

He propped himself up on one elbow and said, “Funny you should say that. I had a similar feeling that a sudden, insatiable hunger rose inside me.”

“I know, right!” I exclaimed. Then, added as a joke, “It was as if the spirit of some wild lovers had entered us.”

He smiled and said, “The spirits of a wild couple who wanted to fuck like there would be no tomorrow.”

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