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Tamia lay on the bed, the tightness of apprehension gnawing at her chest. Was he going to come, or not? She checked her watch. Their appointment was fixed for 2:00pm; presently it was merely half past one.

She got up and walked from one end of the bed to the other, stopping to peep out the window, down at the motel’s parking lot — which she had done several times already, even though the hour was yet to arrive. Would she be able to see him before he knocked on her door? She thought aloud. Today was the day she had made a choice to step out of her mundane routine and try to embrace something new to herself.

Tamia looked at her watch again. 1:46pm. Dammit! Why won’t the time run faster? She laid her head on one of the bed’s pillows. Before she knew it, she’d begun to doze off.

Ten minutes later there was a knock on her door. Tamia muttered something indiscernible before coming awake to the realisation that she wasn’t in her bedroom at all. No, she was in a motel room . . . and she was here expecting the arrival of someone.


The knock came again.

“I’m coming.” She ran a hand through her hair, and took a second to gather herself before going over to unlock the door.

There was a surprised look on Calvin’s face as the door opened and he saw it was her. She too was taken aback, as if she’d half expected he would never show, or that they would have sent over someone else instead of him. They stood there for a moment, staring at each other. She wanted to say something. Her lips came open with the want of saying something … except she couldn’t.

But the feeling of surprise was over in an instant as Calvin rushed into the room, making her stumble backward on her feet. He slammed the door closed while his other arm wrapped itself around her backside and pulled her forcefully towards him. His lips grasped hers in a kiss. So stunned was Tamia by his sudden approach that she barely had time to think up a reaction to it as she found herself willingly returning the favour of his kiss. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled his head downward towards hers; their tongues clashing against each other, his large hands roaming her body, going downward to grab the twin mould that was her ass.

“Oh God, Calvin,” she moaned into his ear while he kissed her neck. “Oh God, I’ve been wanting you for so long now.”

Calvin reached under her and picked her up in his arms and carried her towards the bed. Gently, as if he was carrying an egg, he laid her on the bed and once again kissed her on the lips as she held his neck and brought him down upon her. Calvin succumbed to her lust, his lips grasping hers in a fierce kiss as she wrapped her legs around his thighs; she wanted him so bad, already she could feel herself getting wet with anticipation.

Calvin undid the buttons of her blouse, but Tamia assisted in freeing her breasts from their bra-strapped prison and pulling his head downward to suck on them. Calvin lolled his tongue around her nipples, pausing for a moment to swallow as much of her breasts as he could. Tamia moaned in response, grinding her hips against his. My God, she thought to herself, and to think that I’d waited all this long just to have this!

Calvin moved from her breasts downward to her navel region, inserting and lolling his tongue around it, even as he was busy working on the belt buckle of her jeans. In no time, he was pulling them off her legs; he sucked air through his teeth as he took in her red panties, along with her lovely figure. He in turn took off his shirt, threw it across the room, and came down towards her.

He reached into her panties and wasn’t surprised at how soaking wet she was. Cupping her panties to the side, he lowered his head and began to lap up and down on her labia, eliciting shock waves of excitement from her. He did this several more times before beginning to nibble on her clitoris. Tamia jerked backward and cried out as she immediately arrived at her first orgasm for the day, one that hadn’t come from her working with a dildo on herself. She pressed her hands hard on Calvin’s head, praying for him not to stop what he was doing to her. Calvin held her legs farther apart, inserted two fingers into the pink wetness that was her pussy, and continued to nibble and lick and suck.

Calvin came up for air and told her to open her mouth as he gave her his two fingers which had previously been in the wetness of her pussy. Tamia sucked them, loving the taste; her body still hadn’t stopped quivering from her orgasm and for just a tiny instant, she wondered how it would feel once he inserted his tool inside her. All of a sudden, she couldn’t wait anymore for that to happen.

“I want you . . . right now,” she breathed.

“I’ll bet you do.” Calvin stood up on the bed and Tamia came over and freed his cock from the confines of his jeans. Her mouth hung open with rapt shock and joy at the thought that having first seen him naked, then having seen him applying sexual punishment to some other woman, she was now finally gasping his huge manhood in her hand. It was big all right, bigger than anything she’d ever seen before. And to think of all the things she’d been missing all this time.

“My God, it’s so big . . . and beautiful.”

Calvin didn’t allow her time to say anything else as he pushed her head forward to swallow him. Tamia felt the round head of his cock jam against the back of her throat as her mouth opened up wide to him. She sucked his cock with sublime vigour, even though it was a bit hard for her to actually take in everything. She held the length of his shaft with both hands, amazed at its size and girth, before once again applying her mouth and tongue to it shamelessly. Calvin stopped for a moment to lie on the bed and then allowed her to continue with what she was doing. Tamia couldn’t believe what was happening to her. Never before had she been so lascivious as she was now. She moaned deep in her throat, forcing her mouth to open wider to swallow him; her other hand played with her pussy, feeling the wetness that was overflowing there.

She groaned when Calvin took his cock back from her. But it was only because he wasn’t finished with her yet; the day wouldn’t be over until she got what she was owed.

“Here, come up,” he indicated for her to come and sit over him, which she did, grasping his wet cock in her hand while he held her as she gently allowed it to penetrate her pussy lips.

She cried out as his cock perforated her, making her reach sudden climax. Her body was still in the grips of her orgasm as slowly he urged her onward to bounce on him. Though it began with a slow pace, with him wanting her to first get used to his length and girth, it didn’t take long before things began to kick up. Tamia couldn’t stem down her moaning; each time she wiggled her ass down on his cock it only seemed to drive her into further paroxysms of ecstasy.

“Oh my God . . . Oh my God . . . Calvin . . . oh God, you’re killing me!

She leaned towards him, held his head in her arms and kissed him fiercely. Calvin held her ass in both his hands, his fingers pressing hard into her ample round white flesh, and raised it and then dropped it down as hard as he could back on his cock, making Tamia cry out more. Never had she felt anything as good as this. She kept on calling out his name.

With her arms still wrapped around his neck, Calvin turned her over and this time, he was on top. Tamia, though her mind at the moment was halfway across the galaxy, was grateful for this. So much she wanted him to take charge, for him to maul her in much the same way as he’d done to that other woman whom she’d peeped him with.

Calvin began with slow, short strokes, soaking his cock with the juice of her wetness, after which he started giving her lengthy strokes, driving himself deeper into until now unexplored territories of her pussy. Tamia exploded with climax after climax — she could barely recall how many times she’d cum. Calvin held her legs straight up; Tamia loved the way sweat rolled down from his face onto his torso, the way he seemed to control his breathing as he kept on fucking her. It was almost as if she was here with a machine and not a man. All this time she’d climaxed and yet he still had the staying power of more than one man alone.

More and more, her moans alternated between high pitched squeals and low gasping ones, as he came to her, allowing her to wrap her arms and legs around his waist. She grasped his ass, feeling his throbbing power, and he pumped his cock in and out of her as hard as he could; the sound of his thighs slapping against her flesh coupled with the creaking sound of the bed undergoing punishment, along with both of them moaning into each other’s face, filled the room.

She shut her eyes and gritted her teeth, feeling her body shake and quiver as another round of orgasm broke over her. Her voice sounded hoarse from all her crying out, and yet she couldn’t stop.

It wasn’t long before Calvin climaxed. He pulled his cock out at just the last minute and unleashed his load of semen upon her. He groaned lengthily as he stroked his cock between her legs. Tamia watched with amazement as more and more thick and juicy semen continued to seep out of the head of his dick. Her mind still lingered on the bout of fucking she had just received, and a moment later she underwent another earth-shattering round of orgasm, slowly bringing her back down to earth.

Calvin came and lay beside her. He rubbed some of his semen over her body and then brought it towards her face. Tamia opened her mouth and joyfully licked and swallowed his semen; it felt so good, she regretted him ejaculating so much of it over her body.

Next time she wouldn’t miss the opportunity to swallow everything.

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