Hot As Hell

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photo: SexArt

I am sitting at the bar, sipping my beer as she walks in. Suddenly the room goes silent. You can feel how all the folks present are holding their breath at the sight of her. There are expressions of awe, of respect, and some of pure lust when they see her elegant gait. She is wearing high heels and a little black dress that shows her beautiful shoulders. Her fantastic legs encased in sensual stockings point all the way to glory.

She sits at the other end of the bar. I call the bartender and order: “Please, a double whiskey to the blonde girl in the black dress.” I see him serving my order. She looks up at me while the bartender is pointing my way. She smiles and raises her glass to me. I respond by raising my beer.

A guy walks up to her and she turns to talk to him. I turn around to look at the TV screen. A re-run of an old game is playing. Nothing interesting, but the moving pictures attract my attention. Suddenly I feel someone behind me. I turn around and she is there looking at me.

Do I know you from somewhere?

Are her words.

I am dressing her up after our wild lovemaking. It is a kink of mine to want to put her clothes back on, she tells me it is a daddy syndrome thing. We both laugh as I am trying to find the front side of her panties. She puts one of her feet up as I am holding her stocking for her to get it on. She will not be wearing a bra. Her dress will mold to her body when I pull it down on her.

She jumps out of the bed and starts pulling the dress in place in front of the mirror. She looks at her reflection with that critical air that girls have when they find yet another feature that they want to fix about themselves. I hug her from behind as she is explaining to me why a little Botox in that area would make a difference.

The kiss, after the elevator closes, is a soft promise of what is to come. Her long wavy blonde hair looks ethereal under the soft light. The ding telling us we have reached our floor startles us out of our trance. We walk past the corridors, fast but quietly, as if we are on a chase. After I open the door with the card, the kissing resumes behind the locked door.

She is hungry for my taste, and I lean against the wall to enjoy the way she is pressing against me. My hands are holding her head as she is sharing the taste of her whiskey with me. I can feel her fingers trying to unbutton my shirt.

Being of the helpful kind I unzip her dress and help her out of it. I am amazed by her gorgeous figure. And those legs are the best I’ve seen in my life. She is now undoing the buttons on my sleeves, and I can feel her playful rubbing of her breasts against my chest.

This night is hot as hell. After a brief pause where I take off her shoes and mine, I help her out of her stockings while she helps me out of my jeans. We land in bed with her on top of me. She looks down at me with her head sideways as an eagle would look down on her prey. She is moving her hips at an angle where her sex rubs on my cock.

She wants me to eat her, and I am hungry for her. Two needs being matched result in the start of a beautiful dance. She turns around as if to 69 me and covers my face with her forbidden fruit. My tongue caresses her labia as I move up looking for her hidden gem.

She kisses the tip of my manhood, and starts circling it with her tongue, tasting my pre-cum for her. In the meantime I have found her clit and am making myself familiar with its surroundings. I can feel that she is already wet for me, and can only wonder if her panties were damp from it.

I shape my tongue into a U and start working on her clit. I can hear her moaning as she is getting my best part inside of her mouth. It is like a game of chicken, and I know she will lose. After several of my masterstrokes she places her hands on my hip bones and moves up. I raise my hands to reach for her nipples and feel how she is rubbing herself on me.

I stick my tongue on top of her entrance and start entering it in a quick in and out motion. Her moaning changes in tone, and goes from Mmms to Aaahs and Oohs. After I’ve gotten enough of her lubricant on the tip of my tongue I move back to focusing on her clit. The rubbing is proving to be powerful, because I feel the motion of her hips go out of rhythm.

It’s an amazing feeling as she starts shaking on top of me uncontrollably. Her arms weaken and her face falls flat on my erect manhood. My hands caress her back and I can feel her torso going up and down as she is trying to catch her breath.

She turns around to cuddle with me, and feeds me the kind of kisses that only a girl still orgasmic can give. Full of gratitude while waiting for the next contraction to hit.

She tells me:

“Teddy, why don’t you dress me up and we go down to the bar pretending we are strangers who don’t know each other? You could then buy me a drink and invite me upstairs for an encore.

I can only answer:

Hunny bunny, the barman will only fall for that trick once, but if you want to do it again I am game…”

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