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Part twenty-nine: Four go wild

‘By the end of the week I doubt there was a single surface in the place that one or the other or both of us hadn’t been laid over. For married men I have seldom come across two finer examples of sex starvation, but I can completely understand why Charlie and Nick weren’t getting any. They droned on about business deals incessantly.’

‘‘They were much worse than Ted, from that point of view,’ sighed Sue to Elaine, ‘but they were nowhere near as clever as they imagined they were. They started out convinced they had got a great freebie by seducing two naive college girls into cooking their meals and providing them with extramarital sex, and by the end I had talked them into paying not only for our airfares, but for several complete changes of wardrobe.’

‘It sounds as if everyone got exactly what they wanted,’ said Elaine.

‘Anyway, delicious darling that she is, Sue never deviated an inch from our plan, and we dressed as harem girls 24/7, while the only time we let them wear anything but their sultan and grand vizier costumes was when we had to go and get a couple more sets while the originals were in the wash.’

‘You can imagine why,’ added Sue with a smirk. ‘The deal was that we had sex with them as often as they liked during the day, but that we slept in our own rooms at night. They never figured out that it was because we were sleeping together.’

‘It was such fun. Sue never ran out of ideas — it was like an endless party game where the prize was getting fucked, which we were just as keen on as they were. At one point we had the boys drinking wine out of our pussies.’

‘I doubt their wives had ever treated them to anything remotely like it,’ added Sue airily. ‘In fact I am sure they hadn’t, because we ran over their sexual boundaries on a regular basis.’

‘Anyway, the main reason for telling you all this is that Sue had kept telling me that her ambition was to feel two cocks inside her at once, and I knew this was going to be one of the few chances we were ever likely to get. By then we were all completely absorbed in the role play, so I went to Charlie’s room — he was the Vizier, remember — and let him slobber all over my tits while I told him that the goddess Susan wished to convey great favour upon him and the Sultan.’

I smiled at the memory, ‘Charlie was superb, he made me laugh when he made out that it was a very bad time to ask the Sultan anything, but that if I let him come on my boobs, he would consider making the request. So I took off my bra and let him put his cock between my breasts, and I held them together while he pumped away — it was only a minute or so before he was shooting great runny spurts over my cleavage. Then he made me get dressed right away, and we went to see the Sultan with my top plastered to my tits.

Charlie put on a grand show of explaining the enormous favour the goddess was offering, and then he made me squeal by throwing me on the bed in front of Nick and observing that if the Sultan inspected me, he could see for himself that I had paid the price for the request in full. Nick didn’t really need to look, because the room stank of semen, and he waved a hand and roared, ‘Then bring me the goddess at sundown so we may worship her!’ After that he must have spent a full five minutes massaging his brother’s come into my nipples through my soaking top and by the end of it I was gone.’

‘We hid in our rooms all of that afternoon, so that when Tabby led me downstairs at sunset, the guys’ tongues were hanging out.’

‘Sue looked ravishing. On our second shopping trip with them, we had picked up some dresses made of obscenely sheer nylon, with halter necks, deep scoops in the back, and long, pleated skirts. I still have them, but they are the sort of thing you wouldn’t dare wear with anyone except a lover. The boys had rather sweetly ordered in some flowers, and I decorated Sue’s hair with them.’

‘I don’t know if you know what Tabby is like with soft materials, but every time she moved in that dress, you could see her glow all over.’

‘My nipples were more or less constantly erect because of it — the feeling was just outrageous, and it made me as randy as hell.’

’When we went down, the Grand Vizier himself met us at the bottom of the stairs — he had a raging hard on the moment he saw Tabby — and he escorted us to the Sultan, who bowed, and asked me to sit next to him, after which it became perfectly clear that they hadn’t a clue what to do next.’

‘Despite being at least ten years older than we were, their knowledge of sex definitely left a great deal to be desired,’ I added.

‘But you’ve got to admit that they were a big step forward from Rory, darling.’

‘Anything would have been a big step forward from Rory. At least they were actually interested in having sex.’

Sue giggled. ‘True. So I took charge by declaring that my hand maiden must prepare them and that if they exposed their penises, she would perform the ritual purification ceremony. It was almost like the sillier our idea was, the keener they were to play along with it. After a bit, it became an exercise in what we could persuade them to do.’

‘I made them stand facing each other with their erections almost touching before tipping a glass of vintage champagne over them so I could suck it all off.’

‘You only wanted to check out how much bigger Nick was than Charlie. I get the hots even now thinking about him, but you have to allow that Charlie did have balls like a bull.’

I laughed. ‘Nick was enjoying Charlie’s discomfort at the comparison so much that he grabbed another glass of champagne, poured it over Tabby’s front and more or less guzzled her tits in the hope she would open her legs for him.’

I clutched myself at the memory. ’I wasn’t wearing a bra, and he nibbled me so hard I wanted to smack him, but by then I just knew they were on the verge of completely losing it, so I told them the ceremony was complete and that they must sit whilst I prepared the goddess.’

‘They were as good as gold when it came down to following orders, and it provided a golden excuse for her to lick me out in front of them.’ Sue sighed, ‘That was almost the best bit of the evening — I wanted it to go on forever. After that, getting what I wanted across to the boys was a lot harder than it should have been. They were much too excited to concentrate.’

‘Plus they had drunk far too much to be coordinated. I persuaded Nick to lie on his back, and Sue mounted him with me guiding him in with one hand while I massaged her clit with the other.’

‘I had had him two or three times already by then, but I was so tight inside that if you hadn’t made me so wet I can’t imagine what would have happened.’

‘…and then we couldn’t get the stupid sod to keep still.’

‘He was nearly bouncing me off with every thrust, while you had your finger in my anus trying to relax me enough to take Charlie…’

‘…who wouldn’t keep still either — in the end I let him fuck me to keep him occupied, so anyone who had walked in would have been faced with Sue riding the Sultan, while the Grand Vizier took me doggy style and I massaged her anus. By then, it was gaping open with every thrust Nick gave, and I grabbed Charlie, smeared olive oil over his cock…’

‘…I could hear him asking what it was for! I nearly had hysterics, but then I felt the tip pushing into me, and Tabby was dribbling oil down my cleft, and Charlie just kind of popped inside. I had never felt anything remotely like it before, and I arched my back against him in surprise, and he popped right out again. I was mortified.’

‘Sue had her eyes tight shut as I got hold of him as best I could, dribbled more oil onto her and onto him, and then, when everything was slippery as it could be, I guided his tip back inside her. This time he went in properly, and he grabbed hold of her tits and began to pump away at her. I couldn’t help copping a feel of his balls as he did it.’

‘It felt like he was penetrating me at right angles to Nick, and they were both going at different rates, and then Tabby pulled her dress to one side, sat on Nick’s face and began to kiss me. By then I didn’t know which feeling was coming from where, and I just tripped along on the edge of an orgasm while the boys’ erections fought for space inside me. It wasn’t long before I knew Charlie was in as far as he could possibly go — I could feel his gloriously full balls smacking against me with every thrust, and I had my arms up behind me holding him by the neck, and either he or Nick had their hands on my tits, I have no idea which. Of course, the feelings you get inside aren’t very precise, and once you are fully stretched to take a man, it all goes to gloop down there, but I could swear I could feel the head of Charlie’s cock knocking against the shaft of Nick’s, and suddenly I knew I was going to come and I couldn’t do a mortal thing about it. There was this huge rush of sound and heat and I collapsed on top of Nick, knocking Tabby sprawling, and afterwards I just lay abandoned in what Tabs calls ‘semen soak away’ mode, and the rest of it was more or less a big blur.’

‘I am resisting the urge to take notes,’ said Elaine. ‘Do you always do that after you have had an orgasm?’

‘Pretty much. Don’t I, Tabby?’

‘Very true. Once a man has made you come, it is usually over for any more active participation from you.’

‘It is different with you, but I think you handle my orgasms better,’ smiled Sue, placing her hand on my thigh and giving it an affectionate pat. She rested her other hand on Elaine’s leg, and Elaine put hers over it.

‘They carried on, of course, but only for a minute or so. Sue lay there, a little whimpering wreck where she was sandwiched in between Nick and Charles, and I sat there admiring the muscles on Charlie’s backside contracting every time he pounded into her. Then Nick gave such a strong thrust into her that she and Charlie nearly bounced off.’

‘He was so stunningly strong,’ said Sue dreamily, ‘he had biceps on him like a lumberjack, and a neck like a bull. He was just utterly and completely irresistible in bed, even if he was a bit dumb about sex.’ She played with her necklace as she remembered.

‘I rather liked feeling your hand on my leg,’ complained Elaine.

‘Oh, sorry,’ said Sue, putting it back. ‘By the way, I had to be told all this later, after they had carried me up to bed.’

‘When Nick came inside her, Charlie was jolted out, and in trying to get it back in he came all over Sue’s bottom, and then all she wanted to do was to curl up into a ball like a little cat and go to sleep where she was.’

‘You ended up doing all the cleaning up,’ said Sue, giving me an affectionate kiss. ‘You are so totally sweet.’

‘We rolled you up in a carpet like Cleopatra, and I made them lug you all the way up to my room, and I put you to bed, and I did my best to wash all the come off your pubes and bot so I could put a clean pair of knickers on you. You kept grabbing hold of me because all you wanted to do was to cuddle up and go to sleep with me, and in the end I gave you a nipple to suck in the hope that you would fall asleep. When at long last you did, I was worrying about the boys starving to death, so I nipped down and cooked a quick supper for them.’

‘I just about remember Tabs slipping back into bed with me, and lifting my head onto her boob as she put her arm around me, and then I didn’t wake again until the morning.’

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