When I met my best friend’s lover

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“I am sleepy,” I murmured, nuzzling closer to my best friend, Anjali. “I wish we had some wine. That would be a perfect end to a perfect day.”

We were on a staycation in her hometown. We had booked a resort for the night, and the two of us had the whole room to ourselves. We had spent the day at the pool, chilling, swimming and clicking several photographs of each other. When night fell, both of us craved some good red wine. But, the bottle we had brought with us was already finished.

“I so wish we had some more,” she replied, stroking my thigh under the covers.

I giggled and removed some of her dark hair from her face with my fingers. Both of us were drunk enough to have all our inhibitions lowered. “You said your friend Wahab is in the vicinity. Why don’t you ask him to bring some over?”

She looked at me, then turned around to pick up her phone. She opened his chat and showed me his message. “Just got back from the hospital,” he had typed. “Doc said I caught a stomach bug.”

“Aww that’s too bad,” I told her. Greed got the better of me and I urged, “What’s there to lose if we ask him just once more? What if he agrees to bring it over?”

She smiled and said, “I don’t usually see you getting so eager for something.”

“Come on, it’s been ages since I last drank wine, and it’s going to be so much fun right now if we could get drunk, even a little bit.”

“Aren’t you already drunk enough?” she teased, rolling her eyes and laughing. “Fine, I will call him.”

Wahab agreed to come over, and in an hour, Anjali was getting dressed to meet him. She wore a black crop top that came halfway up her midriff and black shorts that left little of her thick thighs to the imagination. She went downstairs to greet him, while I rolled over in bed, still wearing the bathrobe the hotel had provided. After a while, she called me and said she was coming upstairs with Wahab to our room as he was unwell and wanted to have some coffee. I stood up straight as they entered.

Wahab smiled at me as Anjali did the introductions. Wahab was tall and lean, with black hair that curled around his ears. He had stubble on his face, that hid how young he was. I remembered how Anjali called him her ‘sugar baby’ because he was almost four years her junior, and how, they had started out as friends, but, after a trip they took together, they started fucking each other. She said he was wild and impulsive, that some of his ideas of ‘adventure’ made her wet just by hearing about them.

As he walked into the room and sat on the bed beside us, he took out the wine bottle and started pouring it for the three of us.

I took a sip. The wine hit my senses in a second. I blinked, and when I looked around, the world appeared to shine brighter. Feeling the steady rush of the rose-red poison get to my head, I leaned back on the pillows and enjoyed the movie playing in the background. As the level of wine in the bottle steadily dwindled, I could feel the atmosphere in the room getting tenser by the minute.

Anjali and Wahab had been lovers for a few weeks, and when the movie in front of our eyes played out a scene where the male lead took the woman in his arms and kissed her deep on the lips, I could sense it send an urgent twinge down between my legs. Beside me, Anjali crumpled into Wahab’s arms. I could hear the sounds of them kissing softly, and surprisingly, the sensation between my legs was so intense, I had to let my hand wander down and touch myself. I let out a soft moan as my fingers grazed the skin of my pussy. I was dripping wet already. I massaged my clit and turned on my side, my eyes fixed on the two bodies moving against each other beside me on the bed.

Sensing my eyes on her back, Anjali stiffened and pushed Wahab away. She turned ahead to face the television again, probably trying to pass off their moment of passion as if nothing had happened. I leaned in close to her and whispered in her ear, “Do you mind if I watch?”

She looked at me and let out a giggle. Vigorously, she shook her and smiled. “No! Do you really want to do it?”

I nodded my consent. She started giggling again. Wahab looked at us and asked, “What are you two talking about?”

I don’t know what she whispered in his ear, but the next moment, they were kissing again. She rolled on top of him, her long black hair falling over his face, grinding her hips lustily on his body. His hands were on her ass, grabbing her skin through her sheer black shorts that were lifted up to reveal the skin below.

They kissed deeper.

From the way her back arched, I felt myself gasping, my fingers slowly venturing inside my cunt hole, probing the walls, feeling that familiar rush of pleasure.

Anjali was moaning now, no doubt feeling his hardness poke through his pants and rub on her clit. The curves of her back and ass, the soft glow of her skin and the way her hair made a mess around his neck and shoulders turned me on even more, and before I knew it, I was inching closer to them, running my hand over her body.

The first touch was like fire to my pussy, flaring up and sending sparks through my entire body.

Emboldened by my move, Wahab extended his hand and touched mine, taking time to press my boobs, touching my arms, my belly, my thighs. I gasped and moved in closer, even as Anjali moaned louder at my touch and the movement of his hips.

She broke off the kiss and started grinding her hips more passionately. I was touching her cheek, her neck, her boobs, her belly, when she held my hand and gently started sucking on my fingers. The touch of her plump lips was like a flame to my senses, and I gasped, as she put two fingers inside her mouth and sucked deep, flicking her tongue around them, pausing for a moment to swirl it along the sides. I was writhing on the bed when she was done.

Wahab turned to me, held my face in his hands and kissed me, tentatively at first, lips sucking gently on mine. But, I was too lost in the moment to care that it was our first kiss, to wonder if I should hold back in any way. I held his hair and put my tongue inside his mouth, exploring the exciting warmth, all the ridges and grooves inside.

Anjali looked at us both admiringly and said, “It’s so hot to see you two kiss each other.”

Then, she leaned in closer, and brought her face near us, as if to observe us up close. I held her by the hair and pulled her head close, bringing her lips to touch mine. I brought out my tongue to lick her lips, and before I knew it, I was kissing both of them at the same time. This was something I had never experienced before, and by the sharp intakes of breath from the two of them, I knew they were enjoying it as much as I was.

We were a mess of tongues and lips, a tangle of limbs. My hand was touching Wahab’s dick, Anjali’s hands were on my boobs. The multitude of sensations flaring through my body was making me curl my other fist in greed, crumpling the linen below me.

We broke off, and I was gasping as if I had emerged from spending an hour underwater. Wahab climbed on top of me, kissing my neck, my shoulders, my stomach, my thighs, till my bathrobe came off, and there I was — lying on the bed, completely naked.

Anjali looked at us, giggling with joy, one hand between her legs, massaging her clit.

I was gasping so loud, that Wahab broke off and smiled at me. He gave my boobs a light pat and said to Anjali, “I think your friend is in another world. Let me take you there till we wait for her to come back.”

With that, he climbed off my body, and lay on the bed, pulling Anjali down over him. She landed on his dick, and with a swift motion of her fingers, put him inside her throbbing pussy. She gasped — a sound so filled with pleasure that I opened my eyes to look at them.

What I saw filled me with a wild excitement. Anjali was grinding her plump hips on Wahab’s dick, moaning with each thrust. She had pulled her clothes off, and her naked skin was glowing with a sheen of sweat. Wahab was pinned below, helpless, with no option but to enjoy what her body was doing to him. She rode him like that till she came, her thighs quivering in an explosion of pleasure. Then, she ran her fingers through his hair and looked at me, “Do you want a ride?”

I was already panting, even though she was the one who had done all the hard work. I looked at her, a little unsure, then at him, and before I could say anything, he said, “I think both of you ladies need to cool down a bit. Why don’t I help you?”

With that, he reached out to touch me, his hands venturing down my chest to my belly till it found the sweet spot between my legs.

“This is it,” he murmured, “the beautiful, beautiful clit. It needs some pressure after a lot of rough action, doesn’t it?”

“Aaaah,” I moaned.

He started pressing and rubbing on my clit with his left hand, and from Anjali’s moans, I could tell he was doing the same to her with his right. In synchronization, we moaned and writhed, his fingers making our bodies dance to the tune of their movements. It was unlike anything I had ever felt in my life, and before I knew it, I could feel an intense orgasm building up inside me. I grabbed his wrist, urging him to go rougher, to push in deeper. He obliged, and in a moment, I bit my lips and whispered, “ Oh my gosh, I’m coming. I’m coming.”

He released the pressure slowly, and gave me a moment to breathe before my thighs stopped shaking. I sighed with satisfaction, and rolled over to turn and face them.

I could tell Anjali was far from done.

And from Wahab’s wicked grin, I could tell this night had a lot more to offer.

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