Release the Stars

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Photo by HASLOO

An erotic airport reunion with a twist


It’s a bit awkward at first, but by the time I’m on my knees with his cock in my mouth, the young German and I have forgotten all about that. He leans against the sink, sighing and running his fingers through my hair.

I’ve already sent you a text to explain why I’m late, but I want some visuals.

“You wanted photos, right?” he says, with that sweet accent of his. I’m stroking his shaft with one hand and cupping his balls with the other. I look up at him and nod, impressed he hasn’t forgotten our deal already.

One hand free to unlock my phone for him, then I’m back to his cock while he clicks away. I trace the length of him with my tongue, and stroke him with my hand while I kiss, lick and suck his balls.

He moans softly, and I replace my tongue with gentle fingers. I work my mouth slowly back from his balls, along the shaft and back to the head of his cock, running my tongue and lips around it a few times before bringing him deep into the back of my throat, still pumping the base of him with my hand.

“Ohhh, ja. Genau so…” he says. His fingers have twined more deeply in my hair and I feel the tension mounting in him. Several more thrusts, fast and deep into my throat, he’s fucking my mouth and I’m taking it. I feel the muscles of his thighs and ass contract as his grasp on my head tightens. He thrusts one last time and unloads my reward. Hot cum spurts into my throat and I swallow it around him.

“Mein Gott,” he groans, still leaning heavily against the sink. “Du bist, das war… ein Traum.”

“Thanks,” I say, kissing the last traces of cum from him and relishing it with one final suck. I stand up, wipe my face and fix my hair. I grab my bag and the phone. At least ten pics taken — I’m pleased. “Have a great vacation, Süßer!”

I linger for one more juicy kiss and admire his sleekness as I leave the restroom, headed back into baggage claim. My suitcase is waiting, so I’m off and running, and within minutes I’m through the big double doors where I see you standing. Finally!


I’m not a huge fan of airports and I hate waiting, but today’s an exception. Lucky for me I’m still in the car when your text comes in, because the blood starts flowing immediately, in a visible way.

Hey handsome,
In the bathroom right now giving head to a young super hottie, so I’ll be a few minutes late. Can’t wait to show you pics… xx

I park in the corner behind a wall, tempted to jerk off but… fuck, I’ll see you in a few minutes. Can’t believe this is actually happening, after fantasizing about it so many times. Waiting in the car and I can’t stop the internal movie reel. You kneeling… bathroom tiles… your mouth, fucked by some random stranger, lips spread wide to take him deep in your throat…

Fuck I don’t want to miss you coming out but I’m worried that walking might get me off… Adjustments. It’s just the airport, anyway, don’t know anyone here but you…


I’m always stunned by your presence. Yes, you’re beautiful, but your energy blows me away every time. And your glow.

Today’s no different. I can feel the powerful sex vibe radiating from you as soon as you cross the doorway, and it amazes me that the entire room doesn’t stare. The next amazing thing is how your eyes light up when you spot me. And you almost skip your way to me, baggage and all.

“Hey handsome!” you say in your excited girl voice, throwing your arms around my neck and pressing your hot little body against mine. For a second, I enjoy the embrace, savor the fragrance of your hair, the crush of your perky nipples against my chest, the brush of your smooth calf against mine and most of all, your sweet navel pressing my hard-on… but I need to get you alone. Right away. More covert adjustments.

“Parking lot,” I say.


At the car, you can’t conceal your eagerness any longer; I feel it pressing against me as I lean my body into yours. I prolong our kiss, pulling your tongue deep into my mouth, almost to the back of my throat. You’re so yummy, I could swallow you whole.

But I know what you’re thinking about.

“Can you taste him?” I ask.

Without a word, you climb into the backseat and pull me to sit on top of you, closing the door. Another proper kiss, slow and deep, so that I’m breathless and lose track of anything but our tongues, the heat of our torsos squeezed together, and the hint of your hardness between my legs. But you want something else from me.

“I can smell him all over you,” you say. “Now tell me about it.”

I begin the story. The young German sat across the aisle from me on the flight. We’d exchanged only a few words, but his eyes explored me from hair to toenails and back without rest. The admiration was mutual. He was tall and blond, with fine features and full, sensual lips that promised fiery kisses.

Each time I left my seat, I found an opportunity to brush different parts of his lean, muscular body with mine — his thigh, his forearm, his fingertips… and a happy burst of turbulence once landed me almost in his lap, my nipple grazing the sleek curve of his bicep. The look we exchanged inspired a new fantasy about joining the mile high club.

Leaving the plane, the heat of his gaze and gorgeous body behind me kept my mind spinning with ideas on the way to immigration… so when we bumped into each other on the other side, on the way to baggage claim and customs, I knew exactly what to do. The timing seemed almost too good to be true. Synchronicity…


Your lips are raw and you taste pungent. I can’t stop thinking about this stranger — German, no less — using your mouth just minutes ago. And here you are, hot and pliable as ever.

You straddle me in the back seat. All clothes are on but my cock knows where it wants to go, and I feel the crack of your wet pussy through my shorts. You’ve got nothing but a thong under your skirt, and I grab onto that tight ass of yours. You ride me like the sweetest little tease, sliding your hips back and forth just so as you recount your story.

I need more skin.

I roll the straps of your tank top and bra to the side and free your breasts one at a time. Your nipples are begging for attention. I take the first one in my mouth, tasting your sugar and roll the other between thumb and forefinger with a firm pinch. You let out a small cry and lean into me for more. I bite down, gently enough, and savor your whimper for a moment, then look into your eyes.

“What did you tell him?” I ask.


The grinding and nipple play are definitely getting me hot. But so is sharing my story.

“I asked if he wanted an adventure,” I say. The German’s eyes had widened as I explained my plan, but I didn’t have to ask him twice.

“Mmm…” You roll me to the side so you can undo your pants, then slide my hand to enjoy your hardness. I free you from your shorts and begin caresses with gentle strokes of my fingertips. You’re breathing more heavily now too. Then you say, “Go on.”

“I told him he was the most beautiful man I’d ever set eyes on, that just looking at him made me hot, and I’d be honored if he’d let me suck his young cock in the bathroom, in exchange for a few photos to show my old man.”

It takes a beat for that to register.

“Your old man?” You want to sound annoyed, but I know you like this story.

“Yes, my old man,” I go on. “Because sexy as you are, there’s a difference. Not like that young stallion.”

“Really?” Your hand is under my skirt again now, and my breath catches as you slide a finger along my thong, separating my lips. It glides easily… so juicy. You slide it back and forth, slowly and rhythmically, not deep enough for what I need. “Want to tell me more about your stallion?’

“Mmmm…” I’m having trouble with the words now, but the heat between us keeps rising with each detail. So I go on. “I took his hand and led him to the family restroom, locked the door, texted you.”


You’ve finished with the light caressing and got those fine fingers wrapped firmly around me. Light, rhythmic strokes while I continue to slide my own finger back and forth along the gusset of your thong, which is soaked and slippery.

My other hand’s in your hair, and I pull your face to mine for another deep kiss. There’s something so raw and primal in the way you open to me, perfect vulnerability… it’s powerfully hot.

I move my hand to your neck, and I feel the whimper beneath our kiss. Your body rises towards me. “Take me,” it says. But it’ll have to wait.

My lips and tongue find the crevice between your throat and collarbone. Even your sweat tastes erotic. You’re moaning and halfway to the moon, so I bring you back.

“Keep going,” I whisper in your ear.

Your voice is husky but you continue.

“In the bathroom, I leaned him against the sink and kissed him. He tasted like the sun… I touched him, rubbed against and got a good feel of him, let him play with my assets a bit, and then he pushed me to my knees.”


“He pushed you?” I ask. So fucking hot!

“Yes, he pushed me down, opened his pants and demanded my favors,” you say. “My kind of man.”

“Apparently so,” I say. Fuck! I need to see the pictures. So I ask you, “Don’t you have something to show me?”


I’m almost out of my mind with wanting you and I feel my juices pouring out as you continue to slide your finger between my swollen labia. I could probably cum from thinking about it, but damn! I want you to fuck me. At least finger me. I push my hips against your hand, but then you stop altogether. No!

“Show me the pictures,” you say.

Oh God, yes, the pictures! I find my phone inside my purse and open the first photo. I’m looking straight at the camera with my lips wrapped around the head of the German’s cock.

You smile. “Nice shot.”

You’ve resumed the circling of my clit with your finger — oh so gently — and I can’t stop moaning and pushing against you. You’re oblivious as you sit upright again, scrolling through the set. They’re good action shots — the young man had some skill. Your cock appreciates them as well. It’s rock-hard in my hand and a drop of pre-cum glistens on the tip.

I lean over to lick it, and your fingers move from my pussy to twine in my hair roots. “Yes,” you say softly. “Show me how you did it.”

I drop to my knees on the floor of the backseat. Your grip on my hair tightens as I begin licking the tip of your cock, starting with that glistening drop. You look from the phone to me.

“That’s right,” you say.

I lick.

“Mmm…” You are delicious. I cherish your taste and I’m kissing now, running my tongue all over your tip in widening circles so I can stretch my lips around you, worship you. Eventually I take your entire head in my mouth, sucking and releasing it gently, still running my tongue circles.

It was easier to suck the German, of course. He had a beautiful cock — perfectly shaped and not quite as large as yours.

Still, I do my best. I’m taking you faster now, deeper into my mouth and throat, deeper, faster, deeper, and my jaw is locked open. The fingers of my left hand encircle the base of you, and there’s enough saliva now for smooth strokes. My right hand is caressing your balls, fondling ever-so-gently and I’m in rhythm. It’s hot and wet and perfect. You’re there with me too, and we rock together as one — you, your cock, your balls, my hands, my mouth, my tongue, my throat. There is nothing but us and this…


“I want to fuck you now,” I say. I’m about to explode.

My fingers are deep in your hair. I pull your head from my cock and hoist you to a crouch in the car. Your skirt’s already up around your hips, but I pry the thong from your slit and slide it to your ankles and over your feet while lifting you to my lap.

“Now,” I say. We’re both slippery and breathless. You slide towards me and I feel the jolt as my hardness meets the supple between your legs.

You let out a loud “Ahhhh…”, but I’ve taken hold of your hips. We’re both so ready I simply slip halfway into heaven with the pressure of gravity. Then I pull you down hard on top of me and the pleasure is so intense that we both cry out. There are stars sparkling inside you. I hold you there for a moment, in silence while we feel that beauty.

We lock eyes, and I want to tell you about it. “You are…”

“Yes!” you answer, because words can’t come close.


Our lips are crushing, tongues intertwined. You’re inside me as you maneuver my hips in small, rocking circles.

We’re a building, growing, grinding bliss in waves of intensity — I’m blind and it’s building inside me as you pull me more urgently, your cock plunges deeper, rhythmically, hitting my G-spot over and over, filling me and I can barely breathe with it. Moans from us both, sweaty sighs.

We’re expanding in the rhythm, and I feel the pleasure build and spin and climb. There’s nothing but it, you and I— our heat, our bodies, souls and love tied together into this awesome wave.

You keep thrusting and we’re groaning; I’m keening with it all as you whisper, “Oh baby, I’m gonna cum,” and I feel your need as you plunge one last time, gripping my ass hard and tight against you. The first spurts and jolts of your cock set me off, and the orgasm shakes me from my toes.

We’re both screaming with it — ecstasy right there and I don’t care as it washes over, through, around me, us, the car, the parking lot, the airport, the city, the clouds, the sky and bursting into the Universe, moons, planets, suns and stars.

We’re coated in sweat and juices and I shudder as you pull my face close for one more penetrating kiss. Your tongue swallowing mine, mmmm…

“So good to see you again, my love,” you say. I’m lost in your eyes, in this glorious moment.

“Yes, love,” I say, nodding. After so much waiting, so much sweet release.

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