Bruises and Bite Marks

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How I met Yuvraj: Chapter two

(Continued from here)

The morning after saw me sitting on my balcony, a cup of tea clasped in my palms and a half-smoked cigarette held between my fingers. I was dressed in a pink tee and white shorts, lounging on my chair, enjoying the last few minutes of “me-time” before I had to rush to the office.

My head was filled with conflicting emotions. On one hand, I couldn’t stop smiling — the memories of the previous night coming back to me at moments I least expected them. On the other, I was embarrassed: what had I been thinking? Yuvraj and I were so loud and so wild, my own passion surprised me. I had bruises and bite marks all over my body, my thighs were aching from having been spread so wide, and my pussy was sore — a happy sore, but sore, nonetheless.

I had always prided myself on having an exciting sex life, but the wildness of last night was unexpected. Was it Yuvraj who aroused this craziness in me, or was it my own abstinence for so many months?

Whatever it was, this had to stop. What would my innocent-looking apartment-mate think of me otherwise?

As if on cue, Yuvraj walked out through his gate, dressed in his usual black hoodie, t-shirt and pajama-bottoms. He turned to shut the gate behind him, looked up and gave me a smile. It was a shy smile — the kind I knew Yuvraj to pass at me before last night. It seemed that after our frenzied lovemaking, things were back at their own pace. As he walked away, I took a puff of my cigarette and sat staring after him.

Was all of last night just a dream?

The week passed by in a blur of work and prior commitments, until it was Friday night. With the prospect of two days of debauchery ahead and no one to spend it with, I texted Yuvraj, “Hey.”

His reply came almost immediately after, as if he had been waiting for my message. “Hi.”


“No, just got back from work. You?”

“Me too. Okay tell me, what are your plans for tonight.”

“No plans. I was hoping we could catch up?”

“Okay,” I replied, playing.

“Do you want to meet tonight?”

Did I? Of course, I did. That is why I had texted him. Not wanting to sound too desperate, I replied after carefully counting out three minutes, “Yeah, we could.”

“Cool, I’ll pick you up at seven.”

“Okay, see you,” I typed and put my phone away. I was glad he wasn’t there to see the happy dance I did. Boy, I was shy.

But I was excited to see Yuvraj again. Who knew where this night might lead?

A few drinks down, and I was dancing with Yuvraj, in a crowded pub, a bottle of beer in my hand. The lights were spinning around me and the music was making me feel light-headed. I kept stealing glances at him when he wasn’t looking. At the back of my head, there was but one thought: did I look sexy enough tonight for him to want to fuck me?

I had put on a black tunic that fell to the middle of my thighs, sheer black stockings and black knee-high boots. I thought the outfit brought out my curves nicely, but who knew what Yuvraj was thinking.

A waiter passed by to serve food to the group of people next to us. The dance floor was so crowded that he bumped into me, making me lose my balance. Yuvraj rushed ahead to hold me before I fell, his arms wrapped around my waist to support my weight.

Oh, that grip of those familiar arms.

His touch was magic, his touch was fire, and like a wave of ecstasy, it lit me up with desire. I looked at him. Our eyes met. Something unspoken passed between us. I leaned in, he closed the last few inches in a flurry. When our lips met, my senses exploded. I sucked on his lower lip while his tongue locked onto my upper lip. I bit down softly on it, making him gasp. My fingers played with his hair, pulling it tight to draw him closer, to kiss him deeper.

It was magic. I lost myself in his hot breath, the feel of his skin so close to mine. The music stopped, the world blurred, and I could think of only one thing: I wanted him. I wanted Yuvraj right there. Before I knew it, my hands were at his pants, undoing his belt. Breaking off the kiss, Yuvraj grabbed my wrist to stop me. Only then, I looked around and realised we were in a crowded pub. I blinked.

What had I been doing?

Not letting go of my wrist, Yuvraj led the way through the crowd and brought me out of the pub into the deserted streets. It must have been 1.30 AM, and the gust of cold air hitting my face brought me back to my senses. But when I looked at Yuvraj and saw that faint stubble on his jawline, the curve of his nose, and the way his lips glistened in the streetlights, all I could think of was: when will I get to kiss them, bite them, devour them?

The cab ride back home was torture. I kept the windows rolled down so the chilly night air could break me out of this heightened state of passion, but it did little to diminish the electricity crackling in the air between Yuvraj and me. He was determinedly staring outside, hands clamped together on his lap. I smiled and looked away, not trusting myself for one more second to be near him and not be overcome by lust.

Finally, after what felt like an eternity, the cab drew to a halt in front of our building. Yuvraj paid the driver, then held my hand and led me out. Our apartments were on the first floor. As I walked in front of him on the stairs, he grabbed my ass from behind. The sheer fabric of my black stockings left little to the imagination. I looked at him. There was hunger in his eyes. His urgency made me gasp. I stopped, turned around and drew him in for a kiss. This time, his hands roamed all over my body — down my tunic and inside my bra, while his other hand slid inside my stockings and grabbed my plump ass. I arched my back and inhaled, the lust I had suppressed for so long bubbling to the surface in a fierce new wave. He kissed me back, his tongue probing deep, licking the roof of my mouth. I responded in kind, biting his lips and pulling his hair.

We walked the remaining steps to my apartment with our limbs intertwined. Our mouths were clamped on each other’s like kissing was oxygen and we had been trapped in an airless chamber for hours.

After a lot of fumbling, I finally extracted my keys from my bag and unlocked the door to let Yuvraj in. He didn’t even wait for me to lock the door behind him. With a grunt, he pounced on me, pinning me to the wall, and started kissing my neck. He tugged on the neckline of my tunic to pull it down my shoulder. I heard the thin fabric tear with a ripping sound, but I was already past the point of caring. I kissed him back, licking and biting whatever inch of his skin I could find.

He grabbed my ass and I jumped up, locking my legs around his waist and my arms around his neck. He pushed me against the wall and bit down hard on the tender skin of my neck. I grabbed his head and kissed him full on the lips. Supporting my back with one hand and my ass with the other, he carried me to the bed, lips never leaving mine.

He sat on the bed and I sat on his lap, facing him. With a savage tug, he ripped my tunic all the way down to my belly, leaving my skin exposed. His hands explored my body, grabbing my love handles and drawing me closer. His fingers undid my bra and it fell to the floor in a crumpled heap. My boobs fell over his face and he buried his mouth in them, licking, sucking, biting. I gasped. His cock was rock hard, straining through his jeans. I started grinding my hips on it, positioning myself so its head touched my clit.

Fuck, this felt heavenly.

My hands moved of their own accord to his belt, unbuckling it. I fumbled with his button till it came undone, and tried to pull his pants down. He grabbed my hair, made me turn around, and threw me face down on the bed. Then, he held my hips and lifted them up in the air — level with his crotch. He positioned himself on his knees and with one tug, ripped my stockings down the middle. My drenched pussy was exposed, tingling with excitement. Panting, he ran a finger down my slit, making my whole body shiver with anticipation.

I turned to look at him as he pulled his pants and underwear down to his thighs and pulled out his hard dick. I blew him a kiss. In the next moment, he was inside me.

“Mmmmmm,” I moaned, eyes shut and back arched. His dick fit in just as snugly as I remembered. My pussy walls clenched greedily around it. When he started moving, all the pleasure spots inside me lit up like fire. Aaaah, I loved Yuvraj’s dick.

He fucked me from behind, holding my ass with his left hand and using the right to spank me.


The first blow landed hard, making me draw a sharp breath. The sensation was beyond anything I had felt before.

“More,” I grunted. “I want more.”

“You want me to hurt you?” he asked.

“Yes, spank me. Punish me. Take me, I am all yours.”

Encouraged, he spanked me harder this time. I moaned, my pussy twitching with pleasure. He was pounding me hard from behind. My breath was coming in gasps. In and out, his dick pumped my pussy, making my senses explode with pleasure. He had stopped spanking and was now moving his fingers on the sensitive spots around my cunt hole. The pleasure was wild, it got to my head. “Fuck, I am so close,” I gasped.

Something happened just then — an alien sensation more intense than anything I had felt before. Curious, I turned to see what it was. But, Yuvraj had his eyes closed. His head was tilted upwards, his mouth open as he panted. He looked so engrossed, so into it. The feeling between my legs intensified, and I realised it only then — my ass!

His finger was inside my ass!

The feelings of shame and pleasure mingled together and hit my brain so hard that I could barely whisper, “I’m coming,” before it was upon me — a huge orgasm that felt like all the stress, all the tension left my body in one massive burst.

“Oh fuck, oh fuck, oh fuck,” Yuvraj was panting, and I knew he was close too.

“This dirty little bitch loves your big cock, daddy,” I said, astounded by this new-found confidence.

His eyes rolled open, surprise and pleasure swimming in them. The motion of his hips quickened, as he pounded me harder, his balls slapping against my ass.

“Oh yes, just there, just like that, I love it,” I moaned. “I love what you’re doing, daddy.”

“Yes, yes, yes!” he whispered. His fingernails dug into the smooth skin of my ass as with one final thrust, he exploded inside me. His cum was warm — filling my pussy up with a satisfying afterglow.

Yuvraj pulled his limp dick out, a trail of cum falling on the bed as he moved away. My pussy queefed, making squelching noises that made me blush. What had we just done?

I fell on my tummy and rolled over to make space for Yuvraj to lie down beside me, carefully avoiding the wet spot.

“What — was — that?” he panted.

I looked at him, feeling the shock and pleasure so evident on his face. “I don’t know. Maybe those spirits thirsty for some love had gotten into our bodies again?”

He smirked and closed his eyes. “Maybe, but I have to admit, they know how to have fun.”

I smiled and closed my eyes.

They did, indeed.

We did, too.

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