Can You Keep a Secret?

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When this lady couldn’t resist her HOT intern

Kaustav was my intern. He must have been at least five years younger than I was, probably six. He had silky black hair that fell over his eyes. He had to keep the strands up using a hairband. I found it irresistibly sexy. Also, he was lean and tall. The fact that he wore loose semi-formal shirts over jeans and sneakers didn’t help either. His long hair and demeanour reminded me of Vivaan.

My pussy twitched with pleasure and a smile came unbidden to my face each time Vivaan’s memory came to me.

His name was enough to bring back moments from that wild, passionate night in vivid flashes.

I remember our brazen flirting, how he looked at me in the dim light of the bar. I remember how his hips moved as he danced— those pelvic thrusts so inviting, so enticing. I remember his lips, how he clamped down on mine so hard, my lips were swollen the next day.

And his dick.

God, I remember his dick.

Though they were in no way alike, Kaustav reminded me of Vivaan.

This wasn’t good news. My friend Anjali always said I had a type — “the hairband guys,” she called them. I always said this was ridiculous. I wasn’t attracted to Vivaan or Kaustav because of the hairband.

Or was I?

The night had gotten dark. I had accompanied the interns for our site visit to a quaint little town called Manali nestled up in the mighty Himalayas. It had been a busy day. After the site visit was done, I explored the small hill station with the interns. They were a bunch of over-enthusiastic young men, straight out of college, yet untainted by the jaded cynicism that characterised most men in their late twenties.

Kaustav shone the brightest of them all. He had a refreshing taste in music, a keen eye for clicking aesthetic photographs, and a sense of humour that had the group roaring with laughter all day long.

I hadn’t wanted to hook up with him. Trust me, my reputation at the company was more important than one night of pleasure.

But stupid Kaustav and the others had made friends with a local seller who hooked them up with someone who sold lugdi — the rice beer rumoured to be an aphrodisiac. I hadn’t planned on getting drunk, but Manali was cold in February, and I had worn only a thin jacket over my knee-length black dress. The alcohol kept me warm, lighting a lovely warm flame in my chest and belly.

The risky part was that this fire was starting to spread to between my legs.

By the time we were ready to leave, it was already 9 PM. When I stood up, I had to grab a chair to steady myself. The room was spinning around me.

“Ma’am, are you okay?” Rakesh, another of the interns, asked.

“I’m fine,” I said, smiling wider than I needed to. “I just need to book an Uber.”

Since they didn’t qualify for deluxe rooms, the company had booked the interns in a different hotel to me. Their place was nearby, while mine was some distance away. To my dismay, there were no cabs available. Of course, what had I expected? This was a hill station where most shops closed by 8.30 in the evening.

What was I to do?

“Ma’am, we can drop you to your room,” Kaustav offered.

I raised at eyebrow at him.

“Your hotel is barely two kilometres away. We can walk.”

I saw Rakesh and the others make a face. I couldn’t blame them. It was cold outside. Trekking two kilometres in a hilly terrain wasn’t easy.

Kaustav shrugged and turned to me. “It’s okay, Ma’am, if they don’t want to come. I will drop you to your room.”

Oh, my young, shining Kaustav. Was he trying to be a knight to this damsel in distress?

“Are you sure?” I asked, pulling my jacket tighter around my waist. “It’s going to be really cold.”

“It’s fine, Ma’am,” he insisted, picking up my bag. “I’ve got this.”

I smiled and followed him out after waving the rest of the interns goodnight.

The chilly air hit my body like a bunch of knives. I shivered and pulled my jacket tighter around my shoulders. My head was bent low against the wind as we walked together in silence. After a few minutes, adrenaline and the effort of walking made the cold slightly less unbearable. I think Kaustav felt the same, for he turned to me and we started talking. We discussed our day, the colleagues back at work, and what he needed to do if he was looking to secure a job in the company. I found myself warming up to the conversation. The lugdi was making me feel reckless, and when we reached my hotel, I felt I wasn’t yet prepared to say goodnight to him.

He must have felt the same, for he lingered near the gate, dawdling, as if waiting for me to invite him in.

Damn, how did he know what I was thinking?

Were we fantasizing about the same thing?

By that time, I was past the point of caring. If Kaustav wanted a job in the company, I reasoned to myself, he knew better than to blabber about his boss.

Technically, there was nothing wrong in hooking up with an intern — just two adults engaging in some consensual sex. The only problem was that if word got out, my colleagues and seniors might think of me as “easy”. Everything depended on whether Kaustav believed in kissing and telling.

Was I willing to take the risk?

I think all the lugdi — the aphrodisiac — in me knew the answer.

We were standing in the hotel lobby. The uniformed man sitting at the receptionist’s desk noted the late hour and raised an eyebrow at us.

Ignoring him, I said to Kaustav, “Come in and warm yourself up by the radiator.”

He smiled nervously, “Erm, Ma’am, should I?”

I looked towards the elevator, bit my lower lip and said, “Yes, as long as you get back in time so the others don’t start worrying, I think a few moments inside is okay.”

I was talking in riddles now, hoping I could put my point across. Thankfully, he took the hint and replied, “Of course Ma’am. The others wouldn’t be able to guess anything.”

I smiled, “We only have half an hour, probably.”

“That should be enough.”

Did he just wink at me?

I laughed, and we walked to the elevator together.

Inside, he looked sideways at me with a smirk on his face and said, “It is so cold outside, I would really appreciate some warmth.”

I smiled and looked away, playing with my hair as the elevator climbed two floors.

I knew we weren’t talking about warming up in front of the radiator anymore.

The deluxe hotel room was lit only by blue lights from the ceiling, leaving half of everything in it to the imagination. Including me. Including us.

The bed was plush, comfortable. Its white covers were messed up by our writhing bodies on top.

Kaustav was upon me, his knees pressing down on the mattress, his shirt unbuttoned to the hip. My hands were fumbling with his belt, trying to get him out of it quick enough. We were breathing hard, exploring each other’s body. When his belt came undone, I pulled his pants down to his knees — underwear and all — and whipped his dick out.

It was a shade of deep chocolate brown — smooth, with the foreskin intact. Compared to Vivaan, Kaustav’s wasn’t as long, of course, but it had a nice girth. I wrapped my fingers around it, appreciating how thick it was. Then, I started stroking it gently. His eyes met mine — they were filled with lust, yes, but there was apprehension too.

My chest was heaving. I nodded, my eyes giving him the confirmation he needed.

With firm, yet gentle fingers, Kaustav removed my jacket first. Then, he lifted the fabric of my black dress, pulling it above my head, leaving me in just my bra and panties.

He took a moment to take my body in, admiring my curves. “You’re — you’re so hot,” he breathed.

“Umm hmm,” I teased, then rolled over, giving him a full view of my plump ass and thin waist. I heard his involuntary low whistle of admiration. I turned to face him again and started to unbutton his shirt from the bottom up.

He undid the remaining buttons at the top and removed his shirt. Then, he placed a palm to my chest and pushed me down to lie on the bed. He put his tongue between my breasts and licked my neck — all the way up to the tip of my chin. I moaned softly. He unhooked my bra and let my breasts spill out. He cupped one with both his hands and sucked softly on the nipple. I bit my lip and looked at him, watching my nipple grow hard between his lips. He held my other boob and pressed his face to it — making the skin spill out on both sides. He clamped his lips over my nipple and gently sucked on it till both nipples were hard as bullets.

He straightened and snuggled in on the bed. Using both hands, he removed my panties and threw them on the floor to join the crumpled heap of the rest of our clothes. He pushed my thighs apart and brought his head close to my throbbing wetness. “May I?” he said, innocently asking for permission.

Anticipation flared through my body.

He was eager to please, and I, to be pleased. What better could I have asked for?

I nodded frantically, holding his hair with my fingers.

He obliged, pressing his face against my pussy — already wet with the teasing he had done.

I gasped at the unexpected softness of his tongue. Right and left, he licked, up and down, and my whole body shook and shuddered, dancing to the tunes of his mouth. His soft lips found my clit and clamped down on it. He gave it a long, wet kiss, then broke off. “Is this how you like it?” he asked.

His lips glistened with my pussy juices. He looked incredibly hot.

“Yes, yes, keep doing what you’re doing,” I urged him, gripping his hair tighter. With a wicked smile, he inserted a finger inside my cunt hole and hooked it, pressing down on my g-spot.

“Aaaaah,” I moaned, clutching the sheets below me.

It only seemed to encourage him as he doubled his pace, flicking his tongue swiftly across my clit and pussy. My heartbeat quickened and my eyes were tightly shut. In a single motion, he licked my clit, my pussy — all the way down to my ass.

I gasped like all the air around me had suddenly turned to ice.

The finger he had inside me was hooked. He started moving it in and out, making me crazy. I grabbed his hair and shouted, “Yes, yes, yes, right there, just like that, aaaaaahhh.”

He quickened his pace. I screamed, my back arched.

And with one last shudder, my body went limp, falling flat on the bed as a huge orgasm hit my senses. I was still breathing hard, beads of sweat forming on my forehead. Kaustav came up to me, face creamed with my pussy juices. I lifted my head to meet his lips.

Our lips were locked together, my tongue inside his mouth. I tasted my cum mixed with the tangy flavour of the lugdi still lingering in the crevices of his mouth. His lips were plump. They fit perfectly with mine like an insane bit of jigsaw puzzle designed only for us.

He had one hand wrapped around my neck. With the other, he continued stroking my pussy gently. Two of his fingers were inside me now, pumping languidly in my gaping cunt hole, then pulling out.

He broke off the kiss and whispered in my ear, “I want to fuck you.”

His voice was dripping with lust. I nodded and grabbed him tighter. “Yes, Kaustav. I want it. I want you.”

He held my hair gently and made me lie down on the bed.

I fumbled for my bag on the bedside table. When he bent to hold my neck, I held him back with a palm to his chest. “Patience, Tiger,” I said, “Let me find the rubber.”

I looked inside my bag, found a condom (I always have one handy — you never know when they might come into use) and gave it to him.

Smiling, he held the tip and rolled it over the length of his dick. Then, he stroked his dick over the rubber and beat my clit with the head.

I giggled, arching my back and looking at him with a slutty smile.

Without breaking eye contact, Kaustav pushed at my opening with his dick. My pussy was greedy, eager for him to enter. It welcomed him as he slid inside in a single, slick motion.

I bit my lower lip and moaned. “Mmmmmmm.”

My sugar walls closed around his dick, wrapping up his manhood as if this was all I needed, this was all I was waiting for.

I ran my hands down his back and grabbed his ass, guiding his hips as he thrust deep inside me. In and out, his dick pumped, and I moaned loudly, urging him to go faster.

“Do you like it?” he breathed.

“Yes, yes,” I moaned. “I love it. Keep doing what you are doing.”

I arched my back and angled my hips so that when he thrust deep, his head hit my g-spot. In my orgasm-weakened state, my pussy felt ready to burst with pleasure at any moment.

When I felt like I was on the edge, he pulled out and slapped my thighs to make me turn over.

I obliged, greedy for more, not wanting him to waste even a single moment without fucking me.

He grabbed my ass with both his hands and lifted it in the air to bring my body level with his dick. Then, he spit on his hand, rubbed the head of his dick to lube it up, and entered me from behind.

Aaah, that sensation.

He started moving his hips, and I screamed with pleasure each time his balls slapped against my ass. I was on my palms and knees, my breasts bouncing in rhythm with his frantic thrusts.

This felt so good. The thrill of being fucked by my intern, a man six years my junior, got to my head and sent shivers to the tips of my fingers. A familiar pressure was building up inside. I heard Kaustav grunt as he quickened his pace. His dick was twitching wildly inside me, telling me he was about to explode too.

I clutched the sheets hard, threw my head up to the ceiling, shut my eyes tight and screamed, “I’m coming, I’m coming, aaaaah.”

At the same moment Kaustav thrust in with extra force, and I lost it — my grip on sanity. It hit me — a massive, toe-curling orgasm. My whole body shuddered with the impact and I giggled, unable to control myself.

It felt that good.

Kaustav’s warm, sweet cum filled up the condom’s tip. My greedy cunt hole felt each pulse in exaggerated detail. My pussy walls milked his dick for the very last drop.

His dick was still hard and my pussy queefed loudly as he pulled out.

I rolled over with a satisfied sigh.

Both of us were breathing hard, covered in sweat.

“Did you — did you like it?” he panted.

“It was awesome,” I said, and closed my eyes. “I didn’t realise just how much I needed this release.”

“Ma’am — umm — Anamika, umm is it okay if I call you Anamika?”

“You can call me whatever you want to, as long as no one else hears.” I laughed.

“I thought you were gorgeous from the beginning. I wanted to ask you out. But I wasn’t sure how to go about it. I am so happy this happened.”

I laughed and said, “I am happy too, Kaustav.”

His body relaxed visibly. He removed the condom and threw it in the trash can. Then, he grabbed a few tissues from the bedside table and handed me some. I pressed them between my legs, looking at him distractedly as he cleaned himself up.

“I don’t want you to think,” I told him a few moments later, as he came to lie down beside me for a quick breather before he grabbed his clothes and left, “that you got the job because of this.”

“Does that mean I got the job?” he piped up.

“It might, depending on how well you know how to keep a secret.”

“I can show you how well I can do that once we are colleagues.”

I laughed and ruffled his hair. “Oh Kaustav, you just might have to.”

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