Tamia lay on the bed, the tightness of apprehension gnawing at her chest. Was he going to come, or not? She checked...
Damien Dsoul
6 min read

At The Party, Finally

At the Party, Finally One day you just have to tell her… She’s here. I had hoped both that she would be and that...
C. J. Labrousse
9 min read


It was the little things I noticed first. Holding the door open for me. Making sure I drank enough water after the...
Aqua of Verse50
3 min read

The Posting

Welcome to Colombia The posting, when it came, was a complete surprise: Colombia, Bogotá. He didn’t know what machinations had been taking place...
C. J. Labrousse
10 min read


We were getting ready to go out. Black tie party and all that. I had just put on my thigh highs when...
Aqua of Verse50
1 min read

Working for Black Dog

The secretary stepped out of the office and looked at the young white man in a blue suit and matching tie and...
Damien Dsoul
9 min read

Coconut Water

I glanced up at the lunch line while I sat in the corner of the cafe, typing on my laptop. He was...
Aqua of Verse50
7 min read

A Dream Fulfilled — Part 1

A Dream Fulfilled — Part 1 He woke up to a disorienting noise — a shriek, almost — that left him feeling out of place. The rough weave of...
7 min read

Her emotional support peacock will be watching us have…

I met a very crazy but fun woman in LA and we started a torrid affair. Her name was Jolene. I first...
Colt Stevens
7 min read


The passionate, sensual reunion of a convict and the woman he once loved. Rain was thrumming against the expansive windows of Avah’s well-appointed...
Helena Sigh
22 min read