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Her pussy is the most delicious fruit. My tongue has been buried in her engorged sex, retreating to her wet entrance now and again to taste her cum. I spoon my tongue and carry it to the tip of her clit, smearing it all over.

She lets out a surprised moan as I envelop her clit in short bursts of light pressure. My baby wants to see so I use my hands to raise her hips and show her how the tip of my tongue slides up and down and all around her glistening clit. She moans again at the sight and mutters:

“It is not easy to be cumming this much you know…”

Lying together on the sofa of this cozy city flat airbnb we listen to the rain outside. We have been making love as if there was no tomorrow for the last few hours. Our bodies are wrecked but we still cannot keep our hands away from each other.

I observe the shadows projected by her lounging body in the light of the setting sun. Her skin becomes a playground for my fingers and my lips.

My kisses soon find the way to her neck and from there to the middle of her chest. Just in that spot where her breasts part ways I imprint a wet kiss on my way to the promised land through this territory that I claim to be mine.

Bunny innocently places a pillow under her butt: “So that I do not strain my neck,” she says with a mischievous smile. She secures a front row seat to watch my craftsmanship at sculpting an orgasm out of her.

I love the texture transition as my lips reach her lips, and even more as I part those lips with my tongue to expose the jewels under it. My babe opens her legs even more, revealing herself to me completely, while I pull her lips open and begin to devour her.

She explained to me the exhaustion she feels after cumming during our love making sessions. And every time that we decide to take a break, our bodies decide to show us otherwise.

I can feel her engorged clit in my mouth and surround it with my lips to start sucking pleasure weaves out of it. Bunny motions my hand to move up and wets my fingers with her saliva. I start lightly massaging her nipples with my fingertips which drives her mad with sensation.

A flash of light from the brewing thunder makes me glance up at her. I catch her face in the concentrated state as she’s building up the tension.

“Thunder strike.”

She looks down at me: “What?” But I am back at work. A few seconds later the low pitched roar fills the room. She grabs my hair and guides me to the precise spot that she needs right now.

And a few seconds later I hear the magic spell: “Right there, right there.” She starts moving her hips up and down, rubbing herself against my tongue while she slowly moves her arms behind to brace against the sofa.

When she is about to cum I feel a slight change in the temperature of the inner skin around her clit. It is as if her body is now concentrating her blood to go somewhere else. That and her sharp motions give her away. I know that my baby is getting ready for the next thunder strike, and that this one will start with us.

Her legs shake, her belly is taken over by an earthquake. I just ride the waves and let her body answer the urges.

Oh Teddy, I love the things you do to me.

I place my hand over her crotch as a protective shell, and she places hers on mine. Lighting strikes again and as we kiss the approaching thunder hits again. “I love storms…” are her words, and I don’t know if she means the one outside or the one we just created.

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