The Upper Room

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photo: Viv Thomas

The Upper Room

(A Reverie)

It was one of those old victorian houses in the
country, the kind where gothic fairytales take place, where our
lives changed forever.
We were to sleep in the upper room in one very old
but special bed.
We both were 16 but we knew we were older.
Since lately. Even though we’ve always told
everything… lately, we were quiet about secret things.

It was a cool autumn night so we got under
the cool sheet and quilt in our tee shirts and
panties. My heart was beating faster and my
breathing was a little funny… I don’t know why. I
guess ’cause we were faraway, up in that upper room
where no one could come.
The moonlight fell across us and she looked
different. Beautiful and mysterious. I wondered if I
looked different. I could hear her breathing just
under the hishing of the trees outside in the wind.

“This is great,” I whispered.

Her voice was a little shaky as she exhaled, “yeah” and sat up.

I couldn’t help it… I stared at her nipples. She couldn’t see
me so I moved to touch myself under the sheet. We
were too quiet and I dared, “do you masturbate?”

“No,” she whispered, again in that strange voice. Her neck was lovely.

“I love your neck.”

I didn’t know where that came
from… but I felt wonderful and wonderfuller getting wet down there.

I kept it up.

What if I told her just what I was doing to myself, how
I liked to touch myself in the middle-of-the-night,
and when I woke up, how it made me feel, and what I was
thinking of when I did. As I spilled to her,
I couldn’t believe what was coming out of my mouth.

I was breathing heavy. We were quiet. Later, she
leaned back. I watched her put her fingers on her
panties and I got dizzy and fell off in the

In the morning, dusty sunbeams fell on her. She was on her knees… down close to the bed on her front.
She was fingering herself madly, eyes closed.
I pretended I was asleep quiet as if I could, even though
she might hear my heart pounding. I held my breath.
And when I knew she was about to come

I leaned over pulling her panties aside
and put my tongue into her smooth warm bum

— “True Story” by G

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