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We were getting ready to go out. Black tie party and all that. I had just put on my thigh highs when he came out of the bathroom, towel wrapped around his waist. I smiled up at him as he came over.

“Don’t move,” he whispered. I froze on the edge of the bed. Then his hands whispered over my hair, my neck, between my breasts and then the skin above my stockings. Barest touches. I shivered and opened my mouth to speak. He laid a finger on my lips and gave me an intent look. I stared up at him, wide-eyed.

Then he went to sit on the couch across from the bed, the room dim, only the light from the bathroom casting over my middle. He sat back and spread his legs wide, the towel parting so I could just see his cock nestled against his thigh. My mouth watered. And I understood.

Slowly I spread my legs and began touching myself, eyes riveted on his body. Fingertips in my mouth, on my neck, around my collarbone, lifting my breasts up and out as if his mouth were there waiting. His jaw clenched but he didn’t move. I could see more of his cock now. My gaze shifted between it and his face as my hands went lower…lower…across my hips, inner thighs, then just on the outside of my pussy. There was a sharp intake of breath from the couch but no words.

Heat flushed over my skin. I wanted to turn him on, to break his control. Feel him power into me. I slid my hand flat over my pussy, up and down, then spread fingers on either side. Pulled myself apart so he could see it, pink and warm in the light. That made the towel come off and his hand curl around his cock, stroking it slowly. No matter how many times over the years I saw it, watching him play destroyed me. My mouth watered again and my pussy did too but I dared not touch my clit.

One hand on my pussy, the other roaming over my breasts and mouth, trying to pull him to the bed with my eyes. He had stopped stroking now, his cock swaying back and forth, hands by his side. I suppressed a whimper and he sensed that, coming toward me now like a looming god over a sacrifice.

Gently he placed himself on my clit. Warm, heavy, throbbing…incredibly exciting. My ring twinkled in the light as I touched the head, that round thick head which would spread me apart so perfectly. Both of us were breathing hard, close to moans, as I found the little drop and spread it around…and around…and around…

We were going to be very late to the party, if we made it there at all.

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