Your stepsister knew what she was doing…

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I didn’t expect her to be home that evening I helped with your car. Remember? You went back to the auto part store while I continued to work on your brakes. The undercarriage was cold and dark, so I hadn’t noticed the rain right away. I waited on your porch for it to stop.

“I think you sent the wrong person back to the store,” your stepsister joked as she closed the front door behind her. “I hope you’re hungry, I asked him to grab pizza on the way home, he’ll be back in an hour,” she added, before suggesting I wait inside.

I stood in the foyer while she found me a towel. After she saw it had barely dried my clothes, she asked if I wanted to shower instead. Apparently the one downstairs by your bedroom wasn’t working, and I could use her’s instead — only if I was comfortable with the idea, of course.

“I’ll just be on the other side of the door getting ready,” she said, pointing to the en suite.


Her bathroom was a lot cleaner than I’d imagined. Just a few bottles of expensive perfume, and candles that looked as if they’d been burning all afternoon. I watched myself draw back the shower curtain, from the large vanity mirror. The candlelight flickered in time with the metal rings, as they glided after one another along the curtain rail.

“Knock knock, sorry!” she hurried into the room, and I jumped into the bath – quickly shutting the curtain behind me.

She barely even knocked.

“I just needed my hot iron, I won’t peek,” she giggled before sorting through her things.

“It’s always fun to get a peek,” my laugh was low.

“Omg, you’re so… you’re my brother’s friend!” she choked out.

There was a pause before I overheard her feet shuffle towards the shower, and thought she’d changed her mind. But she’d left, leaving the door slightly open.

I let the water warm me.

“You know I was joking?” I called out to her in the other room. She probably didn’t hear me over the TV playing in the background. As I sorted through her shower caddy for something to wash myself with, my attention was grabbed by a black dildo leaning beside her body wish. I held it beside my dick, playing with myself until my semi hard-on was full and proud… not bad for an 18 year old, I thought to myself.

“But what if you weren’t?” Her voice was soft and close. It sounded like she was standing right outside the shower curtain. There was no way… I peered out very slowly into the bathroom, prepared with disbelief.

She smiled before me. No bra, only panties. Her tits sat so perfectly round.

“I’m not planning to settle for just a peek.” She unclipped her hair, and like honey, it oozed past her nipples. Her makeup was done but she didn’t care. She was keeping it on. Her panties, however? She was taking them off. We gazed at each other before I backed into the shower and put the dildo away.

She stepped past the curtain like royalty through a portière, and her right shoulder hit the water first. I watched the ends of her hair wet into thick locks around the curve of her breast. Taking me to a nipple piercing I definitely missed before.

We shuffled around until she had me where she wanted me — right under the shower head.

“I see you’ve met my secret friend,” she said as she noticed her dildo was misplaced — but that wasn’t enough of a distraction. I caught her looking at my erection, and said, “Tell him you have a new friend now.”

I moved my hand to her chin and slowly pulled her mouth to mine. She took a small step forward while I reached for her hips, and slipped my hand between her thighs as we French kissed. My cock twitched before her, and I watched as she eagerly waited to see which direction it would grow. Longitude or latitude? Either way, she’d almost lost her mind because my dick was already so full.

I wriggled slowly, feeling for that little speed hump. With my middle finger I skipped over her clit, curving forward to tickle her cunt with my fingertip. The moment I showed it some love, her body rushed to release the sexual tension, and she sighed very loudly into my mouth.

“Oh my god, babe!” she pushed her hips back at me.

My pointer and ring finger firmly caressed her skin, while my middle finger circled inside. Twirling effortlessly like a coin rolling on its side around the edge of a funnel, gradually picking up speed as the track narrowed; tracing smaller circles as it drew closer and closer to the tight opening until… it dropped onto the G-spot.

She let out a deep moan.

My hands had been so busy brushing and fucking her body in the shower, I missed the part when the hot water started to run out. Eager for warmth, I pulled her body to me with both hands on her lower back. She caught herself against my chest. I then let her straddle her thighs on either side of my dick, and brush her open pussy along my shaft.

She gasped out my name, and then, “I want you to fuck me.”

“Get me harder,” I teased, knowing well that I’d never been harder in my life.

She got down onto the shower floor, and pressed the tip of my dick firmly against her tongue. With one slow motion she used me like a tool, and drew straight down to the tip where her saliva dripped. Cool water ran over my shoulders, and formed a river down my chest that streamed onto her face.

I refrained from pushing myself down at her throat, and she rewarded my control with a swift flick of her tongue on the underside of my dick. I encouraged her loudly over the noise of the TV as she swirled around my shaft. “Keep doing that,” I groaned until… suddenly my dick was sealed inside a hot silk envelope. I watched as her face froze.

She held her breath an inch from my navel. She probably thought she could fit me all in.

I pushed forward and felt myself at the back of her throat. As she looked up at me, water caught on her false eyelashes and made her eye makeup run. She held me there for a minute… What was she trying to prove?

But, I was a gentleman, and recoiled from her throat… eventually. She gasped too quickly for air and accidentally caught some water in her mouth.

“What else can you show me?” I said the words for my dick.

She started teasing my cock again with her tongue. Bringing it in and around, letting me feel every soft part of her mouth and the inside of her cheeks. I heaved and groaned myself horny, until the cold shower was nothing but the warmth of your stepsister’s mouth.

“I wonder if your brother’s almost home?”

I was genuinely curious, but this only encouraged her to throat fuck me back into a spell. I was ready to come.

“Where do you want me to fuck you?” I asked.

She stopped to think, “In his bedroom, straddled on top of the teddy bear his girlfriend bought him.”

My eyes widened. Without hesitation, I turned off the shower, and drew back the curtains. Steam siphoned out to her bedroom. I briefly admired the smell of the jasmine and fig, while we quickly dried ourselves; then raced downstairs to your bedroom and closed the door behind us. She dropped her towel by the door, and reached for Cassie’s bear by the headboard. Her pussy poked from behind as she fully arched her back from the edge of your bed.

Oh Shit…

Look, I’m sorry, I’m going to have to tell you the rest later. It’s late and my Mom wants me to be up early in the morning. I’ll call you again tomorrow but in the meantime, how about I leave you with the hottest thought ever?

On your bed, your fucking stepsister, sat down fully naked and touched herself with Cassie’s bear. She begging me to do things to her your girlfriend ‘never let you do.’

Then I turned and locked the door.

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