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5 Stories by John Tinney

Orgy at the end of the World

photo: Andrew Gallagher from Pixabay A Benefit Orgy ‘PBS and Fuck Relief are estimating billions as images of ordinary people fuckin for humanity stiffens cocks and...
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There’s no Cuddling After an Orgy

When your demure, beautiful wife suddenly proposes an orgy, do you: a. ask further questions such as why? where? when? eh? b. blurt out...
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Mooney finished his concoction and returned to ogle the bar manager, Angie. He’d been bored with this excursion to a remote part...
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Tell Me More

photo: Viv Thomas Watching you take my cock in your perfect mouth makes me throb. Your body flexes as I lick your wet clit. Every...
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In the Absence of Porn

She’s Brazilian. Dark-skinned, brunette, with an ass that could make civilised, conscientious objectors rip each other apart. Her eyes are a shade...
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