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The passionate, sensual reunion of a convict and the woman he once loved.

Rain was thrumming against the expansive windows of Avah’s well-appointed studio apartment, the gorgeous nighttime view of New York high-rises blurred by the steady water sluicing down the outside of the glass. Normally weather like this was perfect for working. The ambient noise helped her focus. But right outside on her balcony, between the lights of the city and the glass of her windows, stood 6 foot, 2 inches of trouble smoking a newly-rolled blunt.

She had kicked Luca out onto the rainy balcony to indulge himself — he wasn’t going to stink up her apartment and have the snotty neighbors report her for the smell. He also wasn’t going to waltz in like he hadn’t just been sprung from jail and act like he owned the place. She had a dream job and a gorgeous home and she wouldn’t let him jeopardize that.

He couldn’t manipulate her like he used to; she wasn’t into bad boys anymore. His tattoos and muscles didn’t make her heart race or her knees weak. She hadn’t been into him or men like him since she was in college — since she was basically a kid! She was grown now, and better. Wiser.

And she wouldn’t let him distract her either, which she knew he was trying to do. He had the hood of his leather-and-denim jacket pulled up over his buzz-cut hair and was casually resting his taut, jean-clad butt against her railing. He lazily brought the roach to his lips and the cherry at the end lit up as he took a slow, steady pull, winking at her as she did her best to ignore him and work. All that gorgeous view and he was staring at her. The notion made excitement travel through her like an electric spark, right to the tips of her breasts and the V of her thighs…and that irritated her even more.

“I’m not falling for it, Luca,” she hissed under her breath. She knew what he wanted, though he claimed he just wanted a place to stay — somewhere to hide safely from the enemies who had seized his assets and were after his life. But she knew better. The man was fresh from the clink. She wasn’t stupid.

She watched, from her peripheral, as he took one last, long draw before exhaling a thick cloud of smoke and putting out the burning end on the sole of his enormous work boot. Then he pocketed the butt and, in his usual, confident stride, made his way back inside, moving at a pace that was incredibly slow and casual for someone being pelted by rain.

When he opened the door, a blast of cool night air scented with rain and a hint of smoke followed him in, and he shrugged off his wet jacket and hung it on a hook to dry. The front of his tank was soaked through, and she was hyper-aware that his washboard-like, tattooed abs were barely obscured by the wet, white fabric. She suddenly regretted having him smoke on her balcony.

“That was some good shit, Avah. Thanks,” he growled in that ridiculously sexy, deep voice of his.

“Stop standing on my hardwood; you’re dripping everywhere,” she snapped. “Go dry off in the kitchen.”

He smirked and moved toward the kitchen area’s white tiled floor. “You seem mad.”

“I’m not mad, you just irk me.”

“What did I do to you?” he asked, looking almost offended.

Besides showing up at my place, unannounced, fresh out of jail, after seven years of no contact?” She finally looked up at him, wishing she hadn’t. He’d removed his wet tank and hung it over the edge of the sink, and all his muscular, tattooed glory was on display for her from his neck to his low-slung pants. Ah, fuck, she shouldn’t have even let him in her apartment in the first place! “H-how did you even find out where I was, anyway?”

She could tell that he caught her stutter. His arresting hazel eyes lit up with mirth. Goddamn it! “Just because I’m not around doesn’t mean I’m not keeping up with you, gorgeous.” She didn’t dignify his cryptic answer with a response, choosing instead to just glare. “You really made a life for yourself, didn’t you?” he said, this time quieter — a sad edge to his smooth voice. “You really did the damn thing.”

Hell yes, I did! “I don’t need you to tell me what I already know.” She turned back to her work.

“Probably not,” he admitted, ignoring her dismissal and walking over to where she sat at her desk. “It doesn’t ever get lonely at the top?”

“That doesn’t seem like your business.”

“Just making conversation, baby.”

“I don’t want to make conversation with you, and I’m not your baby.”

“Oh yeah, you are. You may have had other men, other lovers, but my girl is still in there — try as you might to smother her in all this,” he gestured around him, to her high-end furniture and upscale accommodations. “But you still got a wild streak in you. And that wild streak is mine.” The possessive note in his voice made her stomach do somersaults even as she remained angry and confused by his words. Luca left her…why was he acting this way? To get at her money?

Out loud, however, she said, “Whatever, Luca. Everyone goes through one stupid phase or another.”

“A phase? Bullshit.” He walked around to her side, his boots thumping heavily with each step. He leaned one hip casually against the solid mahogany, close enough for her to smell rain and smoke mixed with his delicious masculine scent. “You and I both know that wildness is a part of you to this day. That’s why you still have a stash of weed fatter than my head. That’s why you still get tattoos.” He reached up and, with the back of his forefinger, stroked oh so very gently over the ink on her arm. She shivered. “That’s why you got your nipples pierced.” His voice dropped an octave as he let his gaze drift to her chest. The outline of her now completely erect peaks stood out prominently, and the small, twin loops that hung from them were clearly outlined through her black camisole and lack of a bra. “I fucking love them, baby,” he added quietly, leaning toward her a bit — getting in her space.

“They’re not for you, so I don’t care what you think,” she said, eyes still trained on the documents before her and desperately ignoring how she could feel her pussy weeping right into her panties. “And all of those things don’t necessarily mean I’m some suffocated wild girl ignoring her true nature. I like my job. I like my home. And I love my life.”

“Then why would you let me in?”

She didn’t have an answer for that.

“And why would you walk around your apartment with those delicious fucking nipples on display, knowing I probably haven’t seen a woman since I went into that hellhole?”

“You being in my home is not going to dictate how I dress.”

He turned her swivel desk chair so she faced him, resting his hands on the armrests, trapping her. “It should. It should, baby. If you don’t want anything to do with a felon, you should be wearing a damn muumuu. But I doubt that would even stop me from wanting you. Fuck you’re gorgeous.” He ate her up with his heated gaze, surrounded her with those muscular arms, called to her with his heady words. “These seven years have let the woman in you shine through, haven’t they, baby?”

“Go away. I have work to do.”

“I don’t want to. I want to kiss you. I want to suck those juicy nipples and lick all the way down to your delicious pussy. I want to put my dick in every hole you got.” He hissed out the last word, his voice breathy and impossibly deep. “Let me, baby. Let me fuck you.”

She hesitated. It was a bad idea. Such a bad idea. But it had been so long….

Luca was right, even though she hated it. She had everything in the world but a man that could excite her, or even give her a good lay. And she let him in knowing exactly what he wanted; deep down, she wanted it too. He was a hell of a lover even when they were younger. But with several years of experience since? And a stint in prison with no female to casually slake his lust with? This would be the ride of a lifetime.

“You clean?” she asked.

“Yes.” She lifted an eyebrow in skepticism. He rolled his eyes. “I don’t fuck about with my health, Avah. I may have been in lockup, and I may not be as successful as you, but I got a life I want to keep living. I got checked by the prison doc when I went in and haven’t had sex since I’ve been out. And you know I don’t fuck with men. I’m clean.” He looked her in the eye as he spoke, gaze steady and expression open and honest. She believed him.

“I am too.”

“Do I need to rush out for condoms?”

“Nah you’re good — IUD.”

“So, you gonna do it, baby?” He looked her up and down again as he slowly lowered himself to the ground between her legs. He was so tall that on his knees his head was level with hers. “You gonna let me fuck that sweet pussy?”

She sighed heavily…wearily. Her work was stressful, even as she enjoyed the pressure and rush of it. But often times she desperately wanted to blow off steam and never could quite get the rush or release she was looking for. She had a years-long itch that needed scratching, and there was a coldness within her that grew larger and harder to ignore with each passing day. Luca was so hot…so very, very hot and exciting and eager to please her. Yeah. She needed this.

Avah leaned back and pinched the bridge of her nose, trying to release the tension in her head. After a moment she dropped her hand and regarded her ex-lover with a steady stare. “It doesn’t mean anything, Luca. I’m just horny. Just…make it good.”

“You know I will, baby,” he said softly before gripping the curls at the base of her neck and pulling her in for a hot, hungry kiss. It was a preamble to what was about to happen to her body — a promise of the intensity and pleasure he would lavish on her in all the ways she loved. A familiar blast of lust struck through her like a thunderclap, shocking her at how much she’d missed the feeling of him.

He broke the kiss. “Let me see those nipples,” he grunted, using one hand to grip her thigh and the other to greedily yank her camisole up. Her heavy breasts clung to the inside of the shirt at first, lifting with it and then popping free to bounce in a way that tantalized him. “Goddamn,” he breathed, looking at her glorious chest with two matching gold hoops hanging from her trembling peaks.

For a moment, all he could do was stare at the metal of the gold resting so pretty against her soft skin and her breasts on display for him like a fine art piece. He dragged his gaze up to her face, ready to tell her how stunning she was, but her expression made the words die in his throat. He half-expected to see her act shy or try to hide her face at the blatant way he was exposing her tits. But instead, she met his look with sly confidence and a level gaze. One corner of her pouty lips pulled up into a smirk, challenging him.

Oh, fuck yes. He reached up and tugged at a hard peak as he leaned in for another kiss. He remembered how sensitive she was there, and wondered how much more sensitive she was with piercings. He kissed her and played with her nipples until she was panting and making those little breathy mewls he often fantasized about from back when they were together. Hearing them made him smile against the skin of her throat as he kissed and nipped there. The taste, the smell, and the sound of her was both sexy and nostalgic and it filled him with a familiar ache. But he was pleased. He still knew her body and how to work her.

He leaned back and observed his handiwork. His touch had made her nipples swollen and sensitive and he thoroughly enjoyed watching that unreal rack rise up and down as she breathed. But that smirk was still plastered on her face even as she panted under his hands.

Fine. He wasn’t done yet. He leaned forward and sucked one swollen nipple into his mouth, coaxing her hips forward and her legs wider with his hands. He began rubbing her exposed thighs and climbing higher toward her soft little gray shorts. The metallic tang of the piercings excited him, and he got further confirmation of her sensitivity when she began to actually moan and grip his shoulders while he sucked and lapped for all he was worth. His hands teased her at the crotch of her shorts, rubbing the soft material against her slit gently, creating the slightest bit of delicious friction.

“Oh, Luca,” she groaned, her hips bucking slightly whenever he brushed over her clit.

“You’re soaking right through your shorts,” he said while tonguing one of her piercings. “It used to take you longer than this to get ready. How long has it been, baby? How long has it been since you gave someone a taste?”

She didn’t say anything, just continued to moan softly as his hands and mouth worked her. “How long, baby?” he pressed again, needing to know.

When she still didn’t respond, he sucked one nipple deep into his mouth, tugging firmly at her breast while pressing a thumb down on her button, rubbing just so through her shorts and making her gasp and moan and move her hips with him in urgency. Her cries were getting louder and she started to squirm. She dug her nails into his shoulders and her face was flushed and her expression was one of mixed concentration and bliss. And then, he stopped.

She cried out a sob-like gasp, then groaned her disappointment. “I will edge you all fucking night if you don’t answer my question,” he said, bluffing. He would come in his pants before too much more of that.

She sucked in air, trying to catch her breath. “Why do you care?” she panted.

“Just answer the fucking question, Avah,” he gasped, also out of breath and out of his goddamn mind from a sudden surge of jealousy.

“Like…I don’t fucking know…five years?” she admitted finally, her cheeks heating from embarrassment as she looked away from him.

His heart pounded. It hadn’t been that long for him…he never had a problem with casual sex, and had it right up until his incarceration. But those women weren’t much more than masturbation. They weren’t a connection or a deep, unbridled attraction. They weren’t…Avah. Maybe she tried dating other men and it didn’t work out? Maybe she still felt something for him? A spark of hope made butterflies take flight in his stomach.

Either way, feelings could wait. Now it was time to remind her what he could do to her body.

He resumed his ministrations, sucking at her sweet nipples and parting her lips through her shorts so he could better get the friction on her clit. “The wait will be worth it, baby,” he whispered as he flicked one of her peaks with his tongue and petted her sweet pussy. She promptly abandoned her shame and threw her head back, her hips pumping in rhythm with his strokes. “It will be so worth it when I stick my thick cock in your sweet, tight pussy and fill you up.”

“Luca, please don’t stop this time, I’m going to come!”

“Oh, I don’t plan to,” he said, chuckling slightly and leaning back to watch her come undone. He leaned one arm against the armrest of the chair, expertly working her with the thumb and forefinger of his other hand. He lazily gazed at her erotic display — how sweat was forming on her skin, her shirt hiked up over her lovely breasts, and her pussy juices soaking her shorts so thoroughly he could practically see the outline of her lips and clit. That cocky, challenging smirk was gone, and her head was thrown back in ecstasy as she chased her orgasm.

“Oh, God, Luca, I’m going to come!” she moaned again.

“I know baby. I’m going to watch,” he replied, longing to be inside her, but forcing himself to be patient. “I’m going to watch you come in my hand, then I’m going to stuff this cock in your mouth.” He rubbed the front of his pants against her shin, letting her feel his thick erection through his jeans. “I can’t wait much longer, Avah. You’re turning me on too much. Hurry up and come so I can fill up that mouth.”

His bold promise finished her, and she arched her back, her body seizing from the strength of the orgasm as she rode it out for a good ten seconds. Then her body went limp against the chair, a soft smile lighting up her face and a few curls sticking to the sweat on her forehead. She was fucking glowing.

Luca wasted no time. He stood, unzipping his pants and letting his cock spring free. Then he grabbed her by the nape of the neck and pulled her forward, thrusting himself into her mouth. He watched with satisfaction as she struggled to fit her mouth around his cock, her wet tongue swirling around the tip, the sounds of sloppy sucking making it a struggle not to call the whole thing off and shoot his come down her throat. He slid forward another merciless inch, wanting to feel himself hit the back of her throat and knowing she loved it when he was rough with her. In between the wet squelches and the smack of her lips against the skin of his dick, she gave out muffled groans that vibrated up his length and felt like heaven.

“I’m going to fuck your throat, Avah,” he said, pumping forward again, making her gag and watching her eyes roll into the back of her head. He felt her throat work around him a bit before she took a deep breath through her nose and let it relax and open. Her saliva completely coated him, and he surged all the way in until he bottomed out in her gaping mouth. “Look at me, baby,” he rasped. She obeyed, her eyes watery and wide as she took deep, deliberate breaths and let him hold himself all the way in. Her mouth was stretched wide, her face contorting to accommodate his girth. She was so impossibly sexy when she did this for him — giving him the gift of fucking her throat deep like so few other women were able to. Avah…she looked submissive, but she knew what the fuck she was doing. It was a show for him.

“You look so fucking nasty like that,” he growled, meaning it as a compliment. He pumped himself back and forth slowly, giving her time to find her rhythm. Then he stood still and let go of her neck, standing straight with his dick balls-deep in that talented mouth. She was better at this part. “Work me, baby. Edge me.”

Her eyes glittered mischievously at the challenge, and she began to do just that. He always loved her head game. No hands with Avah — no sir. She took that pipe from tip to base, sucking and licking as she went. Her mouth and throat created a hot, wet friction that beckoned him to spill right then and there. However, she kept her pace slow and steady for both their sakes; she’d otherwise choke on his girth and he wouldn’t be able to finish what he started. But he loved watching his dick disappear into that hungry mouth, and Avah made a show of it with all her sloppy smacks, muffled groans, and theatrical gagging. After just a few pumps he was ready to come like that, his time locked away making him too weak to have the strength to keep going. But just as he felt his resolve slipping…she stopped.

With a wet pop, she pulled her mouth off of him and looked up. “I don’t think you can take much more of that, baby.”

His heart leaped at the term of endearment. “You know I can’t — I never could handle that mouth, Avah.” She laughed and nodded in agreement.

He pulled her to her feet, picked her up, and sat her on the desk, a few papers scattering and fluttering to the floor. He laid her back gently, then proceeded to remove her wet shorts. Underneath she wore a pair of plain white cotton panties, but they were so wet he could see her pussy lips through them. He hooked his thumbs along the sides and slid them down her legs. A long, syrupy string of wetness stretched between her and the material as he moved it away from her. Then the string broke and her honey coated her thighs, making him groan just at the sight of her. She was so fucking wet!

He went to work then, parting her legs and holding her hips like she was a bowl of water and he was the thirstiest bastard on the planet. Licking up all the sticky juices from her thighs, he began to lap at her lips and clit, making her moan loudly and watching as she gushed under his tongue. He reached down and began stroking himself, carefully edging but unable to stop himself from seeking his own pleasure while she bucked and moaned his name.

Pulling back after a lazy, indulgent lick up her slit and over her clit, he dropped his hand down and stuck a finger, then two, then three into her tight pussy. He began pumping her with a steady rhythm, angling slightly just the way he knew she liked it. He had to remind himself to be patient again. The feel of her only made him more eager to fuck her; she was so hot and wet and tight that he knew he would slide right in and it would be ecstasy for them both. As he fucked her with his finger, her moans turned into cries of passion, and he split her thighs further, her legs in the air, completely open to him. He used his other hand to spread the sweet cheeks of her ass, letting all that slick juice flow over her tight asshole and down onto the desk, ruining whatever papers she had been looking at.

He toyed with her back entrance, applying the slightest bit of pressure. Then he picked up the pace with his fingers and flicked his tongue back and forth over her clit. She screamed his name when she came, her knuckles paling as she gripped the edge of the desk hard, desperate for something to hold onto while she came apart for a second time.

“Fuck,” she cried out in exhaustion, completely lost to pleasure — the pleasure Luca was so expertly handing out in spades. The nipple play, the fingering, the dirty talk…even the head had her drowning in ecstasy. In her delirium, she silently confessed that her only regret was not getting high with him before they began all this.

She watched Luca stand up, the look on his face intense and his torso glistening with sweat. God, but he was beautiful all muscled and tatted up and looking down at her like she was the most gorgeous thing he’d ever seen. He was breathing as hard as she was, and she loved that she was affecting him as much as he was affecting her. She reached out a hand and stroked his abdomen, where she knew he was sensitive. As she traced the lines of his tattoos, letting him catch his breath, her eyes landed on something she didn’t expect. It was small, almost hidden by the waist of his pants that had been sliding lower and lower as they pleasured each other.

“Is that…my name?” She asked, looking up at him. He froze, like a deer caught in headlights, but then simply sighed and shrugged.

“Does it bother you?”


He said nothing, instead offering her a hand to help her sit up. Once she was upright on the edge of the desk, he wrapped a hand gently, firmly around her throat and gave her a long, possessive kiss. He tugged at her nipples and moved his mouth to her neck, kissing and licking the sensitive skin long enough to have her melting all over again.

Against her ear, he whispered. “I’m going to fill up that pussy, Avah.”


“I’m going to pound it hard until you’re screaming, and there’s nothing you can do about it.”


“Get up, baby.” She stood. He slipped the camisole, her last shred of clothing, off of her body and dropped it on the floor. Then he turned her over and bent her over the desk.

She heard Luca suck in a breath and knew he was staring at the exposed, glistening interior of her pussy and the twin globes of her ass high in the air. She immediately arched her back, loving his gaze and giving him easier access to what he wanted. She was soaked and incredibly turned on, and she didn’t even want to deny it. Her juices flowed down her thighs and coated her lips in a way that made her feel deliciously slick, and she knew without a doubt she was ready for him.

She heard those heavy boots reposition behind her. She heard the sound of his belt buckle, the rustle of denim, then his pants falling to the floor. She was trembling with excitement, waiting for what they both wanted. She felt his hands reach up and stroke her bottom, moving lower to her lips and pulling them apart.

“My fucking God, Avah!” he exclaimed, barely keeping it together. Then, she felt it — the rub of the head of his cock along her slit, getting slick with her honey. “Are you ready for me, baby? I can’t be gentle.” It wasn’t more dirty talk. It came out in a desperate, hoarse groan. He was actually warning her.

“Fuck yes I’m ready,” she gasped.

He aligned his cock at her entrance, then, with no warning, gave a single, brutal shove into her slick heat until she felt his balls slap up against her. The invasion had her feeling impossibly full and her tight, underused pussy struggled to stretch around him. She screamed but quickly fell into a cacophony of sob-like moans as his big cock fucked into her with unbridled intensity, not caring whether or not she was ready. She loved it.

“Ah…Avah, you are so fucking tight. You feel incredible,” Luca groaned, never easing up his rhythm.

“It feels good for me too, baby!” she cried, gripping the desk and arching her back for all she was worth. Luca was so thick he lit up every nerve along her channel, and the wet squelches of her swollen, sensitive pussy being pounded filled her the air around them.

“More,” he grunted, stepping out of his pants and kicking them away. She felt him kick her legs wider, felt him digging his hands into her hips as he rutted like a fucking animal. He pressed down on her back, stretching her wider, opening her even further. That monstrous cock ate up any extra room she managed to give him and hit hard and deep with each slick thrust.

She was so lost to the feeling of his cock that she almost missed the desperate words that began spilling from his mouth. “Avah I never forgot this…or you,” he panted, still taking her savagely. “That’s why I put your name on me, baby.” He braced a hand on the desk, desperately pounding her at an angle, lifting her opposite thigh up in the air with the other arm so he could pound her deeper still. “There was never anyone like you before or after, and I wanted to carry your memory with me.”

Through the haze of pleasure, Avah’s heart fluttered. “You shouldn’t have left me,” she whispered, certain he wouldn’t hear her words or the hurt in her voice.

He pulled out suddenly, flipping her over. He held her ankles out wide as he thrust in again, holding her gaze as he fucked her so hard his balls slapped her ass over and over and her breasts bounced and swayed to his rhythm. “I had to baby — I was no good for you. And look at what you became without me.” He reached a hand down and flicked her clit repeatedly, making her feel sparks of pleasure dance from her pussy to her nipples. “But I never stopped loving you.”

“You broke my heart!” she moaned, unable to stifle her feelings. He had her naked, spread wide beneath him, and dripping all over them both. She felt powerless to hide her pain from him, any more than she could hide her body.

“I know,” he grunted, pushing down and rubbing her clit again, never letting up on that rhythm. He felt her hot pussy squeeze around him so hard he almost came. He was so close!

She had her third orgasm of the night, this time around that thick, slick iron-hard cock and it was the most intense feeling she had felt in a long time. “Fuck you!” she screamed as her pussy contracted and she gushed, feeling her muscles milk him, practically begging it to fill her up. She went limp as she rode the wave of pleasure down, and he slowed himself, refusing to finish.

He picked her up, his ridiculous strength keeping them connected as he carried her with ease over to her floor-to-ceiling windows. He leaned her back against the cool, reinforced glass and pinned her there with his weight. She locked her ankles around his back and he grabbed her ass as he fucked up into her.

“What are you doing?” she squealed as he began plundering her again.

“Don’t pretend you don’t love it,” he rasped in her ear. “I used to get you off in bathrooms, alleyways, the back of cars — you have an exhibition thing and I do too!” He flipped her around, bending her over and bracing her against the glass.

He began pumping inside her from behind again, the wet sounds getting louder as she looked out over the lights of NYC. She knew that there was only a slim chance anyone could see them…but secretly she wished someone might. Secretly she enjoyed the thrill of being caught in such a position — with her man fucking her as if his life depended on it. She couldn’t help but moan as her pleasure began building again.

“Your pussy is singing a fucking song baby, listen.” She obeyed and quieted herself to desperate gasps. She whimpered when she heard the embarrassingly loud and wet sounds of her pussy reverberating off the walls. She could feel her breasts swaying and her ass jiggling with each hard thrust of his cock. If someone could see them, their audience was getting a hell of a show.

“Are you thinking about it? Are you thinking about if someone saw you like this — what they would think? What they’d do? Maybe they would take pictures of those beautiful breasts bouncing all around. If they were smart, they would take the opportunity and get themselves off looking at you. I know I would,” he added, chuckling breathlessly. “Oh, you are gushing now. You’ve always loved this.”

He reached forward, pulling her into a standing position, hooking an elbow under her knee and pulling her thigh up and out, still pumping into her tight, wet hole. She was pinned between him and the city again, this time facing out, with her soft, lush breasts and dripping pussy on display for all that might look their way. His thick cock and the excitement of being seen was driving her higher and higher.

“I bet whoever is looking at you right now,” he said as he mercilessly kept pumping, “is thinking you are the sexiest thing alive. And I want them to see. I want them to see me balls-deep in my woman. I want them to see who can give this to you.” He groaned again. “Fuck, the noises you make! I’m close!”

“Me too!” she cried.

“You want me to fill up that pussy like I promised, Avah?”

“Yes, baby, yes! I-I never forgot how you made me feel,” the confession burst out of her as she neared her final climax. “I could never find anyone who could do this after you and I don’t want you to go!” With the most animalistic cry she’d ever heard, her convict came, and the feeling of his hot come filling her up made her orgasm with him. She felt her inner muscles contract and pull at his cock, trying to suck his very essence down.

It was a combination of the feel of her tight pussy and her declaration that had triggered his powerful orgasm. The feeling of filling Avah up was so good it made him see stars. He kept fucking up into her as his huge load filled her hot, slick pussy and then spilled out to trickle down her trembling thighs. Fuck, yeah! he thought, slipping into his own hazy fog of pleasure as he rode his release. He hoped someone saw that shit. He had thoroughly, effectively fucked her silly, and he wanted a witness.

After he finished, he held her in place while waiting for his soul to return to his body. When he felt like he could move, he kissed her delicately on the cheek and picked her up to carry her to the bed on fatigued legs. Flopping down on the edge with her in his lap, he gathered her close to him and said nothing as the two of them did their best to catch their breath and settle their heart rates. He buried his face in her hair, inhaling her scent and feeling a warmth settle in his chest.

Avah took a deep breath in and sighed. “Why don’t I clean up and roll us a fat one? We clearly need to catch up.”

He chuckled and nodded. “Yeah…we probably need to talk some shit out. I’ll order some Chinese.”

She smiled, slid from his lap and headed over to her bathroom while he pulled his phone from his pocket and began to search for the nearest place that served spicy orange chicken — her favorite. Or at least, he hoped that was still her favorite. He didn’t know if her tastes in food had changed, even as her voracious sexual appetite still sported the same palate. But he hoped she would give him the chance to start fresh and learn about her all over again.

He made a selection and dialed up a place that delivered not far from her address. As the phone rang and he heard her taking a deep hit from a bong in the bathroom, he chuckled again, unable to get the foolish grin off his face. When she came back into the room with an oversized shirt on, her hair all mussed and holding a joint out to him, he felt freer and lighter than he had in a long time…even before he was imprisoned.

“Food is ordered and on the way,” he said, taking the offered blunt.

She nodded in response and tilted her head toward the balcony while holding up a lighter. “C’mon, you’re still not stinking up my apartment,” she said with a smile. He smiled back, standing and reaching for his pants so he could follow her out onto the balcony like a lovesick puppy.

But fuck it — he loved her. He never stopped loving Avah, and he was going to use this second chance to make things right with her. She was the only thing that ever felt good and right in this world, and he wasn’t going to screw it up this time.

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