Dear Sally, here’s what I want you to do.

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I know this is going to sound strange. But please read the whole email before trashing it and thinking I’m some sort of weirdo.

I want you to cuckold your husband, Sally.

If you don’t know, cucking a husband means basically cheating on him but not hiding it. Sometimes the cuck gets to watch. Sometimes the cuck gets to wait at home while you go out and pretend to be single. Sometimes the cuck gets to hear about how you fucked somebody. Sometimes he doesn’t get any details at all.

But here’s the thing.

It’s always good for the cuck. How do I know? Because I used to be one. My first wife cucked me, with my encouragement, in many different ways, and they were all breathlessly exciting and arousing. I honestly think that most humans don’t even know what “turned on” means. You can’t imagine how stimulating it is to see or hear about your wife with another man.

Cut to the present time. I’ve become very successful, been to the gym, had therapy, and even did penis enlargement surgery. And now I am a bull.

I have a hot as hell 40-year-old’s body, and now I’m seven inches hard. I will send pics if you want.

But you’ve seen me. We hit it off at that party. You were definitely flirting. And I liked Gary, your husband. I liked him because I recognized my former self in him. You might not know it, Gary might not know it, but he is a cuck.

How do I know?

Number one — you are like three times out of his league. You’re a ten and he’s a three. He’s a little bit handsome, but that paunch is a big turn off to you, I’m sure.

Number two — you boss him around. I saw when he said, “Is it time to go?” and you replied curtly, “No, go get me another drink.”

If my current girlfriend spoke to me like that, she would be sacked. No self-respecting bull would allow himself to be curtly dismissed. But a cuck would. I was like this with my hotwife.

That’s the term for you — hotwife — if you want it, Sally. You can be a hotwife. I know you are not satisfied in bed with Gary. We went to the restroom together and I took a peep at that little thing.

Sally, being fucked by a thick seven-incher is so different from being fucked by four-and-a-half. You don’t really feel Gary, trust me. You’ll feel me. I will fill you all the way up. And I will give you the vaginal orgasm you are missing with Gary. You will cum, not just because I’m bigger and I know how to move it, but because the whole situation is going to be so different and thrilling. I’ve heard this from plenty of hotwives — the first time is always the most thrilling, because you will be stepping over that threshold. You will feel weightless. Taboo. Contraband. You will feel unreal. And you will have a nice big orgasm as I fuck you.

But then, after I cum in you — I’ll wear a condom of course — I will eat your pussy and make you cum again. And then I will turn you over on the bed, Sally, and worship that bubble butt of yours with my mouth. And then I will fuck you from behind. It will be no problem getting hard again. I have a prescription for extra strength Sildenafil and will get stiff at least four times in one session. I think I will cum quickly fucking you from behind because your ass and your back are so sexy. I saw a lot of your back in that low cut dress. You are what, thirty? You keep yourself in great shape. You have the body of an eighteen-year-old, not an ounce of fat on it, just like mine. You deserve to be fucked by someone like me, Sally. You know you do.

I will be kissing the side of your neck as I fuck you from behind and that’s where things might get a little dicey. Kissing a woman’s neck is so tender. It’s bound to induce feelings of affection and attachment — in both of us. That’s ok! Don’t freak out. I know you really love Gary. I am not a threat to that. But I also know you have a big heart. You have enough affection for the both of us.

Now, after I cum for the second time, I will remove the condom and ask you to suck me to get me hard again. You will kneel on the bed before me, like a sexy porn star. I’ll rub your nipples. You have those hefty breasts that I can tell sport nice wide areolae and thick nipples. I’ll be in heaven as you suck me so enthusiastically. You won’t recognize your enthusiasm for this — has it become a bit of a chore sucking on Gary’s little sausage? I’m sure it has. But now, my big veiny kielbasa is going in your mouth and you’re devouring it. I’ll be hard in seconds.

Now what should we do?

“How do you want it?” I’ll ask.

“I want to fuck you,” you might say.

And I’ll lie back and let you go to town on me. And here is where the hotwife usually has a few more vaginal orgasms. Because you get to feel your power. You get to use me for pure pleasure. It’s just sex now — hot sex. You sit on me and you push down into me and you feel the pressure on your clit as you fuck me.

“Yeah baby,” I’ll say. “Fuck me baby! That’s it.”

And just that bit of coaxing will take you all the way to the happy kingdom. Afterwards you’ll collapse on your back next to me. You might think we’re in for some cuddling time now.

You’d be wrong.

Instead, you’ll see me reaching over to the side table and getting the lotion. You know what I want to do with it.

“Oh no,” you say.

You might not be into anal with Gary. I wouldn’t be. But with me, how will you feel? Let’s just try it out, I’ll put a little lotion on the rim of your ass. I’ll poke one finger in there. You’ll feel hot and naughty.

Oh, and by the way, have I made it clear? Gary might be there, on the end of the bed, watching. If that’s what you want. He might be in the other room listening. Or he might not be there at all. He might be at home, just waiting for you to come home.

But you’re not home yet. Not until I ask you with my eyes, and you say yes with yours, and I place my cock on the edge of your ass. I ask you one more time with my eyes. You say out loud, “Go ahead.”

And then I push into that place. And who knows how that is going to feel. It’s going to be an adventure, that’s for sure.

What do you think? If you’re up for the ride, reply to my email. If not, delete it, forget about it, and we’ll never speak about it again.

I think I know your answer. But I could be wrong.


Chris C.

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