Love in the Sand

It was one of those days when, against all odds, summer returns. Sunshine kisses the shore and the long light of early fall makes...
Bernadette Joy
4 min read

The Touch

There’s just enough of a breeze to shift the curtains. I look down at the patchwork pattern of tile roofs and beyond, the glimmer...
Bernadette Joy
1 min read


Arnold rushed out of his home and into his Buick, keyed in the ignition and screeched out of his driveway like the devil was...
Damien Dsoul
6 min read

Tell me a story

“Can u talk?” I thought of her at her desk in the dingy back room of the tool hire shop. A thousand Ks away in...
Bernadette Joy
3 min read

House of Pleasure

I hadn’t seen you in years. I know how things can change and yet, when I saw your name on the list of realtors...
Bernadette Joy
6 min read

An Island For Two

On sunny days the island lay like a dark green jewel in a dark blue sea. On grey days when the winds came from...
Bernadette Joy
12 min read

The Mountain Pool: An Unexpected Sexual Encounter

For some time I had felt the world pressing in. The routine grew set and implacable and I lived from weekend to weekend. Time...
Bernadette Joy
12 min read

Dear MyErotica Readers

We are looking for aspiring and accomplished erotic storytellers to submit their stories for publication, email
Rose MyErotica
4 sec read

10 tips for (erotic) writing

Image: ‘Life between the pages’ by Dihaze Writing isn’t just the act of composing words, it’s a medium that enables us to share the wonders...
Spanking Theatre
7 min read