Beach Cougars

Tracy and Jane lure some unsuspecting prey “Boy, now there’s a fine specimen, Jane.” Tracy’s words draw me out of a stupor....
Clementine Winters
11 min read

Exposed in the Woods

Roamers 6: Ginny makes herself melt by the fire There was never a moment Ginny didn’t feel like she was being watched. As...
5 min read

Teach Me, Professor

“I want to choke on that cock. I want him to grab me by the nape and push that rod down my...
Adriana M
4 min read

Psychiatric Evaluation

Life had never been easy, not growing up on the streets nor in foster families who might or might not be nice people....
Noira Fradov
7 min read

I Want You to Cum in My Wife’s Mouth

When the quarantine ends… Hi, thanks for getting back to me. I really appreciate it and again, from your pics I can...
Colt Stevens
4 min read

Sharing the Load

Roamers 5: Naomi finds herself stuck in the middle of her ex and his lover Forced into a yellow school bus in a...
8 min read

Fire Down Below

 A firefighter poses for a hot and heavy photoshoot. “To be desired, you must show desire.” Her voice, low and a bit...
Adriana M
4 min read

The Annual Gala

Spit dripping from his fingers, Tom’s hand feels familiar under my dress; his forefinger pulling my panties to one side with surgical...
Eli West
6 min read

My Tall, Dark Personal Trainer

I looked in the full-length mirror and smiled with satisfaction as I gazed at my new, knockout body. I had a bubble butt,...
Danielle Kennedy
5 min read

Roaming for Sex

Roamers 4: Trash gets her kicks in the age of roamers Trash’s eccentric personality wasn’t the perfect fit for the zombie apocalypse. She...
8 min read