Foggy Morals

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The fog lay heavy over the warped forest road, obscuring trees and potholes on the way to the meeting point. It had been ages since Lauren had made the drive out here but she still knew every inch and pebble on the way. Back in the day she’d come up to Peak Point every few days; it was the perfect place if one wanted to think and write without being bothered by — well anyone, considering it took a good hour to drive up and down again, more if all you had was a small motorcycle you had no licence for and had to borrow from your brother who worked hard to afford it.

These days it took less time and the car was hers, but the road with all its nicks and turns and slopes and gravel was every bit as strenuous as it had been back then. Lots of fun though; having made it to the top Lauren could look down on the road she had just come up, sitting on her hood as she waited for Nathan to appear out of the fog.

The drive had given her ample time to think about what they were doing, why she had agreed to meet Nathan. How he had ever thought asking her out was a good idea, how she could even think about accepting, let alone follow through. Down in the valley both Lauren and Nathan had different lives, spouses and houses getting in the way of their feelings; but up here it would be just them and the lust for the forbidden.

Just when the chilly night air started to creep into her bones a set of lights broke from the fog, throwing shadows of light onto road and trees as it came closer. The chance to turn back and leave was gone. She told herself she never so much as thought about it, but it was not an option anymore.

The awkwardness was palpable, the wait until Nathan’s car had rolled to a stop and the lights turned off stretching into an eternity. Lauren stood, hands in her pockets as she waited for Nathan to get out. His head appeared, face barely visible in the dim moonlight but with the interesting features she found so fascinating. Back in school she had never considered him that interesting, or rather they had belonged to different circles that hardly ever intersected.

They had both grown up though, Nathan being one of the rare things that got better with age like the bitter taste of dark beer. He was one of those guys that wasn’t content with falling asleep on the couch in front of the TV each night, quite the contrast to her husband who all but lived between cushions. Whenever she saw Nathan he was doing something, from building a garden shed to volunteering at school activities. Even when they were invited to a garden party, Nathan was the one behind the grill staying busy so everyone else could have a good time.

For the longest time she had suspected that a man like that had to have a hidden darker side, a way to blow off steam from being the good guy all the time. Lo and behold, he had indeed. She thought about the last time they had met, down at the library of all places. It was not exactly the kind of place that routinely sparked forbidden affairs, but somehow the air had been vibrant with sexual tension from the moment they had bumped into each other. Lauren had been flicking through pages of various books trying to kill time just wandering around, no clear goal or even an idea about which genre she wanted to read. Regardless of that she had accumulated a decent stack of books already, too many for one person to borrow at one time, and was trying to sort through it as Nathan walked past her.

A simple ‘hey’ was all they exchanged, then he had been gone again but his presence seemed to linger behind. Lauren had caught her thoughts straying, wondering what he had been up to, what he might be looking for, all kinds of thoughts involving him when really there was no reason for more than a passing thought.

She had focused on sorting out her stack again, which had worked to get him off her mind until the moment he had returned. The town library was large, large enough to get lost in and large enough to go back through a dozen other paths, and yet he had come back. Had sat down on the chair next to her, just one book in his hands and a curious look had told Lauren that it was a book for one of his kids. Of course. And yet they had started quite an interesting conversation, quite innocent to any bystander but she had felt the air vibrate with hidden innuendo every minute they had spent there together. It had been weird, not only the fact that she found her thoughts stray in dangerous directions over a completely normal conversation but also that neither of them had been willing to end it. They had spent a good half hour tossing meaningless nonsense back and forth and finally Lauren had decided that enough was enough, that she needed to get out and get the thoughts out of her head.

Nathan had offered to borrow a couple of her books in his name since he had just the one and she had happily accepted, handing him part of her stack. Suddenly there had been a fateful lack of distance between them and then the last few inches between them had been bridged in the blink of an eye, his lips finding hers in the shortest and most regrettable kiss of her life. Their lives, really; he had looked just as shocked as she probably had and for a second neither of them said anything.

I am sorry, he had all but whispered, fearful of what she might do.

Don’t be, Lauren had retorted instead of any of the more reasonable responses, her back leaned against a shelf as she tried to slow down her breath and heart rate. It had barely worked, even looking at him within arm’s reach had been enough to make her head spin and she had known she wanted more. That they wanted more.

They had nodded at each other, not saying another word until they had passed the counter and left the library. Nathan had turned towards her, twice trying to say something but it had been Lauren who had finally found the fitting words.

Do you know Peak Point?

And so here they were, neither of them sure why they hadn’t pulled out at any moment over the past week. Lauren had even driven by his house once, fully intent on telling him it was too big a mistake to make — but then she had driven past and ended up grabbing a coffee at the diner and drinking it in silence as she drove back home. Had all but fallen into Steve’s arms on arrival, and it had been the best sex she and her husband had had in a long time. That had screwed with her mind the most, that Nathan could even repair her fading sex life with a single kiss. A kiss that she had not been able to forget all this time; brief as it had been she wanted nothing more than another, longer one.

Nathan closed the car door behind him, a confused, almost shy smile on his lips. He had probably dwelled on what to say the whole way up, just like she had, and now it was hard to put that into words. For a moment it seemed they would both prefer to jump back into their cars and head for safety, but then Lauren broke the silence with a smile.

“Look, it’s obvious we are both ready to make a mistake, so let’s not waste time anymore, okay?”

A grin appeared on Nathan’s face as he nodded, and a moment later Lauren had crossed the few steps between them, her body pressing him against his car as their lips found each other. They were hungry kisses, hungry fingers starting their descent from her shoulders down, a naughty grin spreading over his lips as the fingers dug into her ass. She had little patience anymore, a week’s worth of self-torture more than enough to push all regrets or concerns out of the way.

“I have thought of you every waking hour,” she whispered and Nathan just nodded.

“I can’t wait to see you naked.”

Whatever half-finished plan she might have come up with for their meeting and how she expected it to go it was all invalidated and overtaken by current events. He grabbed her ass and pulled her up, she wrapped her legs around him as he carried her to the back of his car. It was a good car, a practical one with a trunk big enough to carry a week’s worth of camping equipment and a whole family, or risk the well-being of said family inside of it for that matter. That was by far the better use of it, Lauren thought as she slowly slid down and her back found the hard, but not uncomfortable floor.

Nathan took his time undressing her, or rather it seemed as if he did to her hungry, impatient mind. In reality he was probably hurrying through it all, the buttons of her favorite blouse just staying intact and in place because she had been smart enough to wear an old t-shirt instead. Her beloved jeans that had protected her from the chilly evening air thus far were pulled down by strong, impatient fingers and left her fully naked as she had forgone all underwear or other wastes of time.

The kiss on her stomach was just a courtesy, lingering behind and keeping her in place while Nathan got out of his own clothes, taking no more than a few moments himself. Lauren took the chance to take in the scenery, from the strong shoulders, the hairy chest down the toned, but not overly muscular stomach down to the dick she had thought about so much in the past week. It was a good dick, rock hard of course it looked quite impressive but with a smile Lauren could not deny that he was indeed packing a larger caliber than she was used to.

“Like what you see?” Nathan grinned as he moved on top of her, the tip pressing against her stomach as she pulled him in with her feet and arms.

“Promising, but I really need to examine it further to make sure.”

They both chuckled and shared another kiss as Lauren reached down to guide him into her, gasping slightly as she felt him in her hands, felt the tip brush against her lips and felt how it slid into her so effortlessly. She had not been this wet in a long time, nor he that hard, as she assumed. His hips pushed forward, filling her to the point where she involuntarily rolled her eyes as he surprised her with another inch.

“Oh god,” was all she brought out and even that was cut short by the first forceful thrust following a split second too soon for her to handle. A moment before, she had felt the urge to resist him, even if just a little bit, and to retain a bit of distance, but now she realized she wanted to give in. The next thrust forced a whimper out of her and Nathan stopped for a second, checking whether he was hurting her. Lauren just shook her head, her grip around his back growing weaker by the second.

“Don’t stop, just take me.”

He nodded and fell back into his rhythm, slow and steady, and each thrust felt like two. Normally Lauren had to work hard for an orgasm, riding Steve and trying to come before he did, but now it felt like the orgasm was working hard on her. She could feel it rise up, each thrust forcing more air out of her lungs than they could take in and each touch of his fingers sending waves of pleasure through her whole body. His fingers played with her breasts — no, he really just grabbed and held onto them but it felt better than anything Lauren had ever experienced when Steve took his time with her, trying his best to make her come and feel at home in his arms.

Even knowing she was not going to last long the orgasm still came too soon, so soon that her body, her mind and breath did not even slow after the ripples stopped rolling through her spine and nerves. Her whole body was hard, each muscle strained as if she had just done a hundred push-ups, but nothing inside her made her want to stop, take a break or even break eye contact for a second. Just more, as much as Nathan could and was willing to give her.

She felt caught in limbo between reality and dream, real life thoughts seeping back into her mind but the dream-like lack of consequences for her actions still at large as Nathan looked down on her, kissing her roughly with his hips not missing a beat.

“Should I pull out?”

Lauren smiled, biting her lip as she shook her head. “No, don’t.”

It did not take long now, just a few more thrusts of that deliciously long, thick and twitching dick inside her before she felt that horrifyingly amazing moment of someone dumping load after load of his seed inside of her. Not anyone either, a man who was not just married, but married to a woman other than her. He groaned, but neither of them could let go of the other and together they waited until he grew soft inside of her before she released her grip around him and made room for him to sink down next to her.

Silence, a beautiful moment of silence, minds still spinning as they tried to come to terms with what they had just done.

Lauren ran her fingers over his chest, playfully twisting his hairs and watching him wince. Nathan turned his head towards her, a confused smile on his lips.
“I can’t believe we really did that.”

“I know,” Lauren said with a chuckle breaking free as she covered her face with a hand, “and I can’t believe I want more of it like right now.”

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