“Happy Naughty Christmas” — an excerpt

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“Happy Naughty Christmas” — an excerpt

“Oh, well, it was great to hear your voice, baby,” her mother said after they had spent an hour catching up.

“You too, mama,” Grace said.

She was calm now and her heart swelled from getting the opportunity to talk to someone she loved so much. A bonus was when her mother had passed the phone around to talk to cousins and aunts and uncles who had stopped by. In the days leading up to Christmas, the Cole household had a revolving door of visitors who came by to talk, play dominos, and snack on some of her mother’s cherished sweet potato pie.

Grace felt blessed. For her, nothing had changed. Except for exchanges of warm hugs and her mother picking at her natural hair, it felt as though she wasn’t thousands of miles away from them.

When Grace got off the phone, she stretched her hands under her head where she lay on top of her comforter. She sighed up to her white ceiling, satisfied that she had been able to share a Christmas moment with her family, no matter how short.

“How is everyone?” She tilted her head back in surprise to see Jack leaning against her bedroom door frame.

“Good,” she said as he walked over to sit at the top of her bed where her feet were resting. He lifted up her legs and placed them across his lap. His hands resting comfortably on top of her shin like always. “Aunt Gloria threatened Uncle Donny with a butter knife for criticizing her lemon pie.”

“That’s a bit harsh for a few comments,” he said.

“It didn’t help that he gave half of it to his dog after calling it gluten death slush.”

“What?!?” Jack laughed. “I guess it’s hard to let go of cholesterol and butter.”

“You know it,” Grace laughed.

After a moment, Jack timidly asked, “Would you still rather be there than hanging out here with me?”

Grace looked over at him for a long moment. Gone was the smoldering hot guy she was making out with an hour ago. Jack looked over at her with the familiar boyish charm of her long-time friend. His vibes weren’t sexual or awkward. There was no trace of their having shared a mind-blowing kiss. Nor was there a hint that they would start up where they had left off. Somehow, they were back to being normal, making Grace’s anxiety fall away.

“Both have their good and bad points,” she admitted. “I miss my family but I’m glad I don’t have to be there for my mama to be fussing over my looks and who I’m dating.”

“Och, I gather you couldn’t tell her about your battery powered boyfriend,” he said. “That would make for odd table talk.”

Grace gave him a face and nudged him with her toe.

“Ouch!” he called out as he grabbed her foot. “Watch those claws! My skin is sensitive.”

“They aren’t claws,” she defended her red painted toenails while trying to shake off his hold on them. She stopped resisting when his hands gently started to rub her feet. The firm and intriguing sensation soothed the arches in her soles. She sighed, “This could be one of the perks of having you around.”

“I have been known to have the magic touch,” he said. “Turn on your stomach and I’ll show you one of the many things these hands are great at.”

“One?” she asked as she obediently laid on her stomach across her bed.

“Later, we’ll talk about how you can earn the privilege of knowing firsthand of my other hand talents,” he whispered huskily above her earlobe.

The heat from his soft breath ignited a hot line down her neck to her hardening nipples. Jack’s hand expertly moved down her back, adding to her deep relaxation. They released tension in her shoulder blades like a professional massueur.

“I’m having trouble getting this knot out in this shoulder. You hold a lot of tension here,” he said after a few moments.

Soon, she felt his large warm palms slip under her shirt and massage their way up to her shoulders. He worked over them for a while before he made his hands move down her back again.

A pleasurable moan escaped Grace’s lips as he worked his strong hands around her upper back.

“See, the magic touch. I told ya,” he said in a low, proud voice.

“Omigod, you were right,” she said into the bend of her arm that laid under her cheek. “Never stop.”

“That’s what all the ladies say,” he bragged.

“All two of them?” she teased.

Suddenly, she felt his hand massage down the side of her breast before cupping her large, jiggly coconuts.

“Hey, what are you doing?” she lifted her head slightly in soft objection.

His hand obediently went back to rubbing her back. Despite her ears burning from having thumbs play across her nipples, part of her wanted him to lift his hands to her breasts again. Her vagina began to throb.

“Sorry, I slipped,” he said.

Grace could imagine the sly smirk on his beautiful, rosy lips. The small alarm in the back of her head warned her they were just friends, and this would complicate things. That sound was cancelled out by her libido screaming to let him hit it.

Friends could fool around. It wasn’t like they were serious. And it was Christmas!

Grace’s body felt it needed to be filled with some good holiday spirit. Starting with that amazing kiss, what Jack had been doing this evening seemed like he knew how to make sure she was satisfied in more ways than one.

There was an enticing sensation tingling through her body when he accidentally slipped his hands over her breasts again. This time he cuffed them tightly as his thumb worked over her soft mountains a second time.

Her nipples began to harden while her ass instinctively rose and met his crotch. Grace lightly moved over his thick rod. Visions of how big and long it had looked in his boxers ran circles in her mind.

In her daze of pleasure, she began to have second thoughts. Breathily, she said, “Maybe we shouldn’t…”

But it was too late, that small movement was more than enough to cause Jack’s tongue to slip up the back of her nape. He planted small kisses at the base of her neck.

Meanwhile, her pussy tightened in anticipation. A blast lit in the bottom of her belly. Giving in to her desires, Grace flipped over on to her back. Her hands went around his neck, pulling him closer to her.

“Damn, you don’t know how beautiful you are,” he said as he kissed over her chest and up to her mouth.

“Ok,” she rolled her eyes. “You call everyone beautiful.”

“No, I don’t,” he shook his head. “I say ‘bonnie’ or ‘beaut’ but you’re the only one I’ve ever found so fucking sexy and gorgeous.”

Grace looked away in embarrassment.

Jack held on to her round chin and pulled her gaze back to his blue eyes. “Why don’t you ever believe me when I say that?”

“It makes me feel uncomfortable and it’s embarrassing,” she shrugged.

“I can help you feel more comfortable,” he said.

She took in a shallow breath as his lips descended towards her face. His tongue entered her mouth. She tasted his peppermint sweetness. Wanting more, her tongue curled around his. She grabbed his wet tongue with her lips and slowly sucked down it.

Then, she flicked his tongue up and glided her mouth onto his lower lip. Sucking and licking it before dipping her tongue back into his mouth to twist around his tongue again.

Maybe this was the real thing, she thought.

No one had ever made her feel so hot and comfortable at the same time. She had never experienced zings like this when she had kissed other men. Her heart had never beaten so fast as when his face came near hers.

Jack was a good kisser. She wanted more of his mouth. Her hands went to the sides of his strong jaw and soft cheeks. She continued to kiss him as he lowered himself between her legs.

She felt the long, thick rod growing in his pants. Lifting her hips, she ground into the tip of his cock while making little circles with her pelvis.

Jack rubbed harder against her as he deepened their kiss.

The friction of their movements excited the tiny bead of her clit. She rode into him faster, desperately wanting to be filled by him.

Abruptly, Jack leaned back on his knees. He grabbed the sides of her trousers and yanked them down. Grace hurriedly removed her shirt and bra. Once freed, they tossed them to the floor.

Slowly, Jack descended to her lower region. Her hand pulled at his short black hair as his head came down and sucked at her clit. The satin of her pink panties was soaked from his hot breath and wet tongue. He sucked and licked on top of them, making her close to coming before he had even really started.

Then, he yanked off the panties. His clothed biceps locked around her chocolate thighs. Grace wanted to rip off his shirt. She remembered how sexy he had looked at the Christmas tree farm and she craved to see his rippling muscles flex while they gripped her legs.

After a moment, Jack pulled her closer to him so her calves could rest on his fair shoulders. She ran her fingers through his dark hair again.

The heated momentum of pleasure rising higher. Two of his long fingers plunged inside her vagina. Her pussy gripped them as they slid in and out.

Jack’s tongue wriggled her bean as her legs tightened around his head. Instinctively, Grace moved her hips into his mouth. She was almost over that hill.

Jack’s other hand shot up to one of her chocolate breasts. His firm grip squeezed and rubbed at her nipple.

Pleasure coming from both ends of her body proved to be too intense for her. Enormous desire flowed to her pussy’s core, swirling around her ball of fire. The mass swelled rapidly like hot fusion until Grace cried out as she exploded under his mouth.

Her body shook violently. She tried to hold onto the back of his head as though she was afraid that she might float away. Jack’s tongue slowly licked inside her quivering pussy, lapping up the last of her released cream.

“Now, that made you look really beautiful,” he moved up to get a better look at her satisfied facial expression.

He smoothly wiped his mouth with the side of his shoulder blade.

Grace could only let out a happy exhale and flash him a big smile. She felt incredible.

“I love that smile when you are so completely happy and comfortable,” Jack said as he looked down at her glowing face.

“Well, that mouth of yours has better uses than talking a lot,” she teased.

“Oh, we got jokes,” he smiled. “You think I talk too much.”

She lifted her hand, squeezing her index and thumb close together. “Just a smidge.”

“Och, really.”

“Um-huh, but I’m okay with it,” she reassured him. “I’ve gotten so used to it that it’s actually uncomfortable when you’re quiet.”

“Och, okay. Would you feel more comfortable if I put on a show while playing 112?”

She playfully slapped his shoulder and said, “See, this is why I shouldn’t tell you shit?”

“Hey, I’m more than any Channing Tatum that you’ll ever need,” he said as he ground in between her legs. His lips descended on to hers.

“Oh, I’ll be happy to feel you prove that,” she said before springing up her lips to receive his kiss.

His pointy nose rubbed over her flat one before he softly pecked at her full lips. Electric tingles fired out from his soft touch. Grace hungrily pressed up to his pouted lips. Her tongue moved to taste inside his mouth again when the doorbell buzzed.

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