Roommates with Benefits

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part two: staying awake

Our bodies are tired, movements slow but in unison as we hold each other close, the second orgasm so far away that I am not sure if we will reach it before falling asleep in each other’s arms. I am on my back, my eyes darting across the ceiling as I try to follow the dancing lights from passing cars.

Julia’s body comes back to my mind when her breasts dangle in front of my eyes, her palms resting on my shoulders as she picks up her pace and begins to ride me with more energy than I can muster. Our eyes meet and I see her smile, a smile that is so much sexier than even her naked body could be as it promises so much. Our friendship will not suffer from sleeping together, we will do this again and be each other’s refuge from the insanity of the world.

I have not experienced a woman like I experience Julia; a naked body is always great but it seems that with her, every touch has the effect of two. That kisses tell stories instead of delaying the inevitable and when we look at each other we see and accept that we are both flawed. Flawed in ways that are easier to hide than to admit, fragile shells we erect around us to seem like functioning adults during the day but here and now they don’t matter. We can drop that act, admit that we are barely staying afloat in a world that seems so hell-bent on destroying itself.

My dick is struggling, complaining about not getting a rest, my fingers slipping off Julia’s sweat-soaked skin and her hair gets in my face to tickle me in spots that don’t want to be tickled. Unsure where I get the energy from I pull her close, thrust my hips up in a forceful push that leaves both of us gasping for air. Another one follows, spreading a thin grin across her face that doesn’t quite leave her as she whispers more than she speaks.

“Perfect,” is all she says, her tone and grim determination infecting me as well and suddenly it seems our bodies agree on one last effort to tire our minds as well. Her breasts press against my chest, her arms lock around my back as I turn her around, deep thrusts plunging into her that leave her wincing, moaning and her eyes begging for more. My arms cannot support my weight anymore, my elbows barely stopping me from squashing her under my body and all movement extends to my hips and her lips uttering wordless commands.

Shivers and a long sigh are the only signs of an orgasm that subsides slowly like a sled gliding down a slight descent before getting stuck in the snow. I feel her sink deeper into the pillows, all tension gone to be replaced with a total lack of motivation to move or change anything. My last few thrusts make her wince, but sure enough my dick twists and struggles once more to fill her up with whatever my balls held back the first time, a couple of breathtaking and violent twitches before I slip out of her. I glide down into the couch, my arm locked around her as we smile into each other’s minds.

“You have no idea,” Julia whispers with an audible grin and fingers running down my cheek, “how much I needed that.”

I feel like any words I could come up with wouldn’t do the situation justice, but my stupid grin probably does all the talking anyway. Neither of us feels like getting up, getting dressed and sure as hell not like sleeping in our separate beds — the thin blanket and our embraces are all the comfort we really need now. Julia’s naked body is pressed against me, her shoulder blades digging into my chest and her hair getting into my face as we drift into sleep, much needed and much too short and yet I drift in and out of it.

There is this woman in my arms that belongs there as much as she doesn’t, asleep and soft and at ease with my cum probably dripping out of her and soaking into the couch — and still the lights of passing cars occupy my mind. I’ve known her for how long now, two years? Damn, time flies. So much going on in my head, so many emotions and half finished thoughts. I wish we had gotten over ourselves so much earlier, but at the same time I know that anytime sooner wouldn’t have felt the same. Julia is unique as far as women in my life go and I know that, she is about the only one I could always trust.

I wish for a sudden and unforecasted rain storm, the sound of drops pounding the windows about the only thing that could possibly distract me enough to fall asleep, but the night remains dry and I stay awake holding Julia until the first sliver of light.

Thanks for reading, the first part got lots of love from you guys so I hope you enjoyed this one as well. Let me know if a part three is in order and I’ll get to writing it asap.

Roommates With Benefits

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