The Black Bull Interview, part two

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Kim took Paul’s hand and led him away from the living room down a wide corridor. Paul’s eyes stayed on her huge ass the whole time. He couldn’t wait for the right opportunity to pull up her skirt to see the mound of ass she had on her. He pictured her panties digging into her ass crack; his erection was eager and throbbing in his jeans.

They entered the kitchen. Kim went and opened the refrigerator and got out a bottle of rum.

“Would you care for some more?” she asked.

“Yeah, sure, I definitely wouldn’t mind,” Paul said as he handed her his glass. “Lovely home you have here.”

“Yes, it is.” She uncapped the bottle and refilled his glass as well as hers. “My favourite part is upstairs though. Did Gerald lay the ground rules for you?”

Paul frowned. “Ground rules? No, he mentioned nothing of the sort.”

“Okay. He probably forgot that part. We do have some ground rules,” Kim replaced the bottle in the refrigerator, then picked up the glasses and strutted towards him like a feline. “Would you like to know what they are?”

Paul took the glass she offered. “Yes, I’d like to know what they are.”

Kim smiled. Her eyes were smoky with desire. “The ground rules are there are no rules,” she cooed. “As long as you’re with me, there aren’t any rules.”

They clinked their glasses together, then drained the contents simultaneously. Paul felt the liquor light a fire trail in his throat, and then a strong buzz in his head. So intoxicating, to put him in the appropriate mood.

He ran his eyes over Kim and could inhale a similar whiff of desire coming from her. His hands came up to grasp the outline of her bust, pushing against her blouse. She exhaled and thrust her body towards him.

“Anything else I need to know before we get started on things?” asked Paul.

“Tease me less but fuck me more,” she declared. “Fuck me however you want. Fuck me hard and dirty and make me scream for more.”

She flicked her tongue at him. Paul took that as his cue, and kissed her. Kim grabbed the back of his head and shoved her tongue recklessly into his mouth. Her bust pressed against Paul’s chest, nearly pushing him backward were it not that he had both hands to press her back. His hands left her torso and slid around her backside, as she clutched him hard; her nails dug into his shoulders as she moaned into his mouth.

They pulled and tugged at each other frantically, almost as if they were locked in a wrestling hold. Paul kept pushing Kim back until she was pressed against the counter. He grabbed her butt, lifted her off her feet and planted her on the counter. Kim continued kissing him while still tugging at his jacket. Paul managed to break away from her grip, they locked eyes with each other for a moment, then Paul slipped his arms out of his jacket and let it fall to the floor. Kim ripped her blouse open for him, exposing her 36’ DD bust nestled in her bra cups. Paul tugged down on her bra and her tits fell out into his waiting palms; her nipples stood diamond-hard in an encircling pool of areolae. Kim sighed as he pinched them with his thumb and forefinger until they turned pink.

“You see how bad I’ve been waiting for someone like you to show up?” she moaned as she ran her hands over his arms. “All natural, babe,” she added. “So soft and ready.”

Her tits weighed in his hands like a pair of soft watermelons; Paul got a responsive vibe as he squeezed them in his palms. But it felt even better when he lowered his head and sucked each one in turn. Kim drew him closer and wrapped her legs around his waist as he went on playing with her boobs. He held one in his mouth while his hands worked at unbuttoning his shirt and pulling it out of his jeans. Kim helped him out and he was soon free of its constraints and it fell to join his jacket on the floor.

Paul returned to sucking her huge tits.

Kim raked her fingers across his head.

She caressed him; implored him to consume more of her.

Paul’s lips made a smacking noise as he sucked a mouthful of her breast and rolled his tongue around her areola. This sent Kim into a convulsing frenzy. Her hand was tugging at his belt buckle. Paul pulled back and worked at undoing his belt along with popping the buttons of his jeans. His erection throbbed in his briefs like it wanted to break in half. It, too, could smell pussy. While he worked on whipping it out, Kim pulled up her skirt, slipped her panties down her thighs and flung them off her feet. Her eyes bulged in their sockets as she caught a glimpse of her newfound lover’s erection as it breathed natural air.

“Ahhh, so there you are,” she wrapped her hand around his member and jerked him towards her thigh. “So black and mighty and hard,” she murmured.

“Yes, it is,” Paul agreed. “All for you. What do you want to do with it?”

She looked at him with eyes that shone with passion and lust.

“I want to fuck it, is what,” she declared. “Right now.”

She leaned back on the counter as Paul looked down at her bushy crotch. He slipped his hands under her butt and propped her at a better angle. His cock stood ramrod straight like a soldier advancing towards her pussy. Kim reached for his cock impatiently; it almost felt like she wanted to wrench it off Paul’s crotch as she thrust him inside her.

Awwhhhhh . . . SHIT!

Her body tensed the instant the tip of his prick made contact with her pussy. Paul, not wanting to lose momentum, thrust further into her. Kim exhaled a sudden cry when he did. Her body broke into an immediate paroxysm of shakes. She grabbed onto Paul as the convulsions ran through her body like she was getting poked by an electric live-wire. As she groaned, Paul lifted her butt and began jerking back and forth. He savoured the ecstatic sensation of his cock easing into her tight cunt, which grew soaking wet in response, giving his rod further traction to stretching her out. The feeling was familiar yet pleasantly unique.

Kim’s grip on him was tight as she went on groaning and breathing against his neck.

“Awwhh, Aaahhh . . . Ouuhhh . . . fuck, you’re so big! Ouuuhhhh!

Paul was sweating from feeling the weight of her ass cheeks in his hands. Yet the warmth he got from his cock sheathed in her pussy was too exquisite to stop. He went on jerking back and forth, doing it as slow and steady as he could, knowing his cock was going deeper than any before. Eventually her convulsions stopped. Her breathing calmed and Paul lowered her back onto the counter.

He spread her thighs apart so he could see his cream-coated shaft sliding in and out of her cunt lips perfectly. It felt like sticking his cock into churning butter the way he slid into her with ease, listening as Kim gasped and stiffened whenever he did. Her nipples were like missile cones aimed at his torso; her tits shook each time he plowed into her vagina. He ground his hips side to side, taking selfish pleasure in the creamy juice her pussy squirted over his cock. It felt good knowing he was packing the right type of girth to make her cum fast.

“Let’s take it upstairs,” Kim gasped. “The bed is more comfortable.”

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