Coconut Water

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photo: SexArt

I glanced up at the lunch line while I sat in the corner of the cafe, typing on my laptop. He was at least a foot taller than anyone else there. Goodness, I thought to myself. I should start wearing heels more often.

Two days later I was set up again, making great progress on my report but taking breaks every half hour to watch a funny video. This one was a cat fighting with a lizard and I laughed aloud without thinking, then quickly looked around to be sure no one heard me. There he is again! My face burned. And he’s looking right at me. I studied my keyboard and peeked up a few seconds later. He was still looking. I smiled shyly and he grinned, then left with his order.

Next week I was waiting for my sandwich when I finally heard his voice. He was asking the cashier if there was any coconut water left.

“Sorry, Sir, this young lady bought the last two,” the cashier said, gesturing towards me.

I waved at him and rummaged in my paper bag. “Here, Sir, you can have this one.”

He shook his head. “No, I wouldn’t dream of it. That is very sweet of you, though.” Both our orders landed on the tray. Vietnamese wrap for me and… evidently veggie wrap for him.

“Please, take it,” I insisted. “It’s so hot out and it’s the best thing to go with a veggie wrap. It would just sit in my hotel fridge, anyway.” I placed the can next to his order and smiled at him as I rushed out. I fluttered inside. That voice. And those eyes…

A few days later I was walking back from my evening stroll in the park. A tall figure was ahead of me at the fountain. I squinted, sensing it was familiar somehow. It was him! He saw me, too, and smiled as I stopped.

“We keep running into each other,” he said. His voice was full of smiles. “I guess it’s high time to actually say hello.”

I laughed. “Yes, I wonder if we have magnets on each other’s feet or something?”

He looked down at his feet. “Well, these are pretty heavy but I don’t think they have magnets in them.”

I laughed again, harder this time, and we started to walk out of the park. Occasionally we paused and looked at the deepening golds and pinks in the billowing clouds. It was fine not to talk, to just observe…then we would smile and pick up right where we left off. We inched our way along the paths, chatting easily now.

“There’s something I need to do,” he said, a little abruptly. “I need to return the favor for that coconut water. That was so sweet of you.” He looked down at me and suddenly I felt like a small fuzzy creature cuddled against the bottom of a tree. “Would you have time for a drink tonight?”

I stared at him in surprise. Things like this rarely happened to me.

“O wow, yes, that would be wonderful. I do have to warn you, though. I don’t drink alcohol, as a rule.” I paused. “I hope that doesn’t sound boring to you.”

His look became more intense. “On the contrary, that makes you more intriguing.”

I smiled in relief, feeling mischievous again. “What will we talk about all night? Our mutual love of vegetables?” It was his turn to laugh but he gave me a thorough look.

“All night, hmmm? I can think of plenty of subjects to fill the time.” I blushed and we continued walking to my hotel, our steps slow and casual as the sunset began to fade.

Over an hour later found us in the lounge, my little bottles of Pellegrino clustered on the table as we talked, words and ideas swift between us.

“Your mind is so quick,” I said eventually. “That is so refreshing. We can talk about anything!” He smiled and I swallowed hard. There’s that look again. I fumbled with my glass, suddenly nervous. He’s far too handsome to be seriously interested in me.

“You have really little hands,” he said quietly. “Let me see.”

I laid one on the table, trying to see the charm of it through his eyes. It was just my hand, complete with a small burn scar that still hadn’t disappeared from years ago. Not particularly unusual…and then his massive hand was on top of mine, fingertips coming way past my wrist. It was the first time he had touched me. All the jokes and teasing flew from my mind. Instead, I was consumed by a warm electric thrill running up my arm…palpable, heady, vibrating with a quiet intensity. He moved his fingers slightly and it thrummed differently. I stared at his hand, open mouthed, then up to his eyes.

“Do…do you feel that?” I whispered. He nodded, the look on his face one I couldn’t interpret. He kept his hand on mine. I felt myself being pulled into a powerful current, something bigger than my body, whispering to me from a distance. Without thinking, I said the words.

“My room is upstairs.” I blushed. “I’ve never said that to anyone before,” I followed, almost apologetically.

“I’m extremely flattered then,” he said softly, then we both stood up at the same time, walking to the elevators as if we had known each other forever. He kept the same grasp on my hand, even as we ascended. I thought for sure he would kiss me there but instead we stood next to each other quietly, feeling the electric whoosh between us. It was getting stronger and heavier, settling in my pussy…

As we stepped out onto my floor his hand began to roam — barest fingertips on my wrist, inside my elbow, up to my shoulder and around my neck. I felt dizzy. Our steps moved in a hypnotizing gait as we approached the door. I fumbled with my key, hands shaking.

“Are you ok?” he asked, gently sliding a long arm around my waist.

“Yeah,” I assured him. “It’s your…touch. It does something to me.”

We stepped inside the room and he pressed me against the closed door, tall body warm against mine. His hands crept to my face and my body erupted in sparks. We stood there, breathing heavily, looking at each other. The door handle dug into my hip.

“I can’t believe I’m here with you,” I whispered. “I’ve thought about your eyes and your voice ever since the last time.” Those eyes shone down into mine now, intent and hungry.

“And I’ve thought of the laugh coming from this little mouth” — one finger brushing my bottom lip — “and wondered what other sounds you might make, especially when I kiss you.” He murmured the last words against my lips and then his mouth was on mine. Confident and gentle, tongues barely grazing together. I made a tiny moan and he pulled back.

“I’m yours,” I whispered shakily.

Somehow we moved into the bedroom, mouths glued in kisses. Hands, fingers, and feet were careful and languorous, as if pushing aside the skin of a bubble. He began undressing me slowly, fingers on my skin constantly as the clothing fell then traveling on to the next piece, his touch unbroken all the while. Then I unbuttoned his shirt shyly, saw him for the first time. His chest, his stomach…running my hands over him in disbelief.

“You’re the most gorgeous man I’ve ever been with,” I whispered. “I can’t believe you let me touch you.” I traced the V disappearing into his waistband. “You’re so hard everywhere and I’m so…soft.” My voice must have been frustrated because he pulled me close, lifting my face up to his. Warm thrills melted over me wherever his hands lay.

“You’re extremely generous, sweetness,” he said, with a gentle kiss. “All of you” — hands running up and down my sides, curving around my waist — “is soft and delectable. Extremely sexy. And I can’t wait to enjoy you.” With that he lay me back on the bed and time seemed to stop.

The hotel curtains were green and the streetlights shone through them, bathing the room with a hazy underwater tint. His hands molded to my body as if made especially to touch me. Every movement was slow, every kiss lingering, my hands stayed on top of his…following…following his eyes, his mouth, locked on him and the electric thrills he left everywhere. His tongue licking me slow and deep, touching his face as I came again and again…his long body slowly hovering up to mine, hard cock trailing against my thigh and finally coming to rest contentedly in my open palm. Hot and heavy, thick in my grasp that couldn’t meet around him. Cautiously he moved back and forth in my hand, so close to my pussy.

“Guide me into you, sweetheart,” he whispered, face next to mine. I did so, gazing in his eyes as he pushed in, gentle but insistent. He seemed to go on forever, every thrust a little more demanding until he was locked inside. I whimpered and shook, trying to get used to him.

“I’m sorry,” I said involuntarily. “It’s just been so long and…” He stopped the rest of the words with a kiss.

“Never be sorry for that, darling. You feel so wonderful around me.”

I stared up at him, still incredulous at what was covering me…his body, yes, but there was something more. “Is…is it always like this? The feeling?” I asked.

He tenderly brushed the hair from my eyes and kissed me again. “With you it’s like this. Almost like being in another world. A beautiful one.”

Then he began to move and I gave over to that powerful current now surging through my center, brought to me again and again by his cock. We whispered and touched, rocking like a wave on the bed. One time he pushed up on his hands briefly and we both looked down. I lifted my hips up to his, trying to match his rhythm.

“So beautiful,” I whispered, watching his slick, shiny cock work in and out of me. It was a bridge connecting us, our bodies meeting and kissing there sparingly, moving away, then coming together again. I reached down to him as he glided and he slowed down to feel my touch, just one finger brushing the side of his cock.

“Us. It’s beautiful because it’s us,” he whispered back. I nodded, fixated on his movement. Soon it took us over and my pussy began to tighten on him. “Yes, yes,” he encouraged. “Just like that, sweetheart. Give that to me all night…don’t stop…”

Several hours later I woke up, tangled in a nest made of his long arms and legs. Gently I extricated myself and walked naked into the suite kitchen for a drink of water, staring around the room as I sipped. My company had put me up here for a month and I had been so tired of this room until tonight. Now everything was different…looked different…felt different…and I acutely felt the barely five minute separation from the man in the bedroom. He must have felt it, too, because suddenly he was standing next to me, holding me close and breathing on my neck.

“I guess I knew you got up,” he said, running his hands over me. “I awoke and had to find you. Had to touch you again.”

I rested my cheek against his chest and closed my eyes, lulled by his steady heartbeat. “Everything is different now,” I whispered. “I can still feel you inside me and I never want that to stop.” Gently we kissed, breathing together in each other’s arms.

“And I can still feel you on my cock,” he said, holding my face in his big hands. “You are right…we have something very different here. The feeling when I’m inside you, when you touch me, when you cum on me. It takes my breath away.” We kissed again, harder, and he backed me up against the sideboard.

“I want you again,” he said simply. I nodded and jumped up, opening my legs wide. The sideboard put me at the perfect height for his cock and he slid in with one push, groaning as he did so. It was the most natural thing for him to fuck me there, for him to take me hard and deep, for my arms and legs to wrap around him and never let go. The shadows cast over us gently in the cool light. Maybe sunrise was coming. Who knew what time it was…maybe there was none.

There was only him, inside me, and the now familiar electric surge between us. It was cocooning and luring us with thrilling fingers, leading us on…on…surely to what heights we had yet to discover.


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