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A few years on the job made anyone a cynic, insensitive to the horrors people were willing to inflict upon others. A few more years and each case had been there before. Maybe slightly different details, but the same nonetheless. They lacked the shock factor to keep working days and nights, sleep in squad cars and cut off another of Medusa’s heads when it was obvious two new ones would grow right away.

Most couldn’t handle it, turning to alcohol and drugs in a worthless attempt of numbing the pain and filling the void once no pain was left.

The chosen few who stuck around and stayed disciplined found their own ways to spice up the routine. Some bent the rules as much as possible, riding so close to the edge that only another solved case prevented the Captain from firing them. Others took up side jobs as corrupted cops and for others the work on the force became the side job.

Ellie had found a much better method to keep herself sane and going on, a vastly superior addiction than drugs could ever be. It wasn’t about praise or getting a promotion anymore — detective was all she had ever wanted and needed — and instead all about exploring people’s dark sides. When she entered a room to question a murderer about his motives she wasn’t just looking for a recording of them saying they did it. No, she wouldn’t leave the room until she had experienced the darkness inside of them, absorbed it and made it her own.

No amount of dirty money could ever be better than that and so she had managed to stay clean throughout the years, it even made her the department’s showgirl whenever the press needed to be fed the lie that there were still good cops roaming the streets.

Even with every case a variation of a prior there were the odd ones that just stuck out, from the overly brutal to the cases that made an impact on the city’s social life and scarred it permanently; and as she set foot into the small restaurant Ellie realized immediately that she had stumbled over one just like that.

If the years had taught her anything then it was to go against her instincts, ignore the blood and focus on the rest. As usual the most interesting thing about the scene wasn’t the bodies, little was ever to be gained from studying the way they died alone. No, it was far more important to look at who they had been in life, how they had ended up in the position to die and who profited most from their early demise.

A known ‘legit businessman’ with ties to everything from clubs to drugs, weapons, girls and extortion. Granted, someone living a life like that was guaranteed to see it shortened significantly at some point and few tears would be shed in his memory. He’d been high on the department’s list and only corruption had kept this fish swimming in the pool.

The mayor’s right hand advisor would normally be assumed to live a much healthier lifestyle, maybe do a few shady land deals on the side, but him turning up dead in what could only be a case of high-level corruption might have just turned out to be the last push to topple the mayor’s near ten-year reign. Opinions differed on whether that would be a good thing or a fucking great one.

Ellie could have done without the dead cop in the middle of everything though, even though she was hardly surprised to find him there on the floor. As far as Ellie was concerned the mystery wasn’t why Detective Ike Owen was present at the scene but rather why he had still been allowed to carry his badge in there.

At the end of the day though neither years on the force nor cynicism could make dead cops a normal occurrence and for what it was worth he had always done the right thing in the wrong way. Ellie had known he wasn’t quite clean, but as much as she normally hated the corrupt, he had never been weak. Any police department needed someone with one foot on each side of the line and Owen had been just that. Ellie could respect that, even had liked him a little for his stubborn resistance against being a good man.

The city’s population would love this case as much as the boulevard press and the political opposition. Ellie would have been fine with all of that if it wouldn’t once more play out to leave the elite unscathed while the boys and girls in uniform suffered from increased hostility on the streets.

She felt a noticeable presence entering the small space and from the way the officers around her stiffened up it had to be someone important. Ellie ignored him, focusing on the bodies until whoever it was crouched down next to her and she was forced to look over.

It turned out to be Lieutenant Burke, one of the few Ellie truly respected because he was the definition of a good cop, hard working, and his brushes with IA were for roughing up assholes instead of getting paid by them. The only reason he was still holding the rank of Lieutenant was that he lacked the pencil pusher gene and knew he was too valuable on the streets.


“Detective. Talk about a fucked up situation, eh?”

“Royally fucked up if I may say so. What’s your impression?”

“Let’s see. Dead cop, dead made man, dead mayor’s right hand. Press is gonna feast on this one. We might even see the mayor fall over this, not sure if he can convince anyone he had no stake in whatever this is.”

Nodding, Ellie pointed at the bodies that were scattered and splattered over the floor. “We can only hope we will only see political murders until this all blows over.”

“Don’t think for a second we’ve seen the worst yet.”

“Always gets worse before it gets better. So, three dead, doesn’t look as if any of them shot one of the others though.”

“Nah, someone else was here.”

Ellie nodded again and got up to relax her legs. “Not at the table though, only three chairs. Oh, and I might not be an expert on clandestine meetings but aren’t they supposed to bring muscle just to prove they trust each other as far as they can spit?”

“Normally, yes. Guess we should be thankful it’s only a triple murder and not a massacre, eh? Smoke?”

Temporarily confused by the sudden change of topic Ellie had nodded her agreement, remembering too late that she had given up smoking a month ago — for good this time. Oh well, what was a little relapse when they left people in their wake who had overdosed on lead?

The night was chilly and without the seizure inducing flashing lights it might have been a romantic early autumn night, maybe a little boring. With the lights illuminating the scene and the purposeful atmosphere the night was nothing short of arousing. Ellie loved the feeling of being part of something important, loved the responsibility most tried to avoid and the knowledge that she had the skills and resources to do her job well.

But there was something else, the gusts of wind touching her cheeks like fingers and leaving shivers in their wake. Ellie noticed she was feeling weirdly inadequate in Burke’s presence, caught in a rare moment where she wanted to be a better person — when normally she did just fine sticking to a healthy dose of arrogance and superiority. Just being around him she felt beliefs and morals fade like the memories of better times.

She sighed barely audibly and shook her head, knowing she was better than that. There had to be something odd in the air, she could resist men she knew far better than Burke — whom she only ever saw in the hallways.

The brick wall against her back felt strangely cold and Burke leaned against it an inch or two too close for her to handle, making her sigh in disgust about the direction her thoughts were headed. Normal people would have been sick to their stomachs after taking a look at the scene — and for what it was worth Ellie certainly wasn’t feeling well — but if anything the violence, political implications and the mountain of work ahead of them all only added to the atmosphere. They all made her head spin, hints of apocalypse and martyrdom with an unhealthy dose of lust and a lack of social life lying in the air. Not a good combination.

“A dime for your thoughts. Scratch that, a dollar for your thoughts, you just let your cigarette burn out.”

With a slightly embarrassed chuckle Ellie returned to reality, snapped the pathetic rest of her cigarette into a puddle and shook her head.

“Oh, nothing really. Just thinking about the case, that’s all.”

Stupid, that probably sounded as believable to him as it did to her. And of course she saw that smile creep up on his face, telling her he was reading an open book and flicking through the pages to see if there was more to read.

“You know, a weaker man than me would probably make a lewd joke now.”

“Oh? And what are you going to do instead?”

“Easy, I’ll ask if I can interest you in a drink or two at Moriarty’s after we finish up here.”

Ellie couldn’t help but scoff, at him as much as herself, as she noticed neither of them was playing much of a game anymore. The river card had been dealt and they either had to show their cards or fold, but then Ellie had never been much of a folder.

“Tell you what, we finish up here and we’ll skip Moriarty’s. My place is as good as any, plus the booze is free. Just don’t get any ideas, least not until I’m drunk.”

The smile on Burke’s face widened and Ellie involuntarily mirrored it until they both made a conscious effort to hide it, sober up and return to a state where they could work alongside each other a little longer.

Another car rolled to a stop in front of them, a huge Suburban with tinted windows that would have served a drug dealer just as well as the Chief of Police it belonged to. An impressive display of power, Ellie had always liked him for his ability to retain integrity in a paygrade where that wasn’t expected. His tailored suit contrasted with him driving himself because he loved to drive, not one to succumb to the questionable luxury of being driven everywhere. There was something else as well, a sense of genuine interest in the people around him. Not even the faked ‘my employees are important to me’ CEO attitude but a bit of chit-chat with everyone he talked to.

At least when there was time; now the stress was visible in his eyes and Ellie certainly didn’t envy him. The Chief walked up to them and Ellie disconnected from the wall to straighten up a little while Burke remained leaned against it.


“Lieutenant, Detective. Fill me in?”

Ellie looked over to Burke, but he just nodded at her. “You got a better look at the scene.” He was right, and he didn’t have to prove himself anymore.

She closed her eyes for a second, bringing the details to memory before she relayed their findings and thoughts.

“Three dead, all shot by a fourth person but there were only three chairs at the table so he wasn’t invited. Not much to say until we get ballistics. Victims were Wayne Woodrow, club owner suspected of a multitude of crimes, Darin Steel, Mayor’s right hand and Detective Owen, I’m sure you already heard.”

The Chief listened, then his eyes trailed off into the distance. “Yeah, I heard. Is there any way Detective Owen had a reason to be there?”

Ellie was about to shake her head when Burke stepped in. “I was thinking he was part of an undercover investigation into high level corruption. Takes the blame off us.”

The Chief nodded slightly. “That could fly, would make our lives a whole lot easier. You okay with that, Detective?”

Moderately stunned, Ellie was at a loss for words. When exactly had the conversation turned from discussing an investigation into discussing how to tamper with it?

“I’m… not really, Chief. I see the reasoning, I just really don’t like it.”

“Neither do I, Detective. Believe me, I mean it, especially considering past events. It’s just that there is a lot more at stake and bending the truth a little leaves the whole department better off, plus Owen was a good man who doesn’t deserve any bad press. But you lead the investigation and I need you to be on board.”

Ellie turned her head to the side, disgusted with herself. She wasn’t sure if she would call Owen a good man, but she knew it had to be done.

“I don’t like it one bit, but you can count on me.”

The look of relief on the Chief’s face eased her mind a little, but it could do only so much to make a bad choice look good. It was a decision that would come around to bite them in the ass, in some way or another.

“Thank you, both of you. Now I can fend off the press with more than just a rock to throw at them.”

For some reason the image of the Chief hurling stones at panicked journalists brought the smile back to her face. The chief noticed and briefly mirrored her smile before he turned around.

“Go home, both of you. There will be enough work to do in the morning, and better assume the press will follow your every step on this.”

“Yes, Sir. Good night.”

“Best in a while. Briefing tomorrow at nine sharp, I’ll try to get an anti-corruption task force set up and I want you both to be a part of it.”

Ellie watched him leave for his car, then flee the scene of the biggest scandal in recent history before she looked over to Burke who stood there, waiting. He smiled a wry smile, suddenly looking a lot more vulnerable than the battle scarred detective he had been a minute ago.

“So, you still up for those drinks?”

She shrugged. “Ugh, I feel dirty somehow. I know I shouldn’t and that it’s better for everyone, but still…”

“…but still we should have stuck to the truth?”

“Yeah, right. And frankly I expected you would, thought you were better than the others. Or that I would for that matter, but I guess neither of us is.”

The look in his eyes had changed, a little hurt and a little annoyed. “My loyalty belongs to the department and you know it was the right choice.”

Ellie had come to a decision. “Part of me does, yes. Doesn’t make it any better, and if you excuse me I’ll go home and get drunk now. Alone.”

Burke leaned back against the wall, shrugging with a short sigh. “Not my preferred option, but I understand you. See you tomorrow then.”

“Yeah, let’s keep things the way they are and focus on what we are good at.”

Luckily her car was just a few steps away, yet Ellie barely made it before her self-restraint ran out and she hit the steering wheel with both palms. It amazed her how much her mood could change in mere minutes and it annoyed her how much she wanted to turn around, grab Burke and pull him into a dark corner where no one could witness her weakness.

The two miles home gave her some time to relax, come to terms with the mistakes she had made and fear the weirdness of the next day when she would meet Burke again. Fuck daydreams, especially the nightly ones.

She had no problems finding a space to park her battered car — just one of the benefits of living in a part of the city no one wanted to live in — and cleared the three flights of stairs without stumbling over junkies, a refreshing surprise as of late. No doors were kicked in and there wasn’t any new graffiti on the walls, so by all measurements she was looking back at a fucking great day.

Just why, she thought to herself, did it not feel like one?

There was nothing to hide behind in her whole apartment, only windows moonlighting as mirrors until Ellie managed to draw the curtains closed. The couch did its best to comfort her, but the pillows felt hard and the beer was too cold, too bitter just like reality and she had a hard time stomaching either.

For a moment she just sat there in silence, but all this time her body had not forgotten the five minutes of arousal, five minutes of being ready to make regrettable mistakes and now the only mistake she regretted was telling Burke to leave her alone.

Sure, he was just a random choice, accidentally in the right place at the right time and given the choice he might not have been her first pick, but she wouldn’t have had any issues waking up next to him. Damn, even now she wanted to wake up next to him, ask herself if it had really been worth it and if it would impact the way they worked together.

Her fingers found their way under her shirt without her doing, soft skin colliding with rough fingers and shivers running through her nerves and muscles. She liked her body, liked watching it in the mirror as much as she enjoyed touching it. It was the result of hard work, but at the same time it wasn’t too hard, bony or skinny. She had the muscle to hustle, meat where it mattered and an ass that didn’t even need the tight uniform pants to turn heads.

And she was alone, no one in reach to give her the attention Ellie craved so much, downright needed as she realized when her fingers first touched her swollen pussy. Any other day she would have enjoyed being alone with herself, preferred it even to the presence of any of those guys who thought they had to take their chances with her.

But not tonight, just like the beer didn’t really cut it neither did the slow touch and self-inflicted pleasure. Ellie sighed, put a little more effort into the rubbing motions, but quickly admitted to herself that she needed something stronger.

Her phone seemed to tease her, almost ridiculing her for thinking of those handful of numbers belonging to people who might be willing to help out a girl in need. Almost triumphant when she finally reached for it, a menacing laugh as she scrolled past the used-to-bes, once-weres and burned-bridges that had accumulated over the course of too many nights like this.

After closer inspection only three numbers had any kind of potential, two of which came with the mental note of having to be really drunk before attempting a second unprofessional encounter.

The third number was the worst though, it came with the big red circle of do-not-call-under-any-circumstances and her phone seemed to dare her to press the little green icon next to it. Before Ellie really knew what was going on the screen collided with her thumb, the icon turned into an animation and the faint sound of ringing reached her ear before she had a chance to correct her mistake.

“Hey Ellie,” a far-too-familiar voice answered after the second ring, dripping with ridicule before she could even say a word. “Let me guess, you got home, feel lonely and now you’re re-evaluating your choice?”

Fucking Burke. Ellie was about ready to slam the phone down and hide under a blanket, but then just in time realized that smartphones did not offer that luxury unless she was willing to spend another grand on a fucking pocket computer.

At least she was finally convinced that he would in fact have become a mistake — if not immediately then over time.

“Fuck you, Burke.”

“Yeah, see you tomorrow honey.”

Ellie pressed the button hard enough to bend a lesser phone, then threw it down on the couch that didn’t really look inviting anymore. No, she had to put on some overly tight pants, get out of this overly spacious apartment and throw herself into the fray.

The Boulevard Club was the perfect place to be for a lonely soul to seek another one, big enough to get lost in with friendly staff and good booze — and of course she wasn’t the only one to know of it. That in turn drove the guys out there, guys desperate enough to ridicule themselves on the dance floor, pockets filled with enough cash to try their luck at a couple different chicks.

Conveniently located deep in the industrial district it filtered out most of the riff-raff who couldn’t afford cars, yet also those who preferred fancy clubs in sky-high locations and the dressed-up chicks to go along with them. No, this was a jeans-and-shirt club, Mojitos about as fancy as it got and the parking lot featured more trucks than Lambos.

Yes, it was the place to be on an already wasted night, a night that seemingly could only get better and the moment Ellie stepped inside, the banging music engulfed her mind and body. It wasn’t loud enough to be painful, but certainly enough to drown out reality.

Ye who step inside let all reality behind.

Her eyes had trouble seeing through the mixture of smoke and fake fog, the glaring and bouncing lights making her wish for her sunglasses inside, at near midnight, but she knew them safe at home.

That however did not prevent her from scoping out the territory, finding an ample supply of chicks and dicks in various stages of loneliness and so the night seemed saved. The bar came nearer, so did the much needed first beer of the longest day in recent memory and soon Ellie was deeply invested into the observation.

Soon it became apparent that none of the guys was really doing it for her, but then they didn’t have to. Tonight just wasn’t a night to find Mister Right, but rather one of those rare ones where she actually looked for the nicest pants bulge and least amount of female friends.

By that measurement the amount of choices opened up drastically and early on into her second beer she seemed to gain the first guy’s attention who offered to buy her another one if she wanted. And sure, tonight she wanted.

Ellie had a hard time focusing on their forced conversation, he wasn’t much of a talker but talked regardless — a lot in fact. Just a couple minutes in she wanted him to shut up, but luckily she had a good way of making him do so.

“Can I ask you something?”

He paused for a second, then nodded friendly. “Sure.”

Leaning a little closer Ellie did some last-minute calculations and came to the conclusion that the numbers matched up.

“If I’m really honest I just came here to have sex with someone tonight and if you can do that without any drama I’ll let you.”

Ellie barely hid her smile as his eyes seemed to implode and his face distorted, but she had to hand it to him that he caught himself pretty damn quick under the circumstances.

“I… okay, I guess I can do that. Seems like you know what you want, I like that.”

He would have liked her regardless, Ellie thought as she pushed him off his chair as much as he pulled her.

“We can drive to my place if you like.”

But Ellie just shook her head.

“What do you think about just banging me outside, parking lot, hood of your car? I’ve never done that and it sounds like fun.”

“And I guess it’ll save us the drive back here to get your car. Sure, fine, if you want to use me and toss me away I’m all up for that.”

Ellie couldn’t hide a chuckle, the guy wasn’t half-bad if she was honest. Might just turn into a lucky pick, might just turn into a new number in her contact list if he didn’t screw up terribly in the next half hour.

She started to feel at home in his arm, allowed him to steer her into the darkness of the parking lot right to where good girls wouldn’t go. Right where Ellie belonged tonight, out of sight of any curious set of eyes that might see a shining star of the local PD get bent over the hood of a guy’s car whom she hadn’t known a half hour before.

All in good fun of course and the further his fingers went the less Ellie cared about where they would end up.

“Can we kiss real quick just so that I feel like you truly love me?”

Ellie snickered, the guy was pretty good at this. She reached up, grabbing his neck and pulling him nearer, but then she stopped him just before their lips could touch.

“Under one condition.”

“Name it.”

“I guess if we’re really in love I should at least know your name and I really didn’t listen if you already told me.”

Their chuckles aligned and he nodded, his lips coming so close she thought she could feel his beard on her chin.

“It’s David, and yes I already told you. You even told me that your name’s Ellie.”

Then their lips finally met before Ellie had a time to feel ashamed about herself, a mesmerizing touch of a person she deeply needed in her life — for the time being at least. Somewhere in the back of her mind he still was the stranger she had just met, the stranger she would soon drop with little regret or even thought but right there and then he and his dick were the best friends she had ever had in her life.

His fingers fought with her belt, then her pants button and ultimately the zipper before he slipped them under her panties, rough and hurried and just like she needed him to. Their gazes were locked at each other and Ellie felt slightly frightened of the intensity with which this David guy managed to read her thoughts. She just had to blink this or that way, involuntary commands that his fingers followed without delay and before she really knew it her breath was going hard and fast and he hadn’t even dragged her pants down yet.

But then again, just when she was about to say something, tell him to get that dick out in words no lady of class should utter, he was already a step ahead of her. The fingers of his left hand still seemed stuck in her, but his right hand expertly opened his belt and dragged down his and her pants in what seemed like one fluid motion.

They were too close together for Ellie to take a peek, but she sure felt it as the tip of his dick brushed her stomach. There was something enchanted about this moment, with all moral concerns and other obstacles out of the way and there was nothing left to do but lean back and enjoy the experience.

And she did, even without her stupidly horny state he would have been a good fuck with both a body and a dick that didn’t drift into either extreme. Ellie could feel muscles as she held onto him, could feel his dick slide into her with an embarrassing lack of effort and he stopped half an inch after she expected him to on every thrust.

He began slow, but Ellie was already far ahead of him and his slow thrusts annoyed her even though they already felt amazing.

“Hurry up, I don’t care if you come early or anything. Just, just fuck me.”

He chuckled, but he followed suit and immediately hastened his pace to a level she could stand even less than his slow, methodical rhythm. She held onto him as much as he onto her, their bodies shifting around on the hood and they had to regain balance all the time after his thrusts, creating a weirdly chaotic rhythm that was as hard to get used to as it was to get out of.

Her body was hot, her stomach muscles hard as steel and each thrust reverberated through her whole body and nerves until she lost touch with reality. There were lights from the club, the metal against her butt cheeks was cold enough to instil fear in weaker souls and there were probably some people watching by now — and none of it really mattered.

She came slowly despite his rapid thrusts, several times she felt pushed over the brink only to be dragged back as she was already falling. Enough time to consider every single bad life choice, go over every cringeworthy conversation and of course think of every boyfriend she had once had and then finally the one thrust that really mattered pushed his dick deep into her and she felt his balls slapping against her before her eyes turned over, all air escaped her lungs and she fell back uncaring of whether she was putting dents in his car.

The first thing that came to her mind as sense returned into her was whether that even was his car, a thought that put a smirk on her face and she secretly hoped that it wasn’t.

But David wasn’t done with her yet, with increasing clarity Ellie realized that he was still plunging into her, that neither her winces nor her hungry smiles could have swayed him either way and that he was just as lost in her as she was in the moment.

She spread her legs out a little more, the mix of alcohol, continuing lust and just plain enjoyment enough to help her through that phase of her body complaining about the slightest touch, let alone the hungry thrusts of a man who couldn’t have stopped if he wanted to.

He looked into her eyes, a wordless conversation that boiled down to just one question — and a slight nod was all the answer he needed. Ellie had expected so much of this evening to go differently that nothing really felt out of the question anymore and as she felt a stranger’s dick spasm and erupt deep inside of her, her only response was a relaxed grin.

He even kissed her while his dick slipped out of her, on the mouth and her neck, and then he pulled her shirt up to press two more on her tits before he stepped back to drag his pants up.

“I’m glad I could help,” was all he said as he fastened his belt and Ellie couldn’t help but laugh. He seemed so secure in himself, so content with the quality of his work but then he had every right to be.

Just to mess with each other they shook hands as if they had just finished an important business deal, all the time wondering if the other would go first in admitting they enjoyed the whole thing more than they thought they would.

But neither of them did, not on their way back to the club or when they shared a last, almost cute goodbye kiss. Then David disappeared back into the club and Ellie stayed behind for a moment, trying to come up with a better plan than to get into her car and drive home with a stranger’s cum leaking out of her.

But nothing came to mind and the night wasn’t young anymore.

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