The Spanish Lesson

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Zoe smiled up at his close shaven jaw. Their faces were a few inches away from each other. He glanced down at her round pretty face. Light brown circles flicked a gentle look down to her thick lips.

Then his hand went to her cheek. She blushed at the intimate touch. He tilted her face further back as he leaned in.

Zoe didn’t know if it was the wine or his magnetic power, but regardless, she closed her eyes and parted her lips to receive his kiss.

“Rodrigo! ¿Donde esta?” His hands swiftly fell from her face when he heard the shout from Elena’s mother.

“¡Me voy!” he shouted back.

Rodrigo placed his guitar down and moved away from Zoe as if she was infected with a virus. Zoe stood up and watched him rush over to the older woman. They spoke rapidly with each other before he kissed her cheek and she walked back to the table of people.

Rodrigo turned to Zoe and nodded his head towards the restaurant, “Ven. Ven, guapa.” He spoke low and soft. Then he walked into the empty restaurant.

He wants me to follow him? A pulse between Zoe’s legs vibrated when she thought back to the kiss they had almost shared. She really wanted to know how his lips felt.

Once inside, the restaurant was nearly dark, only the street and patio lights, to give a dim glow. Zoe searched for Rodrigo in the quiet hall that was filled with empty tables and chairs.

Suddenly, she was stopped by a low whistling sound to her left. She turned towards the sound. Rodrigo was on a semi dark stairway that led to a bottom level beneath the restaurant. He held an old-fashioned gas lamp. Its orange light flickered on the white walls around him.

“Ven,” he turned and started down the staircase.

Zoe wasn’t sure why she was following him down a staircase that seemed to have been built into the cave texture of the basement. No one saw her come in there. He could do anything to her and no one would know.

Suddenly, the fear of being chopped up into a million pieces crept into her head. On the other hand, her body was more trusting. It obediently trailed after him down the steps.

Zoe ducked down when she got to the end of the staircase. Rodrigo had walked further ahead to light candles on the white cloth of the tables. This room was obviously a second dining area for restaurant guests.

Black and white pictures of Álcala La Real in the 1800s decorated the walls. Zoe moved to a nearby wall to have a closer look at a picture of an ancient ruin of La Mota Fortress.

“Parece que un castillo, ¿verdad?” Rodrigo whispered close to her ear.

The heat of his breath curled the tiny hairs on the back of her neck. He leaned closer to Zoe and placed a soft kiss on the crease of her neck. Zoe leaned into him as one of his arms wrapped around her waist. His other hand held the side of her turned face. He trailed kisses up her neck to her ear. Delicate lips sucked on her earlobe before giving it a playful nibble.

“A dios. Tu tiene el sabor de miel,” he mumbled into her neck. “Quería besarte la primera vez que te vi.”

Zoe had no idea what he was saying. She didn’t care. It was sexy and mysterious as it tickled in her ear. Her body tingled all over. A wet spot began to form in her panties.

She turned her body to face him. His lips captured hers in urgent desire. He sucked on her juicy bottom lip a few times. Then his tongue slipped past to tangle with her satin one.

His hands clung to the side of her chest, mere centimeters from her breasts. Zoe craved for his hands to roam over her aroused nipples. They warmed as she moved deeper into his hold.

The sound of a zipper moving down brought Zoe’s attention to his jeans. She saw his hard packet wrapped in a pair of navy-blue briefs. He grabbed one of her hands and slid it down inside the briefs.

Zoe let out a startled cry as her hand held on to his thickness. Instinctively, she stroked it up and down. Rodrigo pumped into her strokes. His eyes flew up to the ceiling while he moaned his pleasure.

Zoe took his penis out of his underwear to have more room to massage it. Her thumb circled around his tip when she rubbed down to the head of his cock. Rodrigo groaned a curse and pressed Zoe’s body against the wall. His hands cradled her face as his tongue drove into her mouth. She kissed him back, and then, chewed on his lower lip.

In one fluid motion, Rodrigo stepped back and spun Zoe around. Her face softly pressed against the rough white wall. Rodrigo sunk to his knees as he kissed down her neck to her lower back. He slipped his hand between her legs. His thumb rubbed her vagina over her shorts. He kissed around her plump ass.

Sparks of awed pleasure revved through Zoe. Soon she felt him unbutton her khaki shorts from behind and yank them to the floor.

“¡Mueve tu pierna, ahora!” he ordered and pushed her legs further apart.

Then he ducked his head between her legs. His tongue moistened the cotton area above her swollen lips. Zoe gasped in desire.

After a moment, he sat with his back to the wall where her body had been. He pulled down her wet panties, freeing her from them along with her shorts and tennis shoes. Zoe stood in front of him, bare from the waist down.

“Mire me, guapa,” he said.

Zoe looked down at the fire burning in his light brown eyes. He held her stare as he lifted one of her legs so that her knee rested on his shoulder. Then he pulled her hips down, making her vagina meet his face. Zoe felt his tongue lightly lick around her clit like it was gently searching for something. When he found her small bead, his tongue’s wiggle speed sped up.

“Awwwwww,” she moaned. Her hands swept into his thick black hair.

Abruptly, he dropped his tongue to dart in and out of her pussy. Zoe rode into his mouth. A ball of fire rolled around the bottom of her stomach. It got bigger the more his tongue moved inside her.

Two fingers flew up to rub her bead. Zoe ground faster into Rodrigo’s face. She howled when the giant ball of fire growing inside of her exploded.

She stepped back from him on wobbly legs. Exhausted, she collapsed in a chair next to a table nearby. No one had made her cum that quickly and that hard from just their fingers and mouth. A relaxed daze fell over Zoe.

She watched Rodrigo stand up. He took a condom out of his wallet and placed them both on the table. After he undressed himself, she slowly scanned down his strong pecs to his lean muscular six pack abs. A V-cut created a natural arrow towards his cock that erected from his pelvis.

Zoe continued to look down at his sturdy thighs to his brawny calves. Then she took her time sweeping her eyes back up to his chiseled face. Her arousal heightened again.

If he can do that with his tongue, what could his dick do?

“Vale, ¿quieres aprender español, nena?” he asked her mute form. “Te enseñare español. Ven.”

He picked her up in his muscular arms and sat her on the table. Then, he tugged up her shirt as he said, “¡Joder! Quita esa.”

Zoe understood he wanted her shirt off. She moved the shirt above her head as the rip of a condom wrapper echoed in the background. Her hands flew to the back of her bra and she unhooked it while she watched him roll the condom over his big cock. Excited that she would get to test drive his dick, Zoe got wetter.

Rodrigo gently pushed Zoe to lie down on the table. He said, “Bajo.”

His head bent down to her breast, sucking at her nipple. His mouth squeezing around her tit. His thumb searched for the bead of her clit. She moaned when he found it. His thumb expertly rolled on top of it. She arched her back in sexual arousal.

Rodrigo’s thumb twirled over her nipple while he playfully asked, “¿Esta bien?”

“Si, bien, bien,” she called out.

“Mira, te dije que te enseñaría español,” he smiled down at her.

He placed his hands on her hips and raised them slightly. His hard penis hovered in front of her vaginal entrance, barely touching her moist spot.

“Ahora, repite. ¿Entiendes, guapa?”

“Si, I understand,” Zoe arched her back to get closer to his cock. She desperately wanted him inside her.

“No, no, no,” he pulled back from her inching vagina. He gave the side of her ass cheek a little smack. “Hable en español, nena.”

“Si, entiendo. Por favor,” she groaned. Her heated body arched in need.

“Repite, entra,” he instructed.

“Entra,” she obediently repeated.

“Asi,” he nodded and slowly slipped into her tight hole.

Zoe gasped when he moved deep inside.

“Vale, atras. Repite.”

“Atras,” she repeated and he slowly moved back out of her pussy. “¡Para!”

He stopped right before his dick exited her. Rodrigo smiled and said in an impressed voice, “Hable español. Muy bien. Vale, dime: ‘adelante’.”

She repeated the command and Rodrigo moved back into her. When he was deep, she ordered, “Atras.”

They moved like that for a good number of strokes. Zoe ordered as Rodrigo obeyed her commands in Spanish. Her power over the movements of his dick heightened her sensual excitement.

“Ahora, es importante saber las próximas palabras,” he said as he moved inside her. “Despacio.”

“Despacio.” At that command, Rodrigo slowed his pace as he entered in and out of her.

“Rapído.” When the word was repeated, he moved faster.

Zoe’s hips synchronously met with his. Pleasurable sparks ran up her body when he hit the back of her vagina wall. She decided to play with him by making him go slow and then fast before telling him to go slow again. Soon, the bottom of her stomach felt like an inferno of pleasure.

“¡Joder, nena! Tu coño está muy mojado,” he breathed as he slammed balls deep into her wet vagina.

“¿Qué?” She really didn’t care what he was saying as long as he kept fucking her. His mumbles in Spanish were sexy as hell. She didn’t need to know what they meant.

Wanting to taste him, Zoe sat up and wrapped her legs around his hips. He plunged his tongue into her mouth, tasting the last trace of wine from earlier that evening.

Suddenly, she remembered a few curse words from a website she had seen online. She knew “joder” was like “oh fuck”. Suddenly, she remembered how to say “fuck me”.

She clawed his ass with both hands and yelled, “¡Cógeme! ¡Cógeme! ¡Cógeme!”

“A dios, nena. ¡Si!” he chanted as he rammed into Zoe’s tight, wet pussy.

She howled again. It was louder and longer than the first time. She shook in his arms. Her forehead fell on to his shoulder while he kept up his long, rapid strokes.

Zoe’s tongue swirled around his nipple as she reached behind him and fondled his tightened balls. That was the touch that sent him over the edge. With one last thrust, Rodrigo grunted into her neck and shivered against her.

“That was the best Spanish lesson I’ve ever had,” she smiled into his salty throat.

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