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photo: Viv Thomas

Watching you take my cock in your perfect mouth makes me throb. Your body flexes as I lick your wet clit. Every sound you make is better than the one before. I tease your gorgeous, wet cunt with my cock, slip it in, then take it out while I worship your beautiful lips with mines. I fuck you deep and rub your clit to get you close to cumming. You suck the precum off my cock. I tongue your pussy and put my fingers inside you at the same time. Your tight, wet cunt and mouth makes my cock rock hard. I bend you over and finger your arsehole. You play with your vibrator, and I put my cock inside you, push your head down and fuck you deep until you cum and cum again. I pull you up for a kiss and throw you back down. You tell me to shoot my cum inside you. My cock explodes in your dripping wet cunt. We lie down and kiss each other. Nothing else matters now. Not one fuckin thing. I hold you and stare at your gorgeous, satisfied face. We tease ourselves all over again until you’re tied to the bed on all fours with me slipping my cock inside my favourite cunt. I reach around and put a vibrator on your clit. You convulse and cum, then I shoot my load inside you and loosen the ties until we’re ready to go again xx

Audrey turned on her phone after taking communion on her tongue and dashing to the restroom at the entrance of the chapel. She saw she had a message from one of her employees. Weird. No one from the office ever contacted her on a Sunday morning.

Chris sat bolt upright in his bed with his drunk, horny head still banging from the night before. He frantically put on his glasses. This was a nightmare! An actual fuckin nightmare! Maybe if he slapped himself like they did in films, he’d wake up from it. Nope. That was just painful. How could he explain this to his 45-year-old boss, who loved strong disciplinary procedures and alternated between happy Jesus and crucified Jesus as screen savers? Current options: 1. I’m writing an erotic novel and want to know if this offends/titillates you as I highly value your opinion 2. This was sent to me by a colleague and I feel extremely uncomfortable 3. Just be contrite to the point of grovelling and explain it was for that new girl called Aubrey he’d been seeing for two months. You know, Aubrey. She’s the one who likes bondage, dildos, vibrators, ironic reverence of Satan and walks in the park. Right. Like any of that will fuckin work. I might as well start looking for a new job right now.

Audrey couldn’t deny it. She left the chapel, went to her car and drove off the beaten track. The Jesus car freshener went in the glove compartment and a bullet vibrator emerged. She thought about a customer service assistant 24 years her junior, opened her long, tanned legs and put the vibrator to her wet clit.

Chris shuddered when he picked up his phone and saw a text. It was from an unknown number. He opened it and saw several photos of a gorgeous, shaved cunt.

Tell me more, Chris xxx

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