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Story of a Sunday morning quickie

It was ten in the morning of what was turning out to be a lazy Sunday. I was slouched over our desk, writing something in my journal. Wearing only my boyfriend’s white shirt over my tiny black shorts, I had buttoned it up lazily, so my cleavage was visible below my chin. My dark hair hung loose, falling in waves to my shoulders, leaving little of my big, round boobs to the imagination.

I got distracted as Anand, my boyfriend, walked into the room. He had just gotten out of the shower, wearing nothing but a towel wrapped tantalizingly around his hips. Tiny droplets of water clung to his gorgeously muscled arms and toned abs. His hair was tousled, falling over his forehead in careless, wet strands. I looked up to smile at him, but, he wasn’t looking at my face.

“I love how you’re pressing those boobs on the desk,” he grinned.

I looked down. Indeed, my boobs were pressed on the edge of the desk, curving around its edges. I laughed, marveling at how something so simple that I hadn’t even noticed seemed to give so much pleasure to my boyfriend.

“I love them more when they are pressed against your face,” I shot back, a teasing smile curling my lips.

He put a hand to his crotch and laughed. “Don’t say things like that, Nami,” he said, using his affectionate pet name for me. “You know how easily dirty talk gets me hard.”

I gave him a lusty look and said, “Are you sure getting you hard isn’t my intention?”

He grinned and walked to the desk. I swept the journal aside and looked up at him, biting the pen between my full lips. He grabbed my hair and pulled me to my feet. Then, he brought his face down and kissed me deeply. His lips were wet and soft, his tongue, demanding. As I closed my eyes and kissed him back, I could feel a pleasant twinge between my legs.

He pulled back, his hands never leaving my hair, and turned me around. We walked to our bed, his breath hot on my neck. He threw me face first on the covers.

I sat up on my hands and knees with my ass in the air, turned to look at him, and bit my lower lip.

In a rush, he pulled my shorts down to the knees, leaving my asshole and pussy on full display for him to admire. He ran two fingers down the groove of my pussy, gently stroking the folds till he reached my clit. I gasped. He pressed down on that sweet spot, sending a pleasant jolt up my body.

In response, I spread my legs and arched my ass up high, so he could enter me easily. He pulled the towel off his body impatiently. My head was on the pillows, my mouth watering at the sight of his glorious erection. He started stroking his cock with his hands and looked at me.

“You want me to fuck you?” he asked.

“Yes, please,” I murmured. I wanted it. I was craving it.

“Show me how much you want it,” he said, a note of command creeping into his voice.

“Mmm,” I mumbled, and reached out with my right hand from between my legs to touch his cock. I stroked its full length from base to tip, my fingers curling around the throbbing veins on his shaft. Balancing my weight on my head and knees, I cupped his balls with my left hand, pressing them gently as I stroked his dick, feeling him growing harder with my touch.

“Yes,” he whispered, throwing his head back and staring at the ceiling. His hands grabbed my ass tighter. “Yes.”

The blood was rushing to my face and I couldn’t see what was going on. But his rock-hard dick and his grunts told me he was liking what I was doing with my hands. I moved my left hand from his balls, and urged him gently closer, so his dick almost touched my pussy. I gasped as he took my cue and started rubbing his dick on my wetness. Up, he moved towards the edge, then down to slap the head of his cock on my clit.

I bit my lip. “Mmmm yes, fuck me, Anand, please,” I breathed.

This time, he didn’t tease.

He spat on his fingers and rubbed it over his dick and my pussy, lubing me up, so when he thrust his dick against my cunt hole, it slid inside in one swift motion.

“Aaah,” I moaned.

I arched my back so he could inch in deeper, and within a few moments, I was gasping and moaning. He put his palms on my ass and guided my hips towards and away from him as he thrust, his skin slapping on mine. I clutched the pillow tight, burying my face in it to drown my moans.

He lifted his left leg on the bed, so he could enter me deeper. The head of his dick hit my G-spot. I screamed, “Aaaah, Anand!”

He was standing on the floor, with one leg on the bed. I was on my knees, with my head buried in the pillow. He was fucking me so hard from behind, I was finding it difficult to breathe.

Passion was flaring up my senses. The pach pach sound of him pounding on my wetness was getting to my head.

Then, he bent to fondle my boobs. He pushed his hands inside the shirt I was wearing, and I felt the first two buttons come undone. He caressed my breasts at first, but soon, he was grabbing them tight, pinching and pulling on my nipples.

I could feel a familiar rush of happiness building up inside me. I grabbed his wrists and urged him to go faster. Following my lead, he thrust his hips harder, and I closed my eyes, lost in the frenzied motions of our fucking.

At one point, I dug my nails in the skin of his wrist and breathed, “Aaaah, I’m coming, I’m coming.”

I could feel his body tense — the pleasure was getting to him too. An intense orgasm shuddered through me, sending pulses of pleasure through my body. My sugar walls clenched, and I felt his dick slam into me one last time as he spilled his load inside.

I was breathing hard as if I had run a marathon. Anand looked exhausted as he pulled out and fell on the bed next to me, his eyes closed, his breath coming in gasps. I wiped sweat off his forehead with the back of my hand and gave him a kiss. He looked at me and smiled.

My pussy was still throbbing with pleasure. My black shorts were around my knees, and Anand’s shirt was wrapped loosely over my shoulders, two of its buttons torn off — a memento of our crazed passion.

I looked at the ceiling and let out a happy sigh. It was a wonderful session, just like I had hoped.

After all, I had chosen to wear his shirt this morning for a reason.

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