Noira Fradov



5 Stories by Noira Fradov

Psychiatric Evaluation

Life had never been easy, not growing up on the streets nor in foster families who might or might not be nice people....
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Ellie Confidential

A few years on the job made anyone a cynic, insensitive to the horrors people were willing to inflict upon others. A...
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Roommates with Benefits

part two: staying awake Our bodies are tired, movements slow but in unison as we hold each other close, the second orgasm so...
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Foggy Morals

The fog lay heavy over the warped forest road, obscuring trees and potholes on the way to the meeting point. It had...
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Roommates With Benefits

Whenever I look at Julia I wonder where that rule about not sleeping with your roommate comes from. It makes no sense;...
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