Bull Teaches Wife What Real Pleasure Feels Like

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Hi, Melanie. I’m really looking forward to our date. Your pics are super hot and I can’t wait to spend some time with you.

I just want to clear up one thing — the reason I don’t like the husband to be present. You did sound disappointed and told me the only reason you would do this is to please your husband, and it didn’t really make sense to do it without him there.

As I said, I’m a much better lover in private than while being watched by a woman’s husband. It changes the dynamic in a way that I don’t really enjoy.

I do have a kind of compromise for these type of situations which has worked really well in the past, and I offer it to you here.

I will set up a little phone camera on a tripod next to the bed in the hotel room that we meet up in.

It’s really quite an experience, let me tell you. As you know, I am one of the most sought after bulls in this niche of cuckoldry. I am well hung, in great shape and I really know how to please a woman. But when I do this with a woman, I get the absolute best response. I think you are really going to like it.

The first thing I will do after I turn on the camera is stand next to you. We’ll both be face to face, facing the camera.

I will start by stroking your hair. I will ask you, “How does it feel to have another man stroking your hair for the first time since your marriage, Melanie? And trust me, it is going to feel good, Melanie.” What I’ve heard from the women I’ve done this with is that they actually experience a kind of liberation, step by step. It starts with the feeling that their actual hair has been somehow “set free.”

I know this is hard to understand, and you won’t really get it until I am actually stroking your hair. You’ll feel that your hair has been returned to you. It’s no longer your husband’s possession. It is yours to do with what you choose. And you will be choosing to let me stroke your hair. And then I will gaze into your lovely eyes.

How does it feel to gaze into another man’s eyes? It will feel the same. It will feel that your eyes have been given back to you.

And then I will plant a kiss on your cheek.

And then I will plant a kiss on your lips. On one side of your lips then the other.

How does it feel to have another man kiss your lips? It’s like your lips have been given back to you. Your desire has been given back to you. At this point, Melanie, I can tell you something very powerful will well up inside you. It is your desire being given back to you. Your arousal. It’s been hoarded by your husband all this time, but now it’s returned to you.

Then I will turn to the camera.

“Your wife is very beautiful,” I’ll say to the camera. “Thank you so much for sharing this beautiful woman with me.”

Then I will come behind you. You will still be facing your husband, the camera. As I begin to kiss your neck. And your ear. And with my hands, I gently pull your dress down over your shoulders and I start kissing your shoulders. Can you imagine how that will feel to have your naked shoulders kissed by another man? That’s right, it will be like your shoulders are returned to you. Then I’ll push it down further and the dress will fall to the ground.

“How does it feel to stand in your bra and panties in front of another man?” I’ll ask you. “Tell your husband how it feels.”

You will tell him it feels good. Your heart is pounding. I’m still behind you. I put my hand into your bra and feel your breast, and I feel the pounding of your heart. Then as I continue kissing your neck and your back, I unsnap the bra and I let it fall to the ground.

“How does it feel to stand here with your breasts exposed with another man?” I will ask.

You’ll tell your husband how good it feels.

“Look how hard her nipples are?” I will say to your husband, as I caress your nipples.

Your breasts are your own again. I rub them. I suck on them. I kiss them. I tell you how beautiful they are.

“And now, I want you to show another man your ass,” I say.

You turn around. I stand where the camera is now. You turn around with your beautiful ass toward camera. To your husband I say, “Look what your wife is doing. She’s pulling down her panties.”

You pull them down just to the top of your thighs. And I see your crack and your buttocks.

It is so arousing to you, because you are feeling the eroticism of your ass for the first time in so long. Your husband took that eroticism away, but now I’m giving it back to you. I will go over and caress your ass. You won’t believe how that feels, to have your ass stroked by another man. I will put my hand between your legs and feel the moisture there.

“She’s practically cumming already,” I will say to the camera.

Then I will have you lie down on the bed and I will pick up the camera and stand above you.

“I can see all of your nakedness now,” I will say. “Spread your legs and let me see your pussy.”

You will spread your legs, and this is the really powerful wave that will hit you when you get your pussy back.

“Oh my God,” you will gasp, and you will move your hand there immediately because the arousal will be so great.

“Go ahead,” I will encourage you.

And you will rub your clit in front of me. This is when I will pull my jeans off and show you my ten inch hard cock, so that as you are masturbating you can include that, the idea that in a few moments that cock will be in you.

“Tell your husband how it feels to masturbate in front of a naked bull,” I say, and you will moan to him about how good it feels. Then you will orgasm.

“Tell your husband,” I say.

“I’m cumming!” you’ll scream. “Oh my God, I’m cumming.”

After you writhe around and finish, I will kneel next to you on the bed and take your hand.

“Now, you are going to get your hand back. This hand has been his. But now it’s yours again. What do you want to do with this hand?”

First you will stroke my arms, feeling the power of these biceps that bench press three hundred pounds. How much does your husband bench? 90? It will be quite a feeling to feel the power in these arms. Then the chest. My chest is rippling with muscle, and then my abs. You can run your hands down my washboard stomach and then you will arrive at the destination. That enormous cock.

And you start stroking my cock.

“What is it like to touch another cock after all this time?”

“Good,” you will say, and I will see you gulping. You have a big lump in your throat now, as you rub my huge cock, because you’re probably nervous about having it in you. Don’t be nervous. It won’t hurt.

“Now I am going to give you back your mouth,” I say. “It’s your mouth. You can do what you want with it. What do you want to do?”

And of course you will suck my dick. I was hard, but now I’m even harder.

Then I lay down so that when you get on top of me you will be facing directly into the camera. I want you to look right into the camera as you fuck me.

“Look at your husband,” I say. “As you fuck the bull. Show him how unenslaved you have become. Show him how free you are. Show him that you now do what you want to do. Whatever you want to do, with whomever. Show him.”

It will be quite something as you sit on my huge cock. I know you’ve never felt such girth. And as you look at the camera and show your husband your freedom, it will really overflow inside you, this arousal, and you will start one long orgasm as you fuck me, which will last like fifteen minutes. I swear to god, the last woman I did this with was screaming so loudly for fifteen minutes that the hotel staff was alerted and starting knocking on the door to make sure everything was alright. That’s the sound of a woman uncaged. You will be like a wild animal. It’s unbelievable.

Remember those big arms you were stroking? Now they are picking you up and pulling you down harder and harder on my cock. It’s like you are weightless. The sensation is that gravity has disappeared, because I am so strong. You’ve never been handled like this before. It’s like you’ve completely been swept up by a great tornado and are being swirled and swirled around on that huge cock. You will be gasping for air and almost dying from pleasure, as I dig my fingers into your butt cheeks and lift them up and pull them down and pound my cock so deep into you.

Just keep looking at your husband so he can share this great pleasure with you, so he can see you unbound, unhinged, in a way that he could never make you, with his small cock and his weak arms, and his weak character.

You’ve finally landed a real man, honey. And it’s going to be like you always dreamed it could be — completely satisfying.

It’s good for me, too, to bring you such pleasure.

When you’re finally exhausted I will tell you to get on all fours on the bed.

“Look,” I will say to your husband. “Look how your wife is waiting for me. Do you think she wants me to fuck her ass?”

And then I will take some of this sloppy moisture from your cunt and I will paint your asshole with it.

“Don’t be afraid,” I will assure you. “I know it’s big, but I will be so gentle.”

And then your asshole will be yours again, as I slowly put my cock in, and pull it out. And in, and out. Now half my dick is in. Now three fourths. Now all the way in, and all the way out. It’s quite a sensation having something that big go all the way in and all the way out. You are going to be entering an altered state now. It’s quite trippy, I’ve been led to understand. The whole room will be throbbing. The walls will be bending.

Then I will grab the camera so I can get the cum shot.

I’ll pull my dick out and then I will shoot my cum all over your ass and your back. There will be a lot of it, trust me. Your ass will be puckering. Five spasms of gushing cum will go all over you.

“Tell your husband how it was,” I will say. Then as you lie there face down with cum dripping down your ass you’ll tell him how good it was.

Hopefully, as your husband watches this over and over again, he will cum at the same time as me, as I cum on your ass. He’ll cum with me. And he will feel the bull’s power. Through watching this. And rather than a one-time thing, this will be something he can continue to enjoy. The first woman I made one of these tapes with, she reports that her husband is still wanking to it six years later. He loves watching his wife get splashed with cum.

Your husband will love it too.

So. What do you think? Email me back and we can set the date. I’m really looking forward to this. I hope you are too.



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