Devouring Souls

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To be read listing to Mazzy Star -Fade into you. YouTube link below.

I make a beeline from the airport to your apartment through evening traffic, from there my bags drop as you grasp me with the patented hug you have given me since that first time you took me, and oh did you take me…

You lead me immediately down the hall

The bedroom door closes

The candles are lit

The song begins: “I want to hold the hand inside you, I want to take the breath that’s true…”

We are naked and exposed, to our core beings, with each other

You gently lay me down, holding me, at a cellular level

Holding space for me, for my heart

I freely open myself to offer all of me to you, and at the same time, envelope your body and mind completely as we fade into each other

Our deeply penetrating eyes pierce one another’s and you press yourself on me as our lips meet

Our mouths, our tongues, velvety and moist

We kiss

BOOM! Electricity crackles through our veins, our hearts, our dizzying minds

We are reminded, once again as we reconnect in person, why we wave the white flag

We are reminded that this BOND of passionate love is stronger than anything we have ever known, that we are afraid we would never taste this again if we didn’t have each other, so we grip each other tighter and engulf our sexual souls.

As tender turns to lust turns to a complete feast, our primal instincts kick in and we devour every inch of each other, fading even more into one another.

Mazzy Star keeps playing the delicious chords, igniting magical feelings of live flowing overwhelming emotions of…





abundance of sexual energy,

yet greed and sparsity too, as if we have to inhale every single cell tissue of each other to make sure we get enough of each other

The haunting sexi serious voice stuns us as she keeps singing the words that resonate with our story, as we move to her tune.

Tonight we lose ourselves in each other, naked on so many levels, our two souls become one, a parfait of all of our best parts making us whole, together.

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