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5 Stories by Jasmine Lace

“Happy Naughty Christmas” — an excerpt

“Happy Naughty Christmas” — an excerpt “Oh, well, it was great to hear your voice, baby,” her mother said after they had spent an hour...
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The Journey Home

Heavy drops of rain began to slam against the grey sidewalk, splashing up stale, muddy water on to Monica’s ankles and calves....
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The Commute

I hate riding on this metro, Justine thought as the sliding doors opened to the underground train. The evening metro ride was...
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Road Trip

Hannah’s head pounded as a painfully hot needle blazed in the middle of her retina. She squinted at the cacti that passed...
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The Spanish Lesson

Zoe smiled up at his close shaven jaw. Their faces were a few inches away from each other. He glanced down at...
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