Just like Jessie James

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photo: Viv Thomas

Everyone has a special feature that makes them beautiful and unique. Their outer appearance is only the tip of the iceberg, for some, a shy mask that covers their true beauty.

I see it in people wherever I go, that light that makes a person stand out from the rest. Their eyes tell a beautiful story that no one else understands and reveals only a small glimpse of their untamed prowess to the world.

There are some people I’ve met that don’t even know that side of themselves exists. They are afraid to let it out, as if it’s some beast that should be tamed and hidden in shadow. When I see this, it makes me even more curious to see that side unravel, because that is where true beauty lies.

Her name is Jessie James, just like the cowboy outlaw. You would think with a name like that, she would be a walking force of nature, a seductive wizard. Ironically, she is quite the opposite. Jessie is the shyest hottie I’ve ever met. That knockout who has no idea how sexy she is.

She’s also my favorite mechanic, and the only person I trust when I see my check engine light on. As a true grease monkey, she is always in long sleeves and jeans no matter how hot it is outside. She’s constantly wiping her nerdy frames, fogged from the thick humidity that is common here in the South. Her hands are always black and callused. Her hair is always pinned back and stuffed under a filthy hat, which is the only thing that allows air to her flawless skin.

I look at her all the time when I come here, picturing what she really looks like outside the garage, outside those clothes… outside of herself.

Jessie and I only have a business relationship so far. She has fixed my busted ass vehicle quite a few times, and probably doesn’t know why I am never upset to tow it here, considering I live over 20 miles away. She never charges me for maintenance, only for parts to keep their books straight. I can’t help but notice that her glasses fog up when I stand too close to her, even in the air conditioned office inside, where she insists I pay her a measly $50 for a $200 job.

I make a bold gesture and invite her out for drinks. I want to get to know more about her, and alcohol seems like a good idea for an icebreaker. Hopefully, it will let her walls come down sip by sip.

Even in dim lighting, Jessie’s beautiful eyes grab my attention. They are a gorgeous shade of bluish grey, and her lashes are so long, they press against her frames. For someone so rough around the edges, her mannerisms show that she is very ladylike. She is so humble and gracious, the type to clean up after herself in bars. I smile as she stacks each glass neatly with no mess on her side of the table, so the waitress doesn’t have to. It inspires me to do the same on my side.

I sit and listen to her story and grow more impressed with every word that passes her lips. I learn that Jessie volunteers at almost every good cause in town, from the homeless shelter to the local fire department. She is a model citizen and an outstanding human being.

On top of everything, the girl can really hold her liquor. I exceed my maximum this night, trying to keep up. She has yet to slur a word, while, at this point, I’m pretty sure I sound like a dyslexic foreigner. Jessie has to hold my arm over her shoulder to get us to the parking lot. And of course, she takes my keys. I don’t remember the drive home, only bits and pieces of her literally carrying me in the house and into bed. It’s definitely not how I intended to end the evening.

I am knocked out for hours. Thankfully, I wake to see her still here. There is a bottle of water and some Advil next to my pillow. I smile and take the sweet gesture, although I rarely have headaches after drinking.

Jessie is asleep on the floor, a few feet away, with her head resting on the wall. Her glasses are off and I can finally see the full length of her gorgeous lashes. Her grimy hat is off her head, freeing her lush brown waves. She looks so adorable! Suddenly, everything inside me is screaming to make a move on her. Both in genuine attraction and gratitude for taking care of me after a heavy dose of the sauce.

I undress, walk over to her, toss her hat aside, and carefully straddle her lap. I lean in slowly and press my lips to hers. To my surprise, she kisses me back. Eyes still closed, hands softly rising up my back. I thought I would startle her, but quite the opposite happens. Jessie wraps her arms around me, instantly awake to the fact that I’m naked. She doesn’t hesitate. She doesn’t ask what’s going on. The way she touches me tells me that she has been hoping for this to happen all night. I have a strong feeling that she is about to rock my world!

Jessie lifts me up with my legs still wrapped around her waist and carries me to the bed. She quickly undresses and kisses me hard. Her lips are so soft although her grip is rough and firm. Almost like a guy’s, except those soft perfectly round breasts of hers, and that undeniable sweet scent of femininity.

She licks down my neck and nibbles my skin, somehow finding that secret spot that instantly makes me wet. She feels my thighs clamp on her when she bites me there. So, she sucks my neck again even harder, making my body jolt. I am quivering in her arms, entangled like helpless prey to a beast I never knew existed.

She cups my breasts tightly, pinching my nipples slightly, sending sparks of pleasure shooting up my spine. My body wriggles in excitement as she licks down between my breasts. She drags her lips to my nipple, whirling her tongue slowly around my most sensitive curves.

My hands are shaking, gripping her soft thick hair. She licks and nibbles my nipples until they are so sensitive, I can feel tremors rush between my legs. Every nerve inside me bursts in a flood of passion. I cum hard out of nowhere with just my nipples being licked and sucked. It feels like my pussy is pounding from the inside out. She feels me throbbing on her stomach and stops a moment to feel my pussy.

Jessie smiles seductively. Her fingers slip inside me, checking the oil, so to speak. Then she tastes my wetness off her fingers. She nestles her head between my thighs and presses her lips to my clit lightly. Her long thick tongue squeezes inside me. It’s so deep, I can feel the tip touch my G-spot. Her tongue flickers in me like a candle, igniting another climax.

She holds my thighs close, then firmly flips us both over, putting herself in a true mechanic’s position below my undercarriage. I am smothering her mouth, grinding my pussy on her tongue, face down, ass clenched, hands gripping the edge of the bed. She licks and sucks my pussy slowly but firmly, keeping me on the edge, aching to cum on her face.

I bite down on the sheets in impatience, moaning helplessly, hips shaking to her sweet touch. Then, out of nowhere, she sucks that spot on my pussy that sends me to the point of no return. That spot that makes my insides swell and my muscles tighten. I gasp, knowing it’s about to get really messy. I try to lift my hips, trying to run from the sensation, but her arms are wrapped tight around my thighs. She swirls her tongue even slower, sucking my clit as hard as she can. In an instant, my pussy throbs in an insane gush of wetness. I almost drown her, spraying juices all over her face and neck.

She still doesn’t stop. I have to wriggle away, pressing my hands to her face to slow her down. In the heat of the moment, I lean in to lick her lips, kissing her passionately, sharing my sex dripping from her mouth.

My pussy presses hers. She is just as soaked as I am, so wound up in lust, her squirming legs unraveling the fitted sheets. I drape her legs over my shoulders and clamp my lips tight around her clit. I tap it with the tip of my tongue, just enough pressure to have her inching back and forth from what she thinks she can take and what I know she can take. Every moment that passes, she moans just a little louder. Our fingers entwine, pressed tight across her hips. Her body is shivering. I lick inward than up, curling my tongue under her clit, teeth gently pressed to her mound. Her wetness streams down my chin as her pussy swells and throbs, finally overthrown in bliss of release. Her pussy feels like an exasperated heart thumping on my lips.

We loosen our grip and she pulls me up to kiss her. We are both soaked in sweat and wetness, our skin reddened in heat and passion. My busy little fingers reach between her legs to feel her hot wet flesh from the inside. I kiss her softly and ease my fingers inside her. Then, I flick my fingers abruptly, giving her sweet spot the attention it deserves.

She moans in my mouth, cursing insanely under her breath, eyes shut so tight her lashes touch her brows. Her pussy tightens around my fingers until I can barely move them. I press my knees to my hand, palm to her clit, grinding my fingers inside her as hard as I can. In one last shivering thrust, she explodes like an untamed volcano, dragging her nails down my shoulders in the final throes. I take the sweet sting like an earned brand in exchange for her sweet surrender.

I lay my head on her chest, listening proudly to the articulate rhythm within her. That beating drum of life rushing throughout her body, her personal rhythm. In exchange, she awakens something in me. Or better yet, puts me at ease. When her arms are around me, I feel safe.

At that moment, I realize I was all wrong about Jessie. She knows who she is. She knows she’s beautiful, but she also sees herself as a work in progress. And she is decent enough to stay humble in the process. That is how it goes, I guess. Some of the greatest people are the most humble. It’s not that they don’t know they’re great. They are too busy in the light to look back at their shadow. I can learn a lot from her, I’m sure. I wish there were more people just like Jessie James.

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